First Communion DIY’s, April & May Updates

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Greetings Everyone!

If you are living in the Sugar Land area,  I hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather we are having today.  I had the opportunity to take a walk and enjoy the sunshine and warmth of the day.  I am now back at the home office excited to share all the beautiful things happening this month.  So are you ready?…

First, I will start out by sharing the First Communion Tutorials I completed.  Please keep in mind that these tutorials can be scaled up for the Brides.  Enjoy!

How to make the Flower Crown Veil

How to make the Headband Veil

How to make the Mantilla Veil

Thank you to my Goddaughter Camryn, One of my Best Friend’s Daughter Soledad, and my Custom guest Elysia for being my First Communion models.  They are just a joy to work with.  Sweet Elysia actually received her First Communion last year and helped make her very own Flower Crown.  She was responsible for creating the flower sets and I am so proud of what she can do.


My Goddaughter Camryn, my son Little J, and Little J’s best friend Dylan will be receiving their First Holy Communion soon. I just want to congratulate them and all the children receiving their First Communion this season.  What an exciting time!

I have several sewing projects in the works right now.  Feel free to follow these hashtags on IG or FB for my following projects:

(1) #Megspromdress2016.  With some inspiration photos she sent me, I will be custom designing & custom fitting a prom dress for my cousin Megan.


(2) #youtiquefuschiadress2016.  Using some couture techniques, I will be designing a gown for myself to attend the annual Elsik High School Design Contest.  I have been invited to host the judges this year so I will be working behind the scenes.  The event is on Saturday April 30th and I will share more information in the coming weeks.  I hope you can join us!  Below I am combining and modifying some old muslin patterns to create my fuscia dress.

(3) Hemming a Lace Trim Dress:  I am working on a series for how I hem a lace wedding gown.  I have  recorded the scenes but it has yet to be edited.  If you are interested in how I alter a lace wedding gown, be on the look out for it sometime in May or June.  Below is the intro:

Well, feel free to join me on my April & May adventures.  Thank you for reading!




How to make the First Communion Mantilla Veil

Congratulations to my Little J, my Goddaughter Camryn, and to all those receiving their First Holy Communion this season.  I am so very proud of you.

Well, I had planned on doing a few First Communion Tutorials, but decided on the Mantilla Veil to start out my series.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to answer a question and get a little more technical.  Thank you Mona Mac for the question following my initial lace trim veil tutorial😉

mona mac

Below is the step by step tutorial on how to make the First Communion Mantilla Veil.  This is basically my lace trim veil for the Brides but I will go more in depth with the measurements & calculations.  You will learn how to calculate the amount of tulle and lace trim needed as well as create an alternate look, the Fingertip Length Veil. This would be a great look if the little candidate has a beautiful updo hairstyle;) Here is the video breakdown:

*{0:25) Tulle Length Measurement (=diameter)
*(1:08) Calculating Circumference, c=3.14xdiameter
*(1:27) Measuring Lace Trim Length
*(1:48) Pinning/Sewing Lace onto tulle
*(3:13) Blanket Stitch
*(5:16) Fingertip Length Veil for updo Hairstyle


Please click on the link to view the following tutorials:
*How to prepare a hair comb

*Beaded First Communion Headband

*Two Tier Bridal Veil

*Drop Veil for the Bride

*Hair Adornment Playlist

Have a wonderful day!



Please keep our children in your prayers.  Thank you!

Lord Jesus Christ, in the Sacrament of the Eucharist You left us the outstanding manifestation of your limitless love for us.

Thank you for giving our child the opportunity to experience this love in receiving the Sacrament for the first time.

May your Eucharist presence keep him/her ever free from sin, fortified in faith, pervaded by love for God and neighbor, and fruitful in virtue, that he/she may continue to receive You throughout life and attain final union with You at death.


{A prayer I found on the Totus Tuus Family blog}

Classic Sheath Dress : Sewing Darts & Ways to style

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.30.00 PM

Greetings Everyone!

Today was absolutely gorgeous.  I hope you got to go outside and enjoy the weather.  Well, as some of you may already know, I am transitioning back to work full time and started sewing some of my wardrobe pieces. In this video, you will get a glimpse of how I sew the darts using tailor’s tack as well as show you the different ways I would style the Classic Sheath Dress. I will take you through the stages of styling the dress from casual, work, evening, to even an unconventional bridal look.

Let me know which look you like the best or how you would style your own Classic Sheath Dress. We all have different style personalities so the possibilities are endless. Enjoy and Thank you for watching!

I would also like to thank Sew Much Fabric for sponsoring this project.  We had a lot of fun.  Because Rosalind (the person behind SMF) possesses a keen eye for textile and fashion, this Classic Sheath dress project was a success.  So if you ever have any questions about fabric and what can be sewn with it, she is the person to ask.  Feel free to check out the beautiful fabric options at Sew Much Fabric by clicking {here}.  To specifically shop the grey ponte knit, visit…

Sew Much Fabric 832-363-1583

Also, many thanks to Andrea with Sew To Fit.  She is talented and very knowledgeable about pattern fitting.  If you would like to learn more about fitting patterns, check out her YouTube channel by clicking {here}.  You can watch Andrea fit the McCalls 7085 pattern on me below:

Well, thank you for watching and I hope you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary;)




Q&A : Veil Making

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  Today my husband Mr. T has been in my thoughts all morning because he is working on something very important…I am wishing him the best;)  Also, the weather is expected to rain and I am craving for a warm cup of tea.  So how is your day going so far?

Well, I am doing something a little different today.  I have compiled a few questions left in the comment section of my two veil tutorials, the Two Tier Bridal Veil and the Drop Lace Veil.  I decided to answer them in one short video in hopes that it will help the Bride as well as others who may have the same question.

Here are the questions:
*{0:27} Where would I purchase the hair combs?
*{0:47} Can you please show us how to cut the veil so that it will cascade?
*{1:52} My style of veil is the drop veil with embellishments on the lace, so for the reception if I pull it back I’m afraid the embellishments are not going to be seen and it will seem as if I wore the veil the wrong way. Can you suggest something?
*{2:53} This question followed my circular lace drop veil…Can I do this with 3 yards of tulle and make a larger veil?
*{3:45} I would love to purchase your veil kit but I would like to create a longer 54″ veil in the style of the single tier ballet veil, what do you suggest I do?
A: At this time, I have the lace veil kit which includes 3 yards of my exclusive delicate eyelash lace and 54″ width tulle. Please email me for more details at

Feel free to view the following as well:

(1)Two Tier Bridal Veil:
(2) Drop Lace Veil:

Also, I just want to thank Angela Rae for encouraging me.  As you may have read in my last post, I am fearful of doing live interviews.  I am okay with recording myself doing work and then voice-overs, but there is something different about talking to the camera.  Is it just me?  Please tell me I am not the only one uncomfortable with this. lol!  I know it’s trivial for most, especially Angela whose experiences include being a news anchor and interviewing big names like Oprah.  She is now on a new journey of expanding her professional life.  Her dream is to bring women together from different cultural backgrounds and experiences, build a strong network of support, and then empower and give them a voice to go out and make positive change.  Well, imagine the excitement I felt when Angela asked me to do an interview?  Yes of course I was super excited!  BUT….talk to a camera?  Ummm…  Well I have to admit, it was a wonderful first interview experience.  Thanks Angela for alleviating my nerves and being patient with me.  Because of the interview with her, I had the courage to do this Q&A video which I recorded right after finishing our interview.  I would love to share more about Angela Rae and the interview in the near future…stay tuned!




2016 Update

Greetings Everyone!

I know it’s been awhile since the last blog post but I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebration.  Many wonderful things are unfolding behind the scenes and I will share them with you as they happen — I am super excited!
black dot veil

Just to give you a quick update for January, I am currently in the phase of editing a couple of hair adornment tutorials as well as filming the process of sewing my classic sheath dress (sponsored and inspired by Sew Much Fabric).  To get glimpses of the projects, feel free to follow me on my IG account or FB.  Also, I compiled quite a few questions regarding veil making from my YouTube viewers.  I would like to answer them personally on one Q&A video but first, I have to get over my fear of talking TO the camera.  I have gotten too comfortable with the voice-overs…So pray for me!😉

Well, here’s to 2016!  Let’s jump into the new year together and get over any fears that may be holding us back (for me it’s talking to the camera and failing at it, what is it for you? Feel free to share in the comment section below).  Let’s release the fear together and start making wonderful things happen for 2016…READY? SET…GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!





Focus on Forever : Introducing Hang Doan


Mr. T & I learning how to fight nice;)

Greetings Everyone!  Hope you are doing wonderful on this beautiful Thursday.

Well, there has been something weighing on my heart for a very long time.  One of my many dreams was to compile inspirational love stories and create a book from them one day.  However, throughout the years, I would hear stories of new marriages on the brink of divorce, loveless marriages, or about marriages that ended.  This really broke my heart because I can totally relate in some way.  I am going to be honest, divorce has crossed my mind in challenging times of my marriage, but thank God it didn’t cross my heart.  I do believe in the power of prayer and I am thankful to my community for reminding me and helping me understand marriage, its purpose, and how a healthy (not perfect) one looks like.  I am fortunate enough to have a close friend, Hang Doan, help me through my difficult days.  And if it wasn’t for Hang, my parent’s marriage as a model, and a few other dear friends, I don’t believe I can grow and mature in this beautiful journey of marriage.  I am excited to say that Mr. T and I will be celebrating 11 years tomorrow November 13, 2015.  Trust me, it took a lot of hard work to celebrate 11 years;)

Hang with her husband Deacon Cuong.

Hang with her husband Deacon Cuong.

In hopes of creating more love stories for future generations to use as inspiration, I invited Hang on the blog to share her knowledge and experiences on preparing young couples for marriage.  And since most of you who visit the blog are Brides and Grooms-to-be…so perfect a place to share;)  Hang will be a guest blogger every other month to discuss different topics.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask below and Hang can answer them for you.  To start out the series “Focus on Forever,”  I wanted to introduce Hang so you can get to know her.  I asked her some questions, and she kindly replied….

YB: How did you start working in Marriage Preparation Classes? HD: Ever since my husband and I took the marriage prep course in 2003, I’ve always had in the back of my mind that one day I’d like to be involved in marriage ministry.

YB: How long ago did you start? HD: I started in 2007.

YB: What kept you motivated over the years? HD: Several things..

*I was encountering struggles in my own marriage and I knew if I were to overcome my own struggles, this ministry would help me do so.

*Working with the couples, I come to realize how much they needed to be ministered to.  I realized that I wasn’t alone in this struggle…what a relief!  I would share my own fears with the couples I worked with and I saw the relief in their eyes as to say “Wow! We’re not alone in this.”  This gave me the drive and desire to learn more and dive even deeper into the marriage ministry.

YB: Why do you feel it is important for couples to attend the classes?  HD: The marriage prep class is exactly that…It helps prepare the couples through the process of marriage planning and also life after the honeymoon and wedding day.  The discussions/group activities help couples open up and challenge them to ask themselves as well as each other — Is this what I want?  Is this the person I would like to walk with me for the rest of my life?

YB: Why is marriage important?  HD: Marriage is important because in marriage, we learn the true meaning of love…the unconditional, sacrificial love.  It is essentially the first place where we learn to love and have true relationships.  It is the primary place for education in life.  

YB: What is YOUR vision for marriage?  HD: This is a loaded question…very seldom do we see happy couples these days.  When I ask a couple to come volunteer or share in the the marriage class, couples tend to shy away citing that they are not good husbands or wives, they don’t have anything to share, etc.  My vision or my prayer for marriage is for couples to know and accept that marriage is difficult and work together as a team to overcome all struggles and obstacles.  In order to do so, each person must put the other’s needs before their own.  Through love and sacrifice, couples encounter Christ in each other and understand the true meaning of love.  

YB: Can you give some tips to young couples discerning marriage? HD: *Get to know yourself first. *Focus on being the right person first before expecting the other party to be perfect. *Know that in marriage, sacrifice is a necessity.  If you are not ready to sacrifice, perhaps you are not ready for marriage yet.  *Be open to compromise. 

Thank you Hang for answering all these questions.  I feel like I still have alot to learn in marriage and I can’t wait to read more of Hang’s sharing.  Look out for our sessions on “Focus on Forever”!

If you have any questions about marriage, feel free to ask.

Let’s go create everlasting marriages!


DIY Bridal Lace Capelet

DIY Lace CapeletGreetings!

I hope you are all doing well.  I finally completed the Bridal Lace Capelet Tutorial Series!  Yes, series:)  During my planning and preparation phase, I thought the tutorial can be done in one video.  However, as the project progressed, it expanded to two…then three.  Because this series challenged me technically as well as creatively, I gained a lot of knowledge from it.  And when my mind and imagination expands, I get super excited! (the nerdy side in me;)

So when can I wear the Bridal Lace Capelet?  You can wear it during your wedding ceremony to have a little modesty or it is even a great bridal accessory during this Fall and Winter season.  The Bridal Lace Capelet is a great way to dress up a simple wedding gown as well as keep you warm.  Because it is lace, it won’t take away the design element of your wedding gown which can be seen through the lace.

Well, feel free to view the DIY “Bridal Lace Capelet” Series:

Part1of3: Making the Capelet Pattern.  You will learn how to make a capelet pattern according to your unique measurements.  You will be taking 4 custom measurements: Length, neck width, shoulder, and capelet width.

Part 2of3: Creating the Bias Tape.  The bias tape is a great tool to hem curvy areas on your garment, for example the necklines and armholes.  For the capelet, we will be using the bias tape for the neckline and the front hem.  I chose organza so the lace design can still be seen at the hemline.

Part3of3: Cutting & Sewing the Capelet.  In this tutorial, you will learn how to sew the whole capelet and adding the finishing touches.


Well, I want to thank Fabric Wholesale Direct for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to collaborate with them on this fun project.  Below are the items I used for the project and can can be purchased to create your own Bridal Lace Capelet.

use coupon code: youtiquebridal to receive $5.00 off your purchase of $35 or more.

  1. Ivory Tulip Guipure French Lace : $22.99/yard (How much lace will I need? take your Capelet Width measurement x 3.  Make sure to add a few extra inches for the scallop design)
  2. Crystal Organza Fabric : $1.99/yard (1/2 yd to 1yd depending on your measurements)
  3. White Thread : $2.59 each

For my project, the total came out to be:

Screen shot 2015-11-03 at 11.30.01 AM

To find out more, feel free to contact Fabric Wholesale Direct at (855) 464-6867, M-F 9:30 – 5 PM EST.

If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask below.