DIY Guest Tina Scarlatella :First Communion Veil & Dress

Ella and Erin

Ella and her best friend Erin

Greetings!  Hope everyone is doing well.

As the season of First Communion celebrations come to an end, I just want to thank my DIY Guest, Tina Scarlatella, for sharing her First Communion designs with me.  I get so excited when someone understands the concept as to why I create my video tutorials.  When Tina mentioned she didn’t create the exact same veil as the one in my tutorial but was inspired by it, I was super excited.  Yes, That is the point!  I just want people to get inspired and start creating, not necessarily make a duplicate of what I created.  I had to invite her to share her work and I hope it will inspire you.



Q) What inspired you to create your daughter’s mantilla veil and dress?  TINA: Joy, Love, and Hope.  I receive so much JOY from seeing my children’s face when they wear things I make for them.  They are still at the age where they get excited and they don’t mind being measured, poked, and pinned.  Even my son!  I also love how they show off my creations to anyone who would look and listen to them.

I want them to FEEL my LOVE for them.  Ella has thanked me for taking time to make her veil and dress.  She has seen me work long hours and even heard me poke my fingers a couple of times.  I truly hope my kids will understand how much love I have for them while making these one of a kind outfits for them.  I put so much of myself into these creations (literally sweat and blood sometimes).  I try to make sure each child feels special and loved.  

I PRAYERFULLY HOPE that my children will cherish all of these memories that we spend together.  I hope they will see this as one example of how a mother shows love to her children.  ( I remember wearing clothes that my mom made me and how I know I was loved).

Q) How far in advance did you start to ensure you will be complete by your daughter’s First Communion Date?  When is her First Communion Date? TINA:  I started working on the veil and dress on April 18th about 1 month before the First Communion Date of May 15th.  I am a procrastinator or should I say “creatively inspired when deadlines are near”.   I am happy to say that I am finished with both veil and dress ahead of schedule!  

I was pretty surprised that I finished the veil in 1 night (about 3 hours) even with me hand sewing 52 bead to the veil it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  Dress took about 2 weekends to work on.  

Q)  What were the pros and cons of creating the veil yourself?  TINA:  I always knew that I wanted to make Ella’s veil and dress and was so happy to see that you had made a tutorial.  Like you had read my mind!  I followed your tutorial 95% – I could not pin the lace around the circle so I ended up making the trim a circle first and then pin it on to a square piece of tulle.  I cut the tulle into the shape of the circle afterwards.  I wish I had chosen a softer lace – but I loved the lace trim that I found for the veil.  It doesn’t lay as well but I still think it’s perfect.

erin dress

Tina also upstyled Erin’s First Communion Gown


Guest DIY Bride : Krystal Longnecker from Pomona, New Jersey


My best friend Cathy was right when she stated that last month was “May Madness.”  There were so many events to attend and plenty of reasons to celebrate.  Congratulations to all those who got married, graduated and received their First Communions;)

Bride Krystal and Groom Nicholas : Photo credit Julie Dessario Photography

Bride Krystal and Groom Nicholas : Photo credit Julie Dassaro Photography

I have a guest DIY Bride today, Krystal Longnecker from Pomona, New Jersey, who got married on April 25, 2015.  She is a resourceful DIY Bride who created many of her own wedding decor & accessories.  After watching my tutorial on “How to make the Wedding Veil with Lace Trim” tutorial, she was even inspired to create her own lace wedding veil.  She put in the order for the DIY Lace Trim and created a special heirloom for her daughters.  She sent a beautiful message to me that I just had to share:

“I had so many people say how lovely my veil was but when they heard I made it myself after seeing your youtube video (you made it look so easy) they were in shock!  I can not thank you enough for giving me the wisdom, confidence, and affordable pricing for the material to make an heirloom for my girls to use on their special day, and pass on to their little ladies on theirs! You truly are a blessing”

Krystal, thank you for your kind words and may your beautiful veil made with love be passed on through many generations!


Photo courtesy of Krystal Longnecker

I asked Krystal a few questions to find out about her DIY journey and got the opportunity to hear about her unconditional and unconventional love story.  Feel free to read…

Q) What inspired you to create your own lace wedding veil?  KRYSTAL: Since I have 2 daughters of my own and am raising my 2 neices I wanted something I could pass on to them.  Also, I couldn’t come to terms with spending $250 on a Mantilla veil that had no love, passion and finger pricking pain in it! 🙂

Q) How far in advance did you start to insure that you will be complete the veil by your wedding date? KRYSTAL: I started the day I got my veil kit February 11, 2015.  I finished the day before my wedding April 24th, 2015.  The only reason my veil took as long to finish is because I put it aside for about a month as I made my wedding album, centerpieces, and programs.

Q) What is your wedding theme/colors? KRYSTAL: Our wedding theme was Rustic and our colors were Mint and Burlap. We really used lots of colors, the pastel color wheel was our inspiration.


Bride Krystal and Groom Nicholas : Photo credit Julie Dassaro Photography

Q) How did you meet your husband?  KRYSTAL: It’s a funny story actually. I met him in high school when he picked me up to go out on a date with his best friend. A week or so later he picked me up from high school again so I could go out again with his best friend and that’s when he touched my hand and said “You really deserve better than him. I really wish you would go out with me sometime.” My immediate response was “Do you see this?”, as I pointed my finger over me, “You have no chance of ever dating me!” Well I found out a week later my boyfriend was cheating on me.  Fast forward 2 years later… I am living at a friends and just found out 2 weeks before I am 19 weeks 6 days pregnant with my ex’s baby. I was on MySpace and up pops a message from Nicholas asking my AIM Username so we could catch up. We talked for a couple days and he asked me out to eat. I responded with, “Listen I am 5 1/2 months pregnant.” He responded, “And? What you don’t like to eat?” All I could think is no boy would date someone because she is pregnant with someone else’s baby…but a man would. We went out for the first time on Easter night 2006 and officially became a couple April 21, 2006. I guess the Lord had different plans than I did in high school and a great sense of humor.

Wow! The groom was very persistent in courting his Bride.  He did not let anything stop him from chasing the woman of his dreams.  Despite all the challenges, there were 2 beautiful blessings (Krystal’s daughters) and a husband who would do anything for his Bride.  I wish you the very best on your journey of marriage.

Below is the lace veil tutorial that inspired Krystal…

If you would like to see more photos from Krystal’s Wedding, you can click {here}.

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Guest Gentleman : Ash Pagelsdorf, 35 from Richfield, Wisconsin


Happy Saturday!

Today’s gentlemen is Ash Pagelsdorf, 35 who is a huge gamer from Richfield, Wisconsin.  He owns Pixels n Prints which specializes in Web & Print Media Marketing.  He had shared his photos of the Trinity Knot and the Eldredge knot with his Facebook community — thank you Ash!  From our brief correspondence, I can tell he is very enthusiastic about networking and supporting community artists.  Of course I love finding out what inspires people, so I asked him a few questions:

YB: What inspired you to attempt the Trinity and Eldredge Knot? AP: I love artsy styles and being unique, why always follow when you can lead

YB: What was the occasion you wore it to? AP: “Rock Be Their Voice” Charity Event. Raise awareness against animal and domestic abuse, and child bullying. 


YB: What are your hopes and dreams for yourself?  AP: I am working on building a network of artists and businesses. Through this network I want to open a retail store that will help both artists and new business owners be able to connect with each other while they strengthen their own business. This will allow me to hire others and support the community through various programs.

YB: How did you discover my tutorials? AP: I have had ties custom made at wedding parlors and was looking for another place to have a new tie made. I searched for Unique Ties and this is where I started to see interesting tie knots.  I saw the Eldridge one first and then the trinity knot. From here I found your youtube channel.


Thank you Ash for kindly answering the questions.  Ash is also a Carlson Craft Dealer and can print Wedding Invitations:)  If you would like to find out more about what Ash does professionally, feel free to visit his sites at:

Ash’s Linkedin:

Pixels n Prints:

Well, thank you for reading and visiting.  Have a great weekend and I hope you have an EXTRAordinary day:)


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Guest Gentlemen : Jayson Magin Rivas Rys, 17 from Honduras


Greetings Everyone!  Hope you are enjoying life right now.  I just got back from a special trip with Mr. T and I am on cloud 9.  I would like to share the experience with you one day:)

However today I would like to take the opportunity to thank a gentlemen from Honduras.  He wrote a genuinely sincere message of thanks for my tie tutorials.  I more often receive emails and messages from women but it is rare to hear from a gentleman.  So this week I would like to introduce 2 gentlemen who sent me images of their ties and kind messages.  I asked them a few simple questions and wanted to learn about their dreams and aspirations since we all have them regardless of where we live in the world:)

jayson eldredge


Today is Jayson Magin Rivas Rys from Honduras.  Happy Birthday Jayson!  Actually Happy Belated Birthday.  He just turned 17 years old yesterday November 16.  I hope you had a wonderful celebration:)

Jayson is a student in the eleventh grade and during his free time, he likes to play with his dog, watch TV, play video games, and play the drums.

Here are the questions I asked:

YB: What inspired you to attempt the Trinity and Eldredge Knot? JR: I found it very interesting, bold and beautiful.

YB: What was the occasion you wore it to? JR: I wear it sometimes in the church and my father does also.

YB: What are your hopes and dreams for yourself?  JR: Growing up I want to be a successful person, a professional, forming a beautiful family. I dream of being a great drummer.

YB: How did you discover my tutorials? JR: One day I was bored of using the same tie knot, then decided to look on youtube. After watching some videos, I found yours, and I like the way you explain.


Thank you Jayson for sharing your tie pictures and sending a kind message.  Also, thank you for being a gentleman and answering my questions.  I would like to leave this quote with you from my favorite talk show host…

Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 2.42.40 PM

Kind regards,


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DIY Guest : Tina from Newton, Mississippi – {LIAM} Top Hat

mini top hats1

Greetings Everyone!

I remember coming home from Vegas and catching up with work emails.  I received a sweet email from Tina J. who resides in Newton, Mississippi.  It is always nice to receive a message of gratitude from a viewer and to see the creativity that transpired from one of my tutorials — Thank you Tina for watching!  🙂  Well, Tina came across my {LIAM} Top Hat Tutorial after doing a search on Youtube.  She initially used the tutorial to create Top Hats for her daughter and her cousins.  Tina then modified some of the steps to suit her needs.  I thought I would ask a few questions…

mini top hats

Her daughter’s Valentine Hats. Tina will also be designing some for Saint Patrick’s Day and other special occasions:)

Q. What inspired you to DIY?  I had seen similar things in stores and naturally my daughter liked them.  Unfortunately they were rather expensive for something that was not made very well.  Since I like doing crafts, I figured that I could some how make them myself.

Q. What was the special occasion that you created the hats for your daughter and her cousins? They were Christmas gifts for the cousins. Since I made one for the cousins I made my daughter one as well.  Of course mommy had to have one too, so I made one for myself.

Note: Instead of gluing the headband to the hat, Tina cut out another top hat section.  She cut two slits in the center of it, just enough for the headband to slip on and then glued the top hat portion to the underside of the hat.  It hides the underside as well as makes the hat adjustable to where you want it to sit and it can also be changed out.

Tina concluded her email with Again thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial.  I can’t wait to try out some of your other tutorials.” —- and that made all the hard work that goes into one tutorial worth it:)

Tina has a small shop in Newton, Mississippi called the Renaissance Emporium. You can view it at

chuck e cheese mini hats

Tina was experimenting with these mini top hats. She used Chuck E Cheese coin cups to create these…great job on upcycling Tina!

Thank you everyone for visiting!  Feel free to view the {LIAM} Top Hat tutorial below (btw, this was a tutorial for a class I was teaching and it was also one of my first “live motion” tutorials where I played with film speed — I have come a long way:)  Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day!



LIAM Cutting Patterns:

{LIAM} Mini Bridal Top hat Pattern Page1/2
{LIAM} Mini Bridal Top Hat Pattern Page2/2

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DIY Guest: Sewer Taryn B. from Houston, TX

bow tie

Bow Ties created by Taryn B. of Pixels to Patchwork,  Photo Courtesy of Taryn B.

Greetings Everyone!  Hope you guys are having a wonderful Good Friday:)

I would like to welcome my next DIY guest Taryn B. from Houston, TX.  She found my {JEREMY} Bow Tie Tutorial through, a website where you share what you make.  Taryn had messaged me and left a kind comment…“Thanks so much for your tutorial! I had to make a bow tie for my husband and this was very quick and easy to follow!”  

Taryn ended up making one for his co-worker as well and shared it on her blog.  You can read the post by clicking {here}.  If you visit Taryn’s bright and cheery website, “Pixels to Patchwork,”  you can view a portfolio of all her creative projects.  And if you read more “About Taryn,” you will learn that she loves to work under pressure.  She actually bought her wedding dress during her lunch break the day before her wedding.  Wow!  Now that is working under pressure!

Thank you Taryn for sharing your creation!

Well, this is a great transition into the following months.  I will be dedicating April and May to the gentlemen of the wedding party.  There will be tutorials for new and fun ways to tie your ties and other projects dedicated to the groom and his groomsmen.  Well, make sure you come and visit!  And…I hope you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary from the ordinaries:)

For the {JEREMY} Bow Tie tutorial, feel free to click on the video below:

To view projects from other guests, please visit my Pinterest Board “DIY Brides & Guests” by clicking {here}.

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Guest DIY Bride : Yuet Yu S. from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Yuet Yu & LK

Yuet Yu & fiance, Lester

Now here is a cute and adorable couple.  The Bride Yuet Yu is a Youtube Friend all the way from Kuala Lampur.  She is very creative and has a soft spot for crafting.  When I saw her work, I knew I had to share:)  A few questions I like to ask the Bride…Enjoy!
Q) What inspired you to diy?  YUET YU: Was doing some research online for wedding ideas… only to find out most wedding stuff can be really expensive. So i got really interested to do some DIY wedding projects so that most of my items are personalized and at the same time i can save on cost and also follow my wedding theme colour.
Q) If you used any of the Youtique Bridal tutorials, which one?  Also, can you give a brief explanation on how you created your accessories? YUET YU: I got really inspired when i saw your you tube videos for the (JOSHUA) Ring bearer pillow and also the (SERENA) flower… I have already made my ring bearer pillow to which i added tassels at all 4 corners of the pillow (1).
When i showed my good friend… she loved my creations so much until i offered to make her personalized ring bearer pillow to suit her theme colour which was tangerine/orange(4). Basically i used the same concept as posted by you but for the ribbon sash… i modified it by adding folds and swarovski crystals and just a diamante brooch as the center piece.  
I have made the {SERENA} flower as my bridal hairpiece (2)… I have just modified it by adding additional satin and tulle to each flower size template.
And the other.. is the hairpiece for my niece (who’s the flower girl)(3). For the flower girl hairpiece, I use two (about 21 inch) wires and twist them up together. Then using my glue gun, I wrap and stick on green ribbon around these 2 twirled wires. Then i make 2 of these green ribbon wrapped wires. I twist these 2 wires together (means 4 wires in total were used)  and loop the small pearl chain in between. Then i glue on the ribbon roses. At the back of the hairpiece, I add about 9 inches of ribbon as decoration.
Yarn wrapped letters(5): 
these are to be placed at the main registration counter where the heart shaped yarn will be attached to the birdcage, while the letters would be arranged as “LK ❤ YY”. The cage would be for the guests to write little notes/ cards and drop them into the cage (6). These yarn wrapped letters are made out of cardboard letters and colored yarn.
Boutonnieres/ Corsages(7):
The roses are all made from ribbons… whereby i follow these 2 tutorials :
The ivory white satin ribbon is 1 and a half inch in width while the peach organza ribbon is 1 inch in width.
I have just glued on pearls at the center of these ribbon roses.
As for the ribbon leave, i follow this link:
These olive green ribbons are 1.5 inch in width.
Then i glue these ribbons flowers and leaves onto metal wires… and i arrange these and tape them up together. Boutonnieres… i add pins at the back of it while the corsages i sew them onto ribbons.

Q) When is your wedding date?  YUET YU: My wedding date is on 31st August this year (2013).
Q) How far in advance did you start diy-ing to insure that you will be complete by your wedding date?  YUET YU: I started doing the DIY wedding items since last year November. So far i have made boutonnieres for the groomsmen, corsages for bridesmaids and family members, ring bearer pillow and yarn wrapped monogram letters for our reception table. Just like you, i am basically in a science stream, working in a healthcare institute… but I have always had a soft spot and huge interest in doing craft work and DIY stuff…. i blame it on me being born a left hander- but now a trained right hander (whom ppl claim to be more artistic 🙂
Q) What is your wedding theme/colors? YUET YU: Our wedding theme colors are of a combination of 2 colors : Peach and Olive green
Q) How did you meet your fiance and what is his name? YUET YU: The first time i met my fiancé, Lester Kong… was when we went white water rafting. We got to know each other through a common friend. It was the first time we met and he sat in the same raft as mine. Our raft was intentionally overturned so that we can all fall off the raft and be washed downstream through the rapids. At that moment… i lost my rubber sandals when i fell off the raft.. and i thought i would have to go home barefooted that day… but to my surprise… he caught both my sandals 🙂  I guess love blossomed from then on ..hehe
What an adorable love story.  Congratulations to Yuet Yu and Lester.  I wish you guys the best of forever!
Everyone, thank YOU for visiting!
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