How to make a Wedding Veil (3 Styles) : Valentine


Although Valentine’s Day had passed, I wanted to continue the spirit of love.  I added elements of Valentine so that anyone who views the tutorial, will remember to do things with love.  I know, I’m a hopeless romantic:)  In this tutorial you will learn 3 ways to make a Two Tier Blusher Veil using a 54″ width tulle.  I broke it down into 3 different styles:

(1) Full veil : which has volume & fullness

(2) Drop Veil : it simply lays over your head and does not have a lot of fullness

(3) Separate Blusher & Train:  2 piece veil.  Both the blusher & train can be worn to the ceremony.   The long train can be removed and the Blusher can be worn as your main veil during the reception.  I will also show you how to reduce fullness or pouf from the veil during this portion of the tutorial.


Detail breakdown of what you will learn in this tutorial:

{0:44} * Measure amount of tulle needed, measure blusher length & train length
{1:30} * Full Veil Tutorial
{2:30} * Drop Veil Tutorial
{3:01} * Separate Blusher & Train Tutorial
{3:40} * How to reduce volume or pouf from the veil
{4:01} * Reduce fullness for Cathedral length trains

I know this is a lot of information in one video, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


I would like to thank the following people who inspired this tutorial as a whole:

* Carolyn: a Bride-to-be who wrote me a kind email and inquired about the lace trim from my “lace veil” tutorial.  Before I can even launch my lace to sell, I had several inquiries and had to put in an order for more (btw the lace will be available next week).  She also contemplated a blusher veil and had questions about the fullness of the veil.  I wanted to be able to answer all her questions in this one video.  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Carolyn!

*JR Simon:  she is a Facebook friend that shared a video with me.  She thought I would enjoy watching a petite version of a couture dress being made.  Not only did I love watching the video, it helped me solve a dilemma.  While filming, I was unable to fit the large unfolded tulle into the camera frame.  So guess what inspired me to do a “small scale” version?  Yes, thank you JR Simon!!! Here is the video shared:

*Aunt Kimmie:  My lovely Aunt Kim from California made my 2004 wedding veil.  It was a separate blusher and cathedral length veil.  I got to wear both during the ceremony and removed the long train for the reception.  The separate Blusher & Train veil tutorial was inspired by her.  Many great memories.  Love you Aunt Kimmie!!!

aunt kimmie making my veil

*Noel Akbar: a talented 19 years old musician who wrote a sweet Valentine song.  Since it mentioned “Valentine” and “Pho,”  I couldn’t resist to share it in this tutorial.  I love Pho!  It is a special Vietnamese noodle soup that my husband and I love to eat, especially during cold weather:)   Thank you Noel for granting me permission to use your song.  You can follow him on instagram at snackbar23 or subscribe to his channel at noelsmusicpage23:   Listen to the full version of “Valentine Song” below:

And here’s a little more about Noel:

“I live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. My love of music has kind of been with me naturally from a really young age. I was first inspired to write music after listening to artists like AJ Rafael and Jesse Barerra. I learned guitar after listening to them and began playing more.  My friends got me to start uploading covers and originals on YouTube. Ever since then I loved sharing my music and stories through my songs to the people who were willing to listen.  Right now I’m in school and I work so it makes it difficult to always upload videos.  I hope to continue doing what I do on YouTube and to perform more live and maybe even try out for a couple of shows.  It would be a dream to do what I love as a job. For now I’m going with the flow and working on my Music as much as I can.” — Wishing you the best with your dreams Noel!

May everyday be Valentine’s day for everyone!

Lots of love,


Sneak Peek : Be Your Own Valentine too:)

Near the turn of the New Year, I went birthday gift shopping for a couple of my friends and family.  As I was paying for the gifts, the sales person behind the counter asked, “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”  I was caught off guard because one, I never had a sales person ask me that before, and two, I didn’t have any….yet.  I replied that I didn’t make any resolutions.  He was quite shocked.  At that very moment in my head, I quickly asked myself , “what would it be if I did?”  The song “Try” by Colbie Caillat came to mind.  I responded to him, “If I had one, I would like to just be comfortable in my own skin.  I want to stop comparing myself and accept myself as I am.”  He actually loved that response.  And you know, I did too:) I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

You will find that I randomly post songs on my blog.  They are songs that speak to me during that period of my life.  So I posted “Try” in the past.  You see, I went through a phase where I felt “less than.”  Social media and the internet world has been a love hate relationship for me.   In one moment, I can get inspired by the world of Pinterest and Youtube.  And in the next moment, I can feel that my work is not good enough or I am not good enough.

If you are anything like me, I love Pinterest.  I can search and pin away the alluring world of bridal and couture.  And let me tell you, it is a GORGEOUS world! I can get lost in it for hours.  The dreamy photos, the beautiful lighting, the gorgeous models, the details of a dress, and even the feel of the image is just breath taking.  I was so lost into it that it started making me feel “less than”:(   I began to tell myself that I needed a new camera to record, I needed better lighting, I needed this, I needed that…to the point where I found myself blocked from any creativity or from going forward with a project.  On top of that, I started receiving a wave of mean comments on Youtube.  Don’t get me wrong, I receive many lovely messages as well but for some reason, when you read a mean one, it tends to stay on your heart a little longer.  At first I was hurt (since I’m a people pleaser and highly sensitive), then it got to a point where I received so many that it became a joke.  I know this may sound strange, but now, I am thankful for the mean ones.  It made me look into myself and to the core of my existence.  It made me again ask myself why I am creating and producing tutorials.  And to be honest, I love what I do and I simply want to help others.

So even if my work does not meet others’ standards, I know I gave each project my heart and soul and no mean comment can hurt the core of my spirit.  It may sting a little but I’ll get over it:)  So although I am still on this journey of self love, I learned that I need to stop comparing, stop feeling “less than”, and that “I am enough.”  I need to love myself (not in the context of vanity), but in the context of appreciating and accepting my imperfect self.  Although there is always room to grow and improve, I need to know that “I am enough today” and that sometimes, I need to be my own Valentine too:)

So may you find self love in the healthiest sense and appreciate all that you are.   And if you are not there yet, know that “I love you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!



ps. Here’s a sneak peek of the next project:)

double tier veil

I hope you meet an Eva P. and a Hang D.

Screen shot 2014-12-26 at 12.37.07 PM

{Hang, me, Eva}    Ladies, if you are reading this, we need an updated photo:)

Greetings Everyone!

It’s that time of year again.  It is usually the time when I sit and reminisce about my life, about the year, what I accomplished, what I didn’t accomplish, what I could do better, and of course the people who has influenced it.  I have sooooo many people I am grateful for but today I would like to thank two of my dearest friends Eva P. and Hang D.  If it wasn’t for them, Youtique Bridal probably would not exist.

I am a dreamer and often not a very practical one.  I constantly have ideas coming out of my ears and when I hear myself speak, I can actually sound “out there”.  But thank God, really, thank God for these two ladies, who have prayed with me and taught me to discern.  When I presented one of my crazy ideas of starting a “wedding business” about 13 years ago, Eva and Hang actually supported it.  Hang introduced me to my first bride and also gave me the opportunity to design her wedding gown.  And over the years, Eva encouraged me to open my private studio. She helped me find my studio space and officially made my dream of starting a business come true.  And can I admit this to the world?  I get scared…a lot!  My fear has always been….what if I fail? what if I don’t live up to others’ standards? what if I just plain suck at what I do?

Well everyone, the honest truth is….I have failed (many times), I won’t always live up to other’s standards and according to some others’ opinion, I suck (I learned that from some of the Youtube comments:).  And that’s OKAY! All I know is that I gave it my all in each of my projects, had fun in the process, and learned from it so I can improve…that is what counts.

So I just wanted to thank Eva P. and Hang D. for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, for always showing me the power of prayer, and for guiding me through my fears.  So, if you have a crazy idea or planning to start something new for 2015, I truly hope you have or meet an Eva P. and a Hang D.  They will be the people who will help you dream big-GER:)

Screen shot 2014-12-26 at 1.31.26 PM

pinned from Pinterest


Let’s start this New Year out right…DREAM BIG! PLAY HARD! WORK HARD!



youtiquebridal pinterest pin youtube

By the way, I named one of my first videos after Eva and two of my tutorials after Hang’s daughters.  Eva and I recently laughed hard about the clicking noises in my early videos.  You probably will too…well, we all have to start somewhere:)  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas 2012! : Don’t sweat the small stuff


christmas 2012 watermark

Our Christmas Tree in 2012

Yes you read that right – Merry Christmas 2012!  As a Christmas gift this year, my husband Mr. T upgraded my phone and somehow old photos from 2012 showed up on the camera.  My husband presented the new phone with our practice session of the photo above as the screen saver.  Don’t worry, no children were hurt during the session :)  Well, this photo brought back a lot of memories…2012 was the year we moved to our new cozy house in the burbs, the year my husband went back to school full time and worked his job the hours he wasn’t in school (he barely slept), the year we first celebrated Christmas in the house (hence the bare tree), and the year we decided together as a family to live simply so I can comfortably stay home with our three young children (and take the leap of faith to slowly build Youtique Bridal online)…! How much can change in 2 years.


Our Christmas Tree in 2014

Well, I recently broke out in hives around my neck and face and also pulled a back muscle:(  Don’t ask me what happened because I honestly do not know.  Friends and family are speculating different things — holiday stress (although I didn’t feel stressed this year), change in weather maybe? Allergic reaction to a certain food (I’m not allergic to anything that I know of), getting older and my body reacting to different things in the air?  Well, whatever it was, it left me in bed for several days.  While in bed, I tried to convince my body that I was still young….lol! I know I sound pathetic:(  But anyhow, I couldn’t wait to get better and just celebrate the holiday season.  Thank goodness I healed just in time to attend my friend Mollie’s bridal shower.  I couldn’t be more appreciative of my health, of my husband and children, and quality time with family and friends.  O!  And I can’t forget…quality time with Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus thanks to the Scarlatella Family:)

scarlatella family

Scarlatella Family Christmas 2014

Yes, that is truly what is important…spending quality time with friends and family.  No, I didn’t get to send out Christmas cards this year…but I am not going to sweat the small stuff:)

Merry Christmas 2014 to all and many many hugs!

With lots of love,


Mollie's Bridal Shower at the Mad Potter

Mollie at her Mad Potter Bridal Shower

Below is the mug I designed at Mollie’s Bridal Shower.  Since it has to be placed in the kiln, I won’t be able to see it until after the New Year…hoping it turns out nicely:)



Guest Gentleman : Eddie Ngo, 39 from Guadalajara, Mexico

photo by James Nguyen

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving:)  Since November was dedicated to the gentlemen, I thought I would introduce a friend very dear to me.  Since we are transitioning from November into the “CHRIST”mas holidays, I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce him.  You will understand why in a little bit:)  Eddie Ngo does not wear fancy tie styles like the Eldredge or Trinity Knot but he wears a special collar for his fashion statement.  And in case you are wondering about the same last names, we have no relations beside the fact that he is my brother in Christ.

I knew Eddie before he became a medical doctor and before he decided to become a priest.  Yes, you read that right — a priest!  He and I met while searching for a deeper meaning to life and for a faith.  He had a Buddhist background and me, well I had ran away from any type of religion during my college days.  Somehow we crossed paths and discovered, or for me- rediscovered, our faith together.

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 9.38.00 AM

photo by Eric Nguyen

I remember the day Eddie gathered a few friends together at Thuy’s house to make a special announcement.  He announced that he had quit his job at the hospital (as a medical doctor) to join the Jesuit priest order.  I was like “WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!”  Honestly, I was excited for him but at the same time, I knew he had a challenging road ahead of him.  I have to say, I am proud of you Eddie :)

Eddie recently took his vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience this past August.  He is currently serving in Mexico right now.  Till this day, I find it so hard to grasp or understand how he can leave his extremely comfortable doctor salary and take on these vows.  For that, I want to introduce you to a special gentleman, Eddie Ngo.  Here are some questions I asked him.  This is one of my ways to keep him, those called to religious vocation, and all those called to missionary work in my prayers.

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 9.40.12 AM

photo by James Nguyen

YB: What inspired you to become a medical doctor? EN: I did not love the study of medicine itself or even the practice of it when I first started.  But as I continued, I realized that I loved my relationship I had with my patients and the care that I gave to them and the trust in that.  I loved my patients really. That is what kept me going.

YB: What inspired you to become a priest? EN: For a year in high school, I knew what it was like to be without friends and to be without family, to feel on the margins.  Or at least, to feel that way because I always had friends or family.  That left a profound impact on me.

 And I know what it is like to feel ashamed, down, and out.  And I also feel that I have been loved by a God that made me and did so design and wants me to be surrounded with people that love me.
 As a priest, I get to be a representative of the community and of a God that accepts other people as they are, to tell them they are good, they are valued, and they have a place amongst others in this world.

YB: What are your hopes and dreams for yourself?  EN: The same hopes and dreams as I have for others… to be happy.

YB: What are your hobbies? EN: I am big time TV show junkie. Love “Walking Dead.” Finishing up the “Breaking Bad” series on DVD.  And I am a Dallas Mavericks fan. I just recently changed my bucket list from playing a one-on-one game with Michael Jordan to Dirk Nowitzki.

YB: What makes you happy?   What makes me happy… is being in community really.  Being with a group of people that share their lives that help bring each other up and supports one another.  Every place I have been I have needed the support of people to help me be who I am.  Meaningful, deep relationships give me life.  Hobbies, music, especially meaningful music for me, it is songs that speak of relationships.  

YB: Why did you give up becoming a full time M.D.? EN: In life, I think there are some risks you take.  People who marry, they have a hope, I think that the next step in marriage leads them to be better people, leads them deeper to enjoy life, to see themselves with a family they can envision together.  

And I felt like the time was right to take the next step to figure out if I was being called to the priesthood or not.  I had made money.  I had received a certain amount of love from friends and family.  I needed to see if this next step, with the hope that it could make me happy would work out.

After I stopped my practice to discern priesthood more fully with the Jesuits, I had a chance to practice medicine again.  For a period of 5 months, I helped with migrants across the border.  And again I would say it was the relationships that I made with my patients that mattered to me. I guess that is why I chose family medicine as a specialty.

YB: What would you want others to know about your faith? EN: I think sometimes people do not feel like they can be themselves and be loved by God,  like God does not love everything about them or that they have to behave in a certain way or do things in a certain way to be loved by God.  God loves you. Period. Nothing more. Nothing less.

 YB: In your opinion, what does it take to be a gentleman? EN: I think if it is a lesson I know, it does not apply just to being a gentleman to a woman but to all people.  I think it is about accompanying people, to be there, to know what another is going through without judgment, with compassion.  To be there, you get a sense of the person.  There is no judgment because you understand what the other is going through and to be strong in that you do not have to solve another person`s problems but to provide that sense of security that you are there with them. And that means a lot I think. 
Well, thank you Eddie for being such a gentleman and answering all the questions.  Below is a special song written by Eddie and Tracy Vo.  They wrote it a few years ago while on a retreat leading music for young adults.  The video is produced by the talented husband and wife team, Landy and Nick of Red Sole Studios.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November has been dedicated to the gentlemen this year.  I wish I knew who this little gentleman is in the video below…he knew how to tug at my heart.  May we always be appreciative of EVERYTHING.  Happy Thanksgiving Day!



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