Beginner Sewist : Ginger White

Are you interested in learning to sew?

Special Guest Ginger White @gjnj_white with @planoasg will share her early journey of learning to sew. She will talk about how she started sewing, her sewing challenges, goto patterns, and so much more. ūüėĀ

Video Content:

  • 2:56) Intro
  • {3:46} How Ginger started Sewing
  • {4:58} First completed projects, costume
  • {12:44} Where do you find inspiration
  • {15:48} First Garment Sewing project
  • {25:45} What motivates you to complete projects?
  • {28:57} Top Goto Sewing patterns
    • Aprons, Simplicity 6206
    • pajamas
    • bathing suit coverup, Simplicity 5628
    • costume capes, Simplicity 8771
    • baby travel high chair, Sewbaby F727
  • {37:22} Ginger’s Tips for Beginner Sewists
    • don’t need a complicated machine
    • Finished is better than perfect
    • purchase materials for only one project
  • {47:32} Favorite quotes/scriptures: Isaiah 26:3, 1Peter 4,5

Thank you for visiting with us today! May you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary;)

IG Live Special Guest @johnson.eileen

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are doing well. I had the honor of having Eileen Johnson as a special guest on my IG Live series. Eileen Johnson is the person who introduced me to the world of couture sewing back in 2011. Eileen will share how she fell in love with couture sewing, teach us how to wax thread, & sew on a snap button. We hope you learn something newūüėĀ

  • Video Content:
  • {3:08) Intro
  • {3:30} How we met
  • {4:20} About Eileen {6:35:} How did you get into Sewing?
  • {8:41} How did you get into Couture Sewing?
  • {11:34} What is Couture Sewing?
  • {18:25} Eileen’s Couture Garments
  • {25:43} Eileen’s Style Aesthetics: Classic, Global Traveler, Uniform
  • {29:11} Sewing Project Card
  • {30:49} Padded Hanger with snap buttons
  • {31:30} Purpose of the snap buttons on the hanger
  • {34:29} Why wax your thread?
  • {35:10} How to wax your thread
  • {38:38} Wax Thread Card
  • {40:28} When can you use waxed thread
  • {44:05} How to sew on a snap button
  • {52:49} How are you transitioning your wardrobe into the next stage of your life?
  • {54:06} Eileens Inspirational quotes
  • {56:29} Take of yourself, take care of each other. Text, call, or FaceTime 2 people this week;)

You can follow Eileen on Instagram at @johnson.eileen.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Please take care of yourself and each other.

Hugs! Ann

*I go live on IG every Friday at 1pm CST and the last Friday of the month is reserved for a special guest. My goal of going live is to make sure everyone is doing well, build a creative community that will inspire and encourage one another, and to keep you updated on the status of my current project. I hope you enjoy the sharing and thank you for visiting!

How to Clean your Diamond Rings with Anh @TheMADJewelersBench


I went Live with Anh @themadjewelersbench on Instagram this past Friday August 28th & she taught us how to do a general cleaning on our diamond rings. She also gave us an introduction to the Metalsmith Jewelry Design.

Anh highly recommends getting your diamonds professionally deep cleaned twice a year if worn on a daily basis or once a year if worn only on special occasions.

I am exploring the option of creating my own belt buckle for my summer shorts but we’ll see. It does look like a lot of new toys to purchase & play with;)

Here is a source Anh mentioned:
Bobby White

Thank you for visiting today! Take care and stay safe!


Marfy Remnant Challenge : Collaboration with @sewtofit


I hope you are all doing well. I am excited about this new project, the Marfy Remnant Challenge. I am collaborating with Andrea @sewtofit on this sewing project. She & I had won the Marfy Pattern 0116 at the Sewing Fashionistas 10 year Anniversary Christmas Party . It was hosted by Rosalind @sewmuchfabric – great times!

I thought it would be fun to use remnant fabrics to create this pattern and see how we would express ourselves. It is a project to help us get through this Covid Event and keep our minds and bodies occupied. We invited our fellow Sewing Fashionistas as well as our sewing community to join us on this journey. As Andrea & I were sharing ideas, this project happen to fall nicely into Andrea’s annual Marfy Challenge as well. Here are the guidelines shared at the Sewing Fashionistas meeting this past Saturday July 25 – thank you for the video Andrea!

Official Start Date: August 1, 2020 – End Date: When you are done. This project is meant to be fun and stress free. You can set your own deadline (or not), however, I will personally try and finish this project by the end of August. Feel free to follow me on Instagram Stories for up-to-date progress and my IG Highlight “Marfy Remnant.”

Andrea & I have different sewing processes but we will be achieving the same goal. We believe that everyone has different styles of sewing so we would like for you to witness the different ways we design, sew, and put it together. Besides following my Instastories, make sure you follow Andrea’s IG & Youtube Channel at SewToFit to see her process. Also, feel free to join her VIP Club to expand your fitting skills. You can learn more about Andrea at You can also follow this project on the Sewing Fashionista’s Facebook Page.

Guidelines for the Marfy Remnant Challenge:

  • Have fun, express yourself, stretch your imagination & creativity
  • You are the artist. The pattern is the canvas & the fabric is your paint;)
  • use remnant fabrics or fabrics in your stash but do not purchase new fabrics. Ex: I am using fabric remnants from my 2019 projects.
  • there is no right or wrong to putting this together
  • try and incorporate new sewing techniques that you have always wanted to try. Ex: I want to learn how to do basic quilting, wave tucks, & fabric cut-outs as seen on my inspiration board
  • Use Sewing Pattern Marfy 0116 or any pattern you would like to use or try out.
  • We would love to see your progress, tag us on Instagram @youtiquebridal @sewtofit or use the hashtag #marfyremnantchallenge2020
Playing around with different Fabric Layouts

This is where my project is currently…

Marfy0116 Front Blouse, Original Projects

This is the front side of Marfy0116. Next, I will now work on the back side before sewing it all together. Following, I will do the lining. Below are videos of the original projects if you would like to see where the remnants originated from.

I hope you join Andrea & I on this journey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Well, thank you for visiting & I hope you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary out of the ordinary;)



Andrea with Sew To Fit is an expert in pattern fitting and pattern design.  She has a YouTube Channel you can view by clicking here.  She teaches e-learning classes available with a VIP Club at

Creative Community : Upcoming Special Guests


I hope you are all doing well. Since Covid, all our lives have changed in some way. I actually started doing something I have been fearful to do for a long time…going LIVE. I started going LIVE every Friday on Instagram at 1pm central time to see how everyone is doing and to bring our Creative Community together.

Every last Friday of the month I have a special guest to inspire our creativity. I had the honor of having some wonderful guests already and looking forward to the upcoming ones. To view past & future guests, feel free to check out the Creative Community Calendar Dates by clicking here. The next two upcoming guests are:

Friday July 31, 2020 at 1pm CST: Diane @BlueDotSews, She is a pattern maker and will share her journey of learning to sew and making patterns. To get to know her a little better, read her story on strength & perseverance by clicking here.

Friday August 28, 2020 at 1pm CST: Anh @themadjewelersbench, She is a Metalsmith Artist & Designer with experience of caring for pearled jewelry. She also mixes different mediums to design jewelry such as fabric and metal.

Anh would love to know what you would be interested in learning. We are taking a poll:

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to seeing you on IG live! Take care and stay safe:)

Hugs! Ann


Special Guest Cari Loschen @carikim : Couture Pinning & Resources

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are doing well. Today I had the honor of having Cari Loschen as a special guest on my IG Live series. I go live on IG every Friday at 1pm CST and the last Friday of the month is reserved for a special guest. My goal of going live is to make sure everyone is doing well, build a creative community that will inspire and encourage one another, and to keep you updated on the status of my current project.

Cari took the time to teach us how to do couture pinning and shared some Couture resources. Feel free to watch it below. I hope you enjoy the sharing.

  • Video Content:
  • {2:00} How we met
  • {0:55} Welcome
  • 3:02} About Cari
  • {4:22} How did you get into Couture Sewing?
  • {13:05} Couture Pinning
  • {27:28} Resource Site for Advanced Sewing
  • {34:43} Cari’s favorite Inspirational Quotes
  • {36:36} Take of yourself, take care of each other, and text, call, or FaceTime someone today.

You can follow Cari on Instagram at @carikim and email her at

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Please take care of yourself and each other.




Wearing my #memade Lace Sleeve Crop Top

10 Reasons to Wardrobe Planning : Special Guest Roz @sewmuchfabric

Greetings Everyone!

I am now going Live on IG with special guests the last Friday of the month. I had the honor of having Roz with as my very first guest. She is the older sister I never had and has taught me so much about faith, family, and community. In this video, she shares her 10 reasons of wardrobe planning. I apologize in advance for the low sound quality and a few technical difficulties but this is some really great information. I am still learning how to work everything. I’m just grateful I was able to save this video:). Roz, we may have to do this again in the future. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share your thoughts and if this inspired you to wardrobe plan.

Video Content:

  • {4:11} Rosalind Gaither @sewmuchfabric,
  • {5:28} Have clothes that serve you well
  • {6:15} 1- People will assess you wherever you go
  • {7:32} 2- Stop saying “I have nothing to wear”
  • {8:09} 3- Get noticed
  • {8:54} 4- Get people to listen to what you have to say
  • {8:58} 5- Fabric & Your time is an investment
  • {10:48} 6- Change on the outside can facilitate change on the inside
  • {11:21} 7- Be present in your life, live in the here & now
  • {12:13} 8- Prepared for Last minute invites
  • {13:13} 9- Self Expression
  • {13:41} 10- You are worth it!
  • {18:58}
  • {19:56} Ann’s next sewing project
  • {22:10} How do you pick fabrics?
  • {26:16} How long have you been doing this Roz?
  • {27:44} Ann’s Style Aesthetic: Victorian, Edgy, Modern

I hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I did. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Please take care of yourself and each other.




Wearing my #memade Red Lace Blouse

Sewing Room Organization with @Cathy.Spain

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. Although the lighting in my space was not friendly, I am going to show up;). Thank you so much Cathy for being a special guest on my Instagram Live Stories. I wanted to start going live on Fridays to visit with everyone and make sure you guys are doing well during this strange time. On the last Friday of the month, I wanted to invite a special guest on to share their creative endeavors. To see who is my next special guest, feel free to click on “Creative Community.”

This month was sweet Cathy. She shares her 10 reasons of having an organized space and we also got a tour of her sewing room. I hope you enjoy the sharing and get inspired with some of her ideas, because I sure did:)

Here is the video content:

{2:26} Introducing Cathy Spain & How we met

{5:08} Cathy’s 10 Reasons to have an organized space

  1. Reduce Visual Clutter
  2. Keep projects organized
  3. Keep focused on the current project
  4. Floor space
  5. Know where the tools are
  6. Shop the Fabric Stash
  7. Have a Pressing Station
  8. Pattern Organization System
  9. Inspiration Station
  10. Welcome Space for Visitors

{15:00} Tour of the Her Sewing Space

Were you inspired to organize your sewing space? Feel free to share what you learned. Thank you for visiting with us today! May you have a wonderful weekend:)



Wearing my #memade Shirred Blouse

New Sewing Project : #SupportSmallBusinesses

The weekend is here! How are you doing?  Are you working on anything this weekend?

I started working on my new sewing project, the #ShirredBlouse. ¬†Since shirring by hand takes awhile, I was hoping to save some time by combining the front & back shoulder panels. This is my first time shirring a project and I stayed up late so I didn‚Äôt think through the line designsūüė¨. ¬†This is fine since I am still in the toile stage – thank goodness! ¬†I will redo this to have 2 separate front and back pieces. ¬†Stay tuned for more of this project!


Wearing my #memade checkered skirt
#ūüďł daughter G

The weather was gorgeous last weekend and I had the opportunity to visit my friend Karen @nommistreet at the Energy Corrider Farmers Market. They are a traveling food truck so when I found out they were in the Katy area, I made sure to catch them. I was not disappointed – their Brussels sprouts are ūüėč!

Also, while I was at the farmers market, I discovered @suifskincare products. I have been trying to take better care of my skin so I look forward to seeing positive resultsūü§ěūüėĀ. And for those who love beautiful fabrics, there is always online shops like @sewmuchfabric. ¬†Although it is forecasted to rain today here in Katy, the sun is still shining somewhere in the world ūüĆé ūüĆć so make sure you go out and enjoy your day.


I had purchased some planting seeds to try my hand at gardening again (inspired by my parents). Although predicted to rain tomorrow, I will spend some time out in my covered patio learning how to keep plants aliveūüėÜ. ¬†I am hoping to grow some edible vegetables. Tips are welcome! Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




Youtique Bride & Lifestyle : Not Everyone Is My Audience

Greetings Everyone!

It’s Friday and I completed my Faux Leather Cardigan. ¬†However, I am on the video editing phase for this project. ¬†Thank you in advance for your patience as that always take time.

While putting my outfits together for this project, I envisioned my lifestyle and all the daily/weekly/yearly responsibilities I had. ¬†During this particular outfit session, I had a flashback of a meeting I had a year ago with a fellow friend in the Fashion Industry, ¬†David Dang. ¬†He had shared that not everyone is my audience and I had to get to know my audience well – where they shop, places they hang out, how they live, what their professions are, etc. ¬†I didn’t have the answers back then, but it occurred to me recently. ¬†I hope to express some of it through my outfit stories…


Red Faux Leather Cardigan

When I decided to step out of my comfort zone a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing women and each had a unique story.  I met them at bridal events, networking events, fashion events, and some are my closest friends and family. Their stories fascinated me.  I was amazed by their passion, determination, and generous hearts.  They were Brides-to-be, Wives, Mothers, Dreamers, Singles, and Women of faith.  I was able to relate to some ladies more than others.  They were the Youtique Bride or lived the Youtique Lifestyle.


Meetings Outfit : Floral Dress with Boots

Bride-to-be.  I too was a bride-to-be.  As much as I wanted to plan the wedding myself, I needed help.  I had concerns and worries of planning a wedding so I hired a wedding planner.  She helped set up meetings with different vendors while I got to focus on designing and sewing my wedding dress.  If I could, I would DIY everything.  I enjoy going to the fabric and craft stores and allow my imagination to wonder.  However,  I also had to be realistic and remember my time limitations.  I am thankful for family and friends who helped make my wedding day extra special.  Many thanks to my Aunt Kimmie who made my wedding veil.  

Wife. ¬†I too had to learn how to be a wife and manage the home. ¬†Over the years, my cluttered and messy home slowly became more organized and clean (thank goodness for more cleaner days¬†than¬†messy;). ¬†I learned how to simplify, build routines, shopped for the best quality I can afford so things will last longer. ¬†I learned that quality does not always mean a higher price tag. ¬†Often, I want to make sure things¬†had more than one use and purpose. ¬† I work alongside my husband as an equal to build a strong family foundation. ¬†When I am weak, my husband is strong. ¬†When he is weak, I am strong. ¬†That helps us to grow together and learn from one another. ¬†We build each other up. ¬†We work as one. ¬†I want to thank my friend John Tran for sharing this bible scripture with me years ago on “The Good Wife.” ¬†Proverbs 31


Grocery shopping, Car rider line, parent/teacher meetings, quick errands : sleeveless chambray blouse

Motherhood. ¬†I too understand motherhood. ¬†I want to provide my children the best education and life experiences I can afford. ¬†I also want to make sure they felt loved and cared for yet allow for some growing pains. ¬†I pray daily for their future, development of their gifts so I can help guide them in their purpose. ¬†I understand that I will never be the perfect parent but I am giving it my all as a parent. ¬†And although I try my best to have healthy meals, I give into fast foods once in awhile because of music lessons or after school¬†activities. ¬†Each year, I readjust my schedule for teacher meetings, school events, recitals, etc. ¬†I learned the best time to grocery shop and how to modify recipes to make it quick and healthy. ¬†My children may not always like the food I make but it’s ok. ¬†We are thankful to have more than enough and life will go on.


Business Meetings: color block tee & zipper front skirt

Dreamers. ¬†I too have a dream. ¬†When I first started, I didn’t know what I was doing. ¬†I just had a dream, passion, and drive. ¬†I had put together my first business plan and it would be modified several times over the years. ¬†I worked overtime when it wasn’t necessary because I wanted my dreams to become reality. ¬†I had sleepless nights because business ideas would fill my head. ¬†I would fail many times but I was relentless because I knew a few victories will follow. ¬†I did not want to give up (although the idea would often come). ¬†I was always in learning mode and tried to figure things out. ¬†Eventually, I would learn how to manage the business finances and develop the operating systems. ¬†I still have so much to learn but I am thankful for friends who went before me and helped mentor me.

Singles. ¬†I too was once single searching for a life partner. ¬†I did not want just any life partner, but the right life partner for me. ¬†I learned that superficial qualities does not mean a quality husband. ¬†I prayed for the right person to come into my life and he eventually did. ¬†He only came after I took the time to learn more about myself and gave myself the respect I deserved. ¬†However, I would like to also talk about the widows and single mothers I met. ¬†This group of women leave me awestruck. ¬†In the most challenging times, they persevere. ¬†They may be tired but they use every ounce of their energy to make things happen. ¬†They are resourceful. ¬†They are builders. ¬†They are able to work with what they have. ¬†It appears they can make something out of nothing. ¬†They rely on hope and build up other women because they understand the challenges. ¬†I see their victories even when they don’t see it, maybe because they are exhausted.


Women of Faith. ¬†I too am a woman of faith. ¬†I rely on God because he is my provider, my strength, and my salvation. ¬†He created me to be unique and helped me understand that I will not always fit in. ¬†He is my creator and because of Him, I create. ¬†He loves me and my imperfections. ¬†He wants the best for me and knows what I can and can not handle. ¬†He reminds me that life is full of joys and heartaches but to depend and lean on Him. ¬†He is a loving God and answers my prayers by saying, “yes and not now, I have something better for you.” He reminds me that not all battles are mine to fight, but to discern and choose wisely. ¬†He understands me when I am misunderstood. ¬†He wants me to grow, serve with joy, and be the best version of myself. ¬†I live with love, hope, and faith.

I understand that not everyone is meant to be my audience, but all are welcome.  I thank you for visiting.  If you choose to stay, thank you and welcome.  I look forward to our journey of growing & evolving together.  If not, thank you for visiting and I hope you find your community.  You are welcome here anytime where there is mutual love and respect.



Linda Herrington : Plan4YouEvents



I hope you all had a great start to your week.  Well, it has been almost two years since I made a decision to step out of my comfort zone (the comfort of my studio) and expand my business into something beyond what I could imagine. I am so glad I did because I met some amazing people along the way.  People with amazing stories that you can’t help but want to be a better person because of them.  One of these people is Linda Herrington.

I got to watch her behind the scenes several times as she planned celebrations. I do believe she is an Angel.  She always go above and beyond.  I hope one day you can hear her story, but a new chapter is about to begin for her and I am excited to share the news.

She launched an event planning business specializing in Tea Parties and I wanted you to get a glimpse of her work.  She can transform a room and help plan your Tea Party Menu.  I did ask a few questions so you can learn more about her and her business.

  • Tell us a little about you Linda. I am a retired corporate event planner with over 20 years of event planning experience. I have traveled to several states throughout the United States, Canada and International to plan and coordinate events for my former employer. Now, I am utilizing those skills I have acquired and am focusing on the social side of the event planning industry.
  • What inspired you to start @Plan4YouEvents. I enjoy planning events, whether it be for myself or others. I love taking an empty room or any open space and bringing it to life with my clients thoughts and desires. The company’s name to me hits home because I will be planning events “for you”, my clients. Thus the name Plan4You Events. I want to make sure that your event is everything you want and more and I am always willing to go the extra mile in order to exceed your expectations.
  • What type of events do you plan: Our team can plan a¬†variety of¬†social events. We do baby¬†showers, wedding receptions, anniversaries, dinner and cocktail parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties,¬†small-scale corporate events, and adult and children tea parties.¬†Our company concentrates on the small to medium size event. At the moment, we are more¬†focused on event sizes of 100 guest or less.¬†We customize each event to make them special for each of our clients.¬†
  • Why tea parties? Several years ago, I had the pleasure of attending an Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in London. It has remained one of highlights in my travels and I thought that it would be fun and fascinating to plan them as an event. You can¬†have different¬†themes including, but not¬†limited to,¬†Easter, Mother’s Day, Ladies Luncheon, Baby or Bridal Shower, and a Child’s Birthday. Men can even host a tea party!¬†Golf, Football or a Father‚Äôs Day Teas are some of the themes that can be arranged. For the men, the choices could be from a heavier selection of food items or more choices in each course. The fact that men can be included in a tea party too is great!
  • How is the menu chosen for the tea party?¬†Each menu is customized around the client’s theme and culinary desires. After collaborating with our client, we work with our chef to come up with the food choices and design each course item from there. We do have sample menus to build from. Afternoon Tea is a light meal served between lunch and dinner, consisting of three courses. The first course consists of savory bites and tea sandwiches. Our second course is where we¬†serve¬†our scones with cream and jam. The third course is¬†where¬†we serve our sweets. The three courses are ¬†placed on a three-tiered stand/tray and eaten with your fingers from the bottom of the stand upwards.¬†We then suggest an appropriate tea to compliment your part.
  • How can we contact you Linda?
  • We can be reached through our website at,
  • via email¬†,¬†
  • and on my cell at 832-574-5708.

Like I mentioned, I am excited for Linda.  She does great work so I encourage you to book with her.  Well, I hope you have a wonderful day!  May your event be something EXTRAordinary;)



Fabric Wholesale Direct : $5off Coupon Code

Fabric Wholesale Direct

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all doing wonderful. ¬†Well, I am super excited about an upcoming tutorial due early November. ¬†I am collaborating¬†with Fabric Wholesale Direct to create a fall bridal accessory. ¬†In order to make this happen, the beautiful Guipure French Venice Lace¬†you will see, the¬†Crystal Organza, and the¬†thread¬†are sponsored by Fabric Wholesale Direct¬†. ¬†Thank you Fabric Wholesale Direct!! ¬†Right now, I am still in the filming and production phase so I’ll share with you below some of the “Ordinaries” that will¬†be used…

capelet ordinaries

Until the tutorial comes out, feel free to shop around on ¬†The great news is I have a special¬†coupon code just for YOU. ¬†You will receive $5off when you purchase $35 or more by typing in the¬†coupon code “youtiquebridal“.

Fabric Wholesale Direct¬†specializes in discounted wholesale fabric for designers, event planners, fabric retailers and more. ¬†Go check out their website at ¬†Have fun shopping and I hope you enjoy your shopping experience! ¬†Let me know how it goes:) ¬†Well, I can not wait to share the DIY tutorial with you…make sure you stay tuned!



youtiquebridal pinterest pin youtube

Don’t forget to check out my creative life on¬†Instagram!