Guest Gentleman : Ash Pagelsdorf, 35 from Richfield, Wisconsin


Happy Saturday!

Today’s gentlemen is Ash Pagelsdorf, 35 who is a huge gamer from Richfield, Wisconsin.  He owns Pixels n Prints which specializes in Web & Print Media Marketing.  He had shared his photos of the Trinity Knot and the Eldredge knot with his Facebook community — thank you Ash!  From our brief correspondence, I can tell he is very enthusiastic about networking and supporting community artists.  Of course I love finding out what inspires people, so I asked him a few questions:

YB: What inspired you to attempt the Trinity and Eldredge Knot? AP: I love artsy styles and being unique, why always follow when you can lead

YB: What was the occasion you wore it to? AP: “Rock Be Their Voice” Charity Event. Raise awareness against animal and domestic abuse, and child bullying. 


YB: What are your hopes and dreams for yourself?  AP: I am working on building a network of artists and businesses. Through this network I want to open a retail store that will help both artists and new business owners be able to connect with each other while they strengthen their own business. This will allow me to hire others and support the community through various programs.

YB: How did you discover my tutorials? AP: I have had ties custom made at wedding parlors and was looking for another place to have a new tie made. I searched for Unique Ties and this is where I started to see interesting tie knots.  I saw the Eldridge one first and then the trinity knot. From here I found your youtube channel.


Thank you Ash for kindly answering the questions.  Ash is also a Carlson Craft Dealer and can print Wedding Invitations:)  If you would like to find out more about what Ash does professionally, feel free to visit his sites at:

Ash’s Linkedin:

Pixels n Prints:

Well, thank you for reading and visiting.  Have a great weekend and I hope you have an EXTRAordinary day:)


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Guest Gentlemen : Jayson Magin Rivas Rys, 17 from Honduras


Greetings Everyone!  Hope you are enjoying life right now.  I just got back from a special trip with Mr. T and I am on cloud 9.  I would like to share the experience with you one day:)

However today I would like to take the opportunity to thank a gentlemen from Honduras.  He wrote a genuinely sincere message of thanks for my tie tutorials.  I more often receive emails and messages from women but it is rare to hear from a gentleman.  So this week I would like to introduce 2 gentlemen who sent me images of their ties and kind messages.  I asked them a few simple questions and wanted to learn about their dreams and aspirations since we all have them regardless of where we live in the world:)

jayson eldredge


Today is Jayson Magin Rivas Rys from Honduras.  Happy Birthday Jayson!  Actually Happy Belated Birthday.  He just turned 17 years old yesterday November 16.  I hope you had a wonderful celebration:)

Jayson is a student in the eleventh grade and during his free time, he likes to play with his dog, watch TV, play video games, and play the drums.

Here are the questions I asked:

YB: What inspired you to attempt the Trinity and Eldredge Knot? JR: I found it very interesting, bold and beautiful.

YB: What was the occasion you wore it to? JR: I wear it sometimes in the church and my father does also.

YB: What are your hopes and dreams for yourself?  JR: Growing up I want to be a successful person, a professional, forming a beautiful family. I dream of being a great drummer.

YB: How did you discover my tutorials? JR: One day I was bored of using the same tie knot, then decided to look on youtube. After watching some videos, I found yours, and I like the way you explain.


Thank you Jayson for sharing your tie pictures and sending a kind message.  Also, thank you for being a gentleman and answering my questions.  I would like to leave this quote with you from my favorite talk show host…

Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 2.42.40 PM

Kind regards,


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DIY No-Sew Bow Tie : Francesca’s Bow Tie Bash


Greetings Everyone!

Summer has flown by so quickly.  Do you agree?

This past June I was invited to teach a “fun” class for Francesca’s Corporate Employees.  Francesca’s was voted one of the top Fashion Retail Companies to work for and I can understand why.  While visiting, I was impressed by their onsite gym and bistro/cafe provided to their employees.  I also got to tour their warehouse where merchandise was shipped and received.  But not only was their facility impressive, their employees were too.  Everyone I met had a contagious smile and they were such a friendly energetic group of employees.  What a privilege to have taught them.  They made the experience so fun.    Thank you Jen H. for thinking of me and giving me this opportunity!  🙂  I was also told Francesca’s sponsored Project Runway: Under the Gunn — super cool!

Check out their lovely smiles:

Since I already had a Bow Tie tutorial, it was the perfect project to modify down to an hour.  Here were my goals for “Francesca’s Bow Tie Bash”:

*inspire the students to be creative

*teach students to learn a basic sewing technique=transferring pattern onto fabric using a tracing wheel/tracing paper

*create a clean professional finish Bow Tie

*more importantly, have fun in the 1 hour session

Here are other uses for Bow Ties: Hair Bows/Head Bands, great birthday or baby shower themes, use for gift wrapping, accessorize clothing, belts, shoes, jewelry, table scape, accent frames, etc.  You can visit my Pinterest Bow Tie Inspiration Board by clicking “here.”

I believe when a Company allows their employees to exercise their creativity, their productivity in the workplace will improve.  It gives Employees the opportunity to think outside the box and improve their ability to problem-solve.  I truly believe Francesca’s is going to be a very successful company.


When I get into my sewing “zone,”  my mind starts to wander.  On one of those sewing nights, I reminisced about my childhood at 4 years old.   I remember waking up to a bag of bubble gum at the foot of my bed.  My Father would leave a bag of gum for us after a long day of work and studying for classes.  We hardly ever saw him while he was in school so I guess it was his way to let us know he thought of us.  He was like our secret Santa even though it wasn’t Christmas:)  When we woke up, we were the happiest children alive and it felt like Christmas.  To read a little more about my Super Dad, click “here.”   After this night of getting into my sewing zone, I went out the next day and bought a bag of bubble gum for my children.  We spent the summer chewing gum and blowing bubbles.  It was fun and I had fond memories from it.  I just hope my children will remember this summer too:)

Well, I thought I would incorporate my summer memories into the tutorial and to also thank Francesca’s.  So here it is….I hope you enjoy!  Just a warning…I’ve been feeling silly lately so you’re just going to see a silly side of me:)

{JEREMY} No-Sew Bow Tie pattern:

Click to access bow-tie-1-fashion-fabric-pattern.pdf

If you would like a little sewing, here is my original {JEREMY} Bow Tie Tutorial I made in 2012.  My videos have come a long way and I want to continue improving them.  Thank YOU for watching and for all your support as I continue my journey!



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DIY Flower Ring Bearer Pillow : Guest Florist Tracy

Pinterest Ring Bearer

Greetings Everyone!

Hope you are doing wonderful!  Here is the DIY Floral Ring Bearer Pillow I promised.  Thank you to our Guest Florist Tracy with Blissful Moments for teaching us how to make the adorable Pillow — what a creative way to carry the ring down the aisle!

Well, Enjoy!

If you would like more inspiration and view other Floral Ring Bearer Pillows, check out my Pinterest Board by clicking {here}.

As for the lovely flowers to make the pillow, you can purchase them on Blissful Moments’ Etsy Shop at:

FYI, April and May has been such busy months for me personally.  Busy in all the wonderful ways life can offer right now…all my children’s Birthdays, my son Big J’s First Communion, My hubby Mr. T graduating from a program that will take him a step closer to his dream career, and of course Mother’s Day this weekend.  So to all the Mothers out there –  Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 9.07.22 AMlol! My sister Linda shared this Mother’s Day Greeting with me last year…just had to share it again:) Also, my Birthday is coming up.  Guess what I get to do?  Take a motorcycle class!  I know, I sound like I’m going through a midlife crisis but it is something I’ve been wanting to do since my early 20’s….and I’m doing it!  Woohoo!  Don’t worry, it’s just a class:)

Happy Mother’s Day and I’ll be back mid June:)



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New DIY Playlists on Youtique Youtube’s Channel

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

I started a few new DIY playlists on Youtique Youtube’s Channel.  These are categories I do not specialize in but thought it would be helpful to the DIY Groom & Bride.  I am in the process of compiling DIY Wedding tutorials for you as well as share the ones I create.  If there is anything else you would like to see or if you know of other tutorials that are helpful, feel free to let me know.  Think of me as your DIY Wedding Consultant:)  Thank you and I hope you enjoy the new added playlists I started below!

*Groom Hairstyles

*Bridal Hair

*Bridal Makeup

*Wedding Cakes

*Wedding Crafts

*Wedding Flowers

The tutorials are from Youtubers like: Slikhaar TV, Cinthia Truong, Sona Gasparian, videojugartscrafts, Happy Cake By Renee, iamlikehearted, and many others

You can also view all playlists available on my Youtique Bridal Youtube Channel by clicking {here}.

Have a wonderful Day!

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Which Wedding Suit Option would you choose? — Mr. Porter Style Clinic

Good Morning Everyone!

Here are three Wedding Suit options from Mr. Porter that I thought would be great Fashion Inspiration:)

(1) Italian Elegance
(2) Contemporary Cool
(3) Midnight Cowboy

Gentlemen, which option inspires you?  Ladies, which suit option describes your Man?

Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day!


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I enjoy watching the Fashion Forward Stylists from Mr. Porter.  If you enjoyed the Gentlemen’s video above,  feel free to check out Mr. Porter’s Youtube Channel by clicking {here}.

Make a two-toned Eldredge or Trinity Knot : Happy Holidays!

Pinterest 2 tone tie

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It has been awhile since I last posted…but it is the Winter Holidays and I have been working hard for Santa:)  I had the opportunity to sew some costumes for the Christmas Program at our church, craft little gifts for the teachers and neighbors (photo below), attend birthday and Holiday Parties, did some online gift shopping, tend to one sick child (who recovered fairly quickly), and caught up with some great friends.  At one point, I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive the busyness, but I took it one day at a time and tried to take in the moment with each person and place.  It was fun!  If there was something I was not able to accomplish…IT WILL BE OKAY:)  My husband was constantly reminding me to “remember the Spirit of Christmas.”

christmas tie

Holiday Tie for Mr.T

Anyway, to add to the list, I made my husband a holiday tie that turned out pretty cool.  When completed, I thought I would do a tutorial since it was a unique tie for a formal event or for the Groom or Groomsmen to wear.  btw, it would make a great gift for the Tie Lover during this season:)  Well, here it is…a two-toned tie for the Eldredge or Trinity Knot.  You can also tie it the regular way but you will not get the two-design effect.  This is a fun and creative way to give yourself more options to tying a tie.  Well, I hope you enjoy it!

To learn how to tie the Eldredge Knot or the Trinity Knot, Feel free to view it below:)

Happy Holidays and have a Very Merry Christmas!


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p.s. I will be back soon to finish off the $50 Wedding Gown Challenge…thanks in advance for being patient:)

christmas gifts

Crafting for teachers & neighbors. Inspired by Pinterest:)

How to Lengthen a Gentleman’s Tie : DIY Tutorial


Greetings & Happy Saturday!

Gentlemen, I hope this will help you out.  I had a lot of comments regarding the tie being too short when tying the Eldredge Knot.  Because of this, I decided to create a tutorial on how to lengthen the tie by adding fabric to the center.

There are a few things you have to consider when lengthening your tie:

1) Neck or collar measurment

2) Height (this is really good for those of you who have the height of Pro Basketball Players:)

3) and the style of knot you are tying

Since the above factors may differ for each person, when attaching the center fabric, make sure it is hidden under your shirt collar.  So adjust the measurements accordingly.

(Regular ties are usually 58″.  If you are 6’2″ or taller, 63″ ties are standard for extra long ties)

Tip:  you can use an old tie for the center fabric or purchase one from a secondhand shop.  Another option is to purchase fabric and interfacing then cut to match the width.  Since it is hidden under the shirt collar, I was not concerned with the design.

Want to give the Eldredge Knot another try? 🙂 …

To view other Gentlemen Tutorials, please click {here}.

Thank you for visiting!

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How to tie the Pratt Knot: Step by Step Instructions

pratt knot with logo

I hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend:)  Well, I finally completed the last Gentlemen tutorial for the tie series this year.  I did have a few other projects lined up but I will wait to share those the next time.  For now, feel free to check out the Pratt Knot (aka Shelby Knot) tutorial below.

A lot of effort went into the tutorials for April & May so I want to thank the Gentlemen who helped me out.  So…

Thank you Hai!  I know you had many new projects lined up for work, but thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to film the Trinity Knot tutorial.

Thank you to my hubby, Mr. T, who helped me film the Eldredge Knot at 1 o’clock in the morning.  We were both tired but the only way to get things done around here are when the children are asleep:)

Thank you Lord Jay for coming by after work to film the Pratt Knot.  Although we missed the first meeting due to rainy weather, it was worth the wait:)  Btw, welcome back to Houston!

Thank you Gian Luca for sharing such a special story.  I can not wait to see what you are going to accomplish when you grow up.  You are an amazing 8 year old and such a Gentleman!  🙂

Also, there is one GentleLady I would like to thank:

Thank you Charlene Kaye!  I believed your song “Dress & Tie” was a perfect fit for my tutorial.  Thank you for replying to my email while on tour and granting me permission to use your song.  Congratulations on living out your dreams!

And just a quick update…I will have a short introduction coming out before the week ends to prepare you for the next bridal project.  I am playing with the imovie program so make sure you join me later this week:)

Thanks for visiting!

If you missed any of the Gentlemen tutorials, feel free to click {here} to view them.  Enjoy!

DIY Cuff Links from Buttons: {EVAN} Cuff Links V.2&3


Greetings Everyone!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day.  The DIY Cuff Link Tutorial is here to (hopefully) add some inspiration & creativity to your week:)  The tutorial itself is extremely easy but I have to admit, the filming process was a little painful.  You can actually see the button indention and the redness on my index finger from securing the jump ring (1:45sec of the video).  I had to film this step several times…ouch!   As they say…no pain no gain:)  It was a very fun DIY tutorial over all.  I just love the buttons I found…I guess it’s that subtle bling factor:)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tutorial and get inspired to just create something unique & EXTRAordinary:)

Thank you for visiting!


Please click on the following to view:

{EVAN} Cuff Link Tutorial V.1 with Modge Podge Dimensional Magic

Photo illustration of the Resin Cuff Link Tutorial

other Gentlemen Tutorials

How to tie the Eldredge Knot: Step by Step Instructions

eldredge pinterest

Greetings Everyone!

Well, here is the next tie tutorial, the Eldredge Knot.  The most special Gentleman in the whole wide world helped me out with this one.  It is my hubby Mr. T:)  For my blog readers who read “Growing Old With My Valentine,”  you’ll get to see his adorable belly at 0:10 seconds of the video.  Haha!  So grateful for him!  Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it and that it will inspire you to make TODAY an EXTRAordinary day.

Take care!