Beginner Sewist : Ginger White

Are you interested in learning to sew?

Special Guest Ginger White @gjnj_white with @planoasg will share her early journey of learning to sew. She will talk about how she started sewing, her sewing challenges, goto patterns, and so much more. 😁

Video Content:

  • 2:56) Intro
  • {3:46} How Ginger started Sewing
  • {4:58} First completed projects, costume
  • {12:44} Where do you find inspiration
  • {15:48} First Garment Sewing project
  • {25:45} What motivates you to complete projects?
  • {28:57} Top Goto Sewing patterns
    • Aprons, Simplicity 6206
    • pajamas
    • bathing suit coverup, Simplicity 5628
    • costume capes, Simplicity 8771
    • baby travel high chair, Sewbaby F727
  • {37:22} Ginger’s Tips for Beginner Sewists
    • don’t need a complicated machine
    • Finished is better than perfect
    • purchase materials for only one project
  • {47:32} Favorite quotes/scriptures: Isaiah 26:3, 1Peter 4,5

Thank you for visiting with us today! May you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary;)

IG Live Special Guest @johnson.eileen

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are doing well. I had the honor of having Eileen Johnson as a special guest on my IG Live series. Eileen Johnson is the person who introduced me to the world of couture sewing back in 2011. Eileen will share how she fell in love with couture sewing, teach us how to wax thread, & sew on a snap button. We hope you learn something new😁

  • Video Content:
  • {3:08) Intro
  • {3:30} How we met
  • {4:20} About Eileen {6:35:} How did you get into Sewing?
  • {8:41} How did you get into Couture Sewing?
  • {11:34} What is Couture Sewing?
  • {18:25} Eileen’s Couture Garments
  • {25:43} Eileen’s Style Aesthetics: Classic, Global Traveler, Uniform
  • {29:11} Sewing Project Card
  • {30:49} Padded Hanger with snap buttons
  • {31:30} Purpose of the snap buttons on the hanger
  • {34:29} Why wax your thread?
  • {35:10} How to wax your thread
  • {38:38} Wax Thread Card
  • {40:28} When can you use waxed thread
  • {44:05} How to sew on a snap button
  • {52:49} How are you transitioning your wardrobe into the next stage of your life?
  • {54:06} Eileens Inspirational quotes
  • {56:29} Take of yourself, take care of each other. Text, call, or FaceTime 2 people this week;)

You can follow Eileen on Instagram at @johnson.eileen.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Please take care of yourself and each other.

Hugs! Ann

*I go live on IG every Friday at 1pm CST and the last Friday of the month is reserved for a special guest. My goal of going live is to make sure everyone is doing well, build a creative community that will inspire and encourage one another, and to keep you updated on the status of my current project. I hope you enjoy the sharing and thank you for visiting!

Bye 2020! Happy New Year!

2020 has definitely been the most disorienting year for me and I wish I could blur it out of my life. However, after I put together my 2020 project board (below) and did some reflection, I actually accomplished more than I expected. I went live on IG this year and got over my nerves. So, thank you 2020!

I can’t guarantee 2021 will be better but because of my strong, positive, & supportive family & friends, I can affirm I will get through anything. So I’m going to leave 2020 with a big smile😁

Here are all my projects for 2020:
*memade (click on link to see video tutorial)

(1)*Red Faux Leather Coat
(2)*Coastal Green Easter Dress & (3)*Black Lace Sleeve Crop Top
(4)*Cross-over Halter & (5)*Maxi Skirt for Mr.T’s graduation
(6)*Shirred Blouse & (7)*Sailor Jeans
(8)*Marfy Remnant Challenge Tunic (video coming soon)
(9)*Mask – inspired by @unitypointhealth
(10)*Navy Cotton Twill Shorts
(11)*Prayer Chapel Veil  @htdoan7
(12)*Sewing on a wig clip to a #veil
(13) Beige boots Outfits (no video)
(14)*Classic Black Slacks (video coming soon)

Thank you for joining me on my 2020 journey 😁. May you be hopeful & look at the glass half full stepping into the New Year. Welcome 2021!




Merry Christmas!

#MerryChristmas to my friends & family who celebrate this day and Happy Holidays to all! 

No Christmas cards this year cause…I’m blaming it on 2020. But really, bad planning on my part😬😆.

May you all experience the peace, love, & joy during this season. It’s truly not about the cards, tree, decor, & the gifts, but the spirit of hope & love – our newborn King is here!!!❤️👶🏻

I went live today as I do every Friday at 1pm CST on Instagram. Just want to personally wish you a very Merry Christmas, see how you are doing, & updating you on my current projects.

Thank you everyone for your love & support this year! It has been an interesting ride hasn’t it? Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!




Classic Black Slacks Inspiration

Inspiration Board via Pinterest


Hope you are all doing well. I have started my journey of sewing the classic black slacks. I put together my inspiration board & went to youtube for more inspiration on how to sew the expandable waistband & preventing the pockets from gaping.

Here is the status of my classic black slacks. I sewed my toile but the pockets were gaping & the side seam lines were off (center photo). I am preparing to recut the toile & make all the necessary corrections.

If you have any experience sewing pants, feel free to share your knowledge & wisdom. Well, I hope you had a wonderful week & thank you for visiting this evening.




Cross Over Halter & Maxi Skirt : Lifestyle Designs

This is a video on how I sewed my Long Skirt & Cross Over Halter Top. The main focus is the box pleats & the toile for the halter top.

Box Pleats

This two-piece outfit was made with Mr. T’s virtual graduation in mind. Congratulations to Mr. T, his classmates, and everyone who graduated during 2020. It was a long and prolonged process (just like my editing😬😆) but you guys did it! – So proud of you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👨🏻‍🎓

Thank you for visiting and may you hav a wonderful week!




Shop @sewmuchfabric
Red/Blue, Cream Graphic Print Rayon Lawn R3769
Rayon Red Lining – Valentine Red
Blue thread 267
Red Thread 405

How to Clean your Diamond Rings with Anh @TheMADJewelersBench


I went Live with Anh @themadjewelersbench on Instagram this past Friday August 28th & she taught us how to do a general cleaning on our diamond rings. She also gave us an introduction to the Metalsmith Jewelry Design.

Anh highly recommends getting your diamonds professionally deep cleaned twice a year if worn on a daily basis or once a year if worn only on special occasions.

I am exploring the option of creating my own belt buckle for my summer shorts but we’ll see. It does look like a lot of new toys to purchase & play with;)

Here is a source Anh mentioned:
Bobby White

Thank you for visiting today! Take care and stay safe!


Marfy Remnant Challenge : IG Live Part 1/3 with @sewtofit


Andrea @sewtofit & I went on IG live last Friday August 7th to share about the Marfy Remnant Challenge. This is the first of 3 sessions. We will be reconvening on August 14 & 21st to share about our progress. In this session, we talked about tissue and muslin fitting, where we got our inspiration, and how we chose the colors for our project.

If you are joining the challenge, feel free to use the hashtag #marfyremnantchallenge2020 so we can follow your journey.

Optional: If you are interested in winning a prize, Roz @sewmuchfabric will be spicing up the challenge. She will be giving away 2 – $25 Sew Much Fabric Gift certificates to 2 winners.

  • Winner1: The audience will vote on their favorite participant’s project.
  • Winner2: Participant that used the most SewMuchFabric Fabrics in their project.
  • To enter your finished project, tag on Instagram @marfy_challenge
  • The deadline is September 30, 2020.

Thank you to our supporters @sewmuchfabric @marfyfashionpatterns & @marfy_challenge.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I hope you join us on this fun, expressive, and learning opportunity. Have a wonderful day!




This project is in collaboration withAndrea with Sew To Fit. She is an expert in pattern fitting and pattern design.  She has a YouTube Channel you can view by clicking here.  She teaches e-learning classes available with a VIP Club at

Marfy Remnant Challenge : Collaboration with @sewtofit


I hope you are all doing well. I am excited about this new project, the Marfy Remnant Challenge. I am collaborating with Andrea @sewtofit on this sewing project. She & I had won the Marfy Pattern 0116 at the Sewing Fashionistas 10 year Anniversary Christmas Party . It was hosted by Rosalind @sewmuchfabric – great times!

I thought it would be fun to use remnant fabrics to create this pattern and see how we would express ourselves. It is a project to help us get through this Covid Event and keep our minds and bodies occupied. We invited our fellow Sewing Fashionistas as well as our sewing community to join us on this journey. As Andrea & I were sharing ideas, this project happen to fall nicely into Andrea’s annual Marfy Challenge as well. Here are the guidelines shared at the Sewing Fashionistas meeting this past Saturday July 25 – thank you for the video Andrea!

Official Start Date: August 1, 2020 – End Date: When you are done. This project is meant to be fun and stress free. You can set your own deadline (or not), however, I will personally try and finish this project by the end of August. Feel free to follow me on Instagram Stories for up-to-date progress and my IG Highlight “Marfy Remnant.”

Andrea & I have different sewing processes but we will be achieving the same goal. We believe that everyone has different styles of sewing so we would like for you to witness the different ways we design, sew, and put it together. Besides following my Instastories, make sure you follow Andrea’s IG & Youtube Channel at SewToFit to see her process. Also, feel free to join her VIP Club to expand your fitting skills. You can learn more about Andrea at You can also follow this project on the Sewing Fashionista’s Facebook Page.

Guidelines for the Marfy Remnant Challenge:

  • Have fun, express yourself, stretch your imagination & creativity
  • You are the artist. The pattern is the canvas & the fabric is your paint;)
  • use remnant fabrics or fabrics in your stash but do not purchase new fabrics. Ex: I am using fabric remnants from my 2019 projects.
  • there is no right or wrong to putting this together
  • try and incorporate new sewing techniques that you have always wanted to try. Ex: I want to learn how to do basic quilting, wave tucks, & fabric cut-outs as seen on my inspiration board
  • Use Sewing Pattern Marfy 0116 or any pattern you would like to use or try out.
  • We would love to see your progress, tag us on Instagram @youtiquebridal @sewtofit or use the hashtag #marfyremnantchallenge2020
Playing around with different Fabric Layouts

This is where my project is currently…

Marfy0116 Front Blouse, Original Projects

This is the front side of Marfy0116. Next, I will now work on the back side before sewing it all together. Following, I will do the lining. Below are videos of the original projects if you would like to see where the remnants originated from.

I hope you join Andrea & I on this journey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Well, thank you for visiting & I hope you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary out of the ordinary;)



Andrea with Sew To Fit is an expert in pattern fitting and pattern design.  She has a YouTube Channel you can view by clicking here.  She teaches e-learning classes available with a VIP Club at

Creative Community : Upcoming Special Guests


I hope you are all doing well. Since Covid, all our lives have changed in some way. I actually started doing something I have been fearful to do for a long time…going LIVE. I started going LIVE every Friday on Instagram at 1pm central time to see how everyone is doing and to bring our Creative Community together.

Every last Friday of the month I have a special guest to inspire our creativity. I had the honor of having some wonderful guests already and looking forward to the upcoming ones. To view past & future guests, feel free to check out the Creative Community Calendar Dates by clicking here. The next two upcoming guests are:

Friday July 31, 2020 at 1pm CST: Diane @BlueDotSews, She is a pattern maker and will share her journey of learning to sew and making patterns. To get to know her a little better, read her story on strength & perseverance by clicking here.

Friday August 28, 2020 at 1pm CST: Anh @themadjewelersbench, She is a Metalsmith Artist & Designer with experience of caring for pearled jewelry. She also mixes different mediums to design jewelry such as fabric and metal.

Anh would love to know what you would be interested in learning. We are taking a poll:

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to seeing you on IG live! Take care and stay safe:)

Hugs! Ann


Shirred Blouse

Greetings Everyone!

My Shirred Blouse is complete and I love all the details from the shirring to the inside seams. This was my first time shirring so it was a lot of fun to play around with the different techniques and styles. Have you ever shirred before? Feel free to view the video and watch the whole process of sewing my blouse. I hope you enjoy it!

Oufits from my Closet

I used the following techniques for inside of the blouse:

  • Rolled Hem: down the center front
  • Binding: along the shoulder and back
  • Spaghetti Straps: tie strings at the front
  • French Seam: Along the side of the bodice

Thank you for visiting and hope you got inspired to create something EXTRAordinary;)



Here are some of the tutorials for the details inside the blouse:

Rolled hem was used to alter my Bridesmaid dress.

The French Seam was used for the bodice along the side seams:

Per my IG post, here is the sign-in tree;)

Special Guest Cari Loschen @carikim : Couture Pinning & Resources

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are doing well. Today I had the honor of having Cari Loschen as a special guest on my IG Live series. I go live on IG every Friday at 1pm CST and the last Friday of the month is reserved for a special guest. My goal of going live is to make sure everyone is doing well, build a creative community that will inspire and encourage one another, and to keep you updated on the status of my current project.

Cari took the time to teach us how to do couture pinning and shared some Couture resources. Feel free to watch it below. I hope you enjoy the sharing.

  • Video Content:
  • {2:00} How we met
  • {0:55} Welcome
  • 3:02} About Cari
  • {4:22} How did you get into Couture Sewing?
  • {13:05} Couture Pinning
  • {27:28} Resource Site for Advanced Sewing
  • {34:43} Cari’s favorite Inspirational Quotes
  • {36:36} Take of yourself, take care of each other, and text, call, or FaceTime someone today.

You can follow Cari on Instagram at @carikim and email her at

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Please take care of yourself and each other.




Wearing my #memade Lace Sleeve Crop Top