Bye 2020! Happy New Year!

2020 has definitely been the most disorienting year for me and I wish I could blur it out of my life. However, after I put together my 2020 project board (below) and did some reflection, I actually accomplished more than I expected. I went live on IG this year and got over my nerves. So, thank you 2020!

I can’t guarantee 2021 will be better but because of my strong, positive, & supportive family & friends, I can affirm I will get through anything. So I’m going to leave 2020 with a big smile😁

Here are all my projects for 2020:
*memade (click on link to see video tutorial)

(1)*Red Faux Leather Coat
(2)*Coastal Green Easter Dress & (3)*Black Lace Sleeve Crop Top
(4)*Cross-over Halter & (5)*Maxi Skirt for Mr.T’s graduation
(6)*Shirred Blouse & (7)*Sailor Jeans
(8)*Marfy Remnant Challenge Tunic (video coming soon)
(9)*Mask – inspired by @unitypointhealth
(10)*Navy Cotton Twill Shorts
(11)*Prayer Chapel Veil  @htdoan7
(12)*Sewing on a wig clip to a #veil
(13) Beige boots Outfits (no video)
(14)*Classic Black Slacks (video coming soon)

Thank you for joining me on my 2020 journey 😁. May you be hopeful & look at the glass half full stepping into the New Year. Welcome 2021!




Cross Over Halter & Maxi Skirt : Lifestyle Designs

This is a video on how I sewed my Long Skirt & Cross Over Halter Top. The main focus is the box pleats & the toile for the halter top.

Box Pleats

This two-piece outfit was made with Mr. T’s virtual graduation in mind. Congratulations to Mr. T, his classmates, and everyone who graduated during 2020. It was a long and prolonged process (just like my editing😬😆) but you guys did it! – So proud of you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👨🏻‍🎓

Thank you for visiting and may you hav a wonderful week!




Shop @sewmuchfabric
Red/Blue, Cream Graphic Print Rayon Lawn R3769
Rayon Red Lining – Valentine Red
Blue thread 267
Red Thread 405

New Sewing Project : #SupportSmallBusinesses

The weekend is here! How are you doing?  Are you working on anything this weekend?

I started working on my new sewing project, the #ShirredBlouse.  Since shirring by hand takes awhile, I was hoping to save some time by combining the front & back shoulder panels. This is my first time shirring a project and I stayed up late so I didn’t think through the line designs😬.  This is fine since I am still in the toile stage – thank goodness!  I will redo this to have 2 separate front and back pieces.  Stay tuned for more of this project!


Wearing my #memade checkered skirt
#📸 daughter G

The weather was gorgeous last weekend and I had the opportunity to visit my friend Karen @nommistreet at the Energy Corrider Farmers Market. They are a traveling food truck so when I found out they were in the Katy area, I made sure to catch them. I was not disappointed – their Brussels sprouts are 😋!

Also, while I was at the farmers market, I discovered @suifskincare products. I have been trying to take better care of my skin so I look forward to seeing positive results🤞😁. And for those who love beautiful fabrics, there is always online shops like @sewmuchfabric.  Although it is forecasted to rain today here in Katy, the sun is still shining somewhere in the world 🌎 🌍 so make sure you go out and enjoy your day.


I had purchased some planting seeds to try my hand at gardening again (inspired by my parents). Although predicted to rain tomorrow, I will spend some time out in my covered patio learning how to keep plants alive😆.  I am hoping to grow some edible vegetables. Tips are welcome! Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




Happy Mother’s Day!


We all know the challenges of raising children so I am grateful to have these mothers help me. #forevergrateful – I love you @carlyjhoang, #mom, @lindashoang! ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who sacrifice their time and energy raising the future of our world! You are amazing women! 🤗😘

May this day be filled with lots of love, joy, and tight hugs.


ps. Wearing my #memade Chambray Blouse & Sailor Jeans (video coming soon;)

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul : Emergency Social Assistance

I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy during this time.  We are all experiencing drastic life changes right now and I wanted to give you some resources if you need it.  I know this isn’t my usual topic but I do believe it relates to marriage and family life.

First off, I want to give thanks to my friends Al & Jerri Oliu & Tom Zordani who introduced me to the idea of Family Finances years ago.  Because of them, I was able to financially plan ahead in case of emergencies and for my husband’s dental school.  So I thank God to have the financial peace during this time.  However, as things unfold, I realize there are many who did not have the opportunity to plan ahead.  Please do not panic, rather take a deep breath, regain control, and take action.  If you lost your job due to the Coronavirus, I encourage you to read the following article by Dave Ramsey.  It gives you the step by step actions so you do not have to live in fear:

“Coronavirus : What to Do if You’re Out of Work” by Dave Ramsey

Here is a video if you were impacted by the Coronavirus.


SVdP logo

Next, I had the honor of implementing an online training program for the local Houston Saint Vincent de Paul Society .  Many thanks to my dearest and closest friends Eva & Christine who is heavily involved with this ministry.  They introduced me to this organization who serves people with compassion, generosity, and respect. This is a great resource if you need social assistances like Food Banks, Job Resources, Shelter, etc. If you live in the Houston area with zip codes 77005, 77025, 77030, 77081, visit their Website or call 713-664-5350:

They have chapters all over the world so if you live beyond these zip codes and need assistance, I encourage you to contact your local Saint Vincent de Paul Society by clicking the USA link image below.  You can also email me personally, I will get you in touch with SVdP in your area.

Lastly, if you are in the position to donate or want to make a difference, I highly encourage you to donate to your local Saint Vincent de Paul Society.  Due to the high volume of assistance at this time, our location Houston St. Vincent de Paul Society greatly appreciates any amount you can give.  You can mail a check to:

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
6800 Buffalo Speadway
Houston, Texas 77025

Your donation checks can be made out to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul or placed in the St. Jude’s Poor Box at the address above.

Feel free to visit this link:

I will be having a virtual meeting with my friend Eva soon.  If you have any questions about this organization or need assistance of locating one in your area, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Please click on the image below to visit the International global site for SVdP.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.30.25 PM

Please click on the image below to visit the site for SVdP in the United States

svdp usa

God bless and please take care of your basic needs.

I am thinking of everyone. Hugs!



ps. More Resources for you


Unemployment help for those living in the United States through USA.GOV

Search New Job Opportunities:

Read: Thousand of New Jobs Are Being Created In Response to The Coronavirus by “Forbes”

  1. Indeed Job Search
  2. Glassdoor Jobs
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google for Jobs
  5. Monster
  6. ZipRecruiter
  7. CareerBuilder
  8. Craigslist Jobs


Reclaiming my Peace : Things To Do



I hope you are healthy and safe.  Like everyone, I had to recalibrate life. I knew things seriously changed when my children had a month off for Spring Break and I attended my first mass remotely.
I have been busy checking off my personal ToDo list and was not mentally affected by all the news going on…until yesterday.  I had a brief moment of worry overcome me. I finally had time to absorb all the drastic changes happening around me. After feeling overwhelmed, I decided to work out, pray, and sew.  That really helped since it was my core routine before all this happened.

I came up with things ToDo to help me keep calm and reclaim my peace. They are:

1) Prayer & having a gratitude list. I have been making good use of my DIY Prayer veil during this Lent season.IMG_4696

2) Exercise & Eat Heathy. I started my Spring workout focusing on arms and abdomen. I do this from February through May.  Although I do light weights, it helps me feel physically and mentally strong. My goal is to simply get toned.  Also, the kids started joining us on our jogs.  The real goal is to simply #getactive.  If you want to start somewhere, simply start with only the Arnold Presses in the video below then build up your workout.  #justdoit 😉

Here are the 2 workout videos I do on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. They are 10minutes each so I just have a 20minute workout.  On Tuesday & Thursday, I run 2-3miles.

3) Quality Time with Family & Friends. Call, text, & face time to see how others are doing.  I am part of several group chats involving close family & friends.  It’s a way to communicate and keep our spirits high.  Also, We have a closet full of board games.  It has been nice to have my husband on a long school break too. Is it me or do the kids behave better when Dad’s around?😳. Yay, Uncle Phil came to visit!

4) Celebrate. My nephew was going to have a big party this weekend but it was cancelled. Instead, we had a small family gathering and he only asked for a simple cake. He is such a sweetheart!❤️❤️❤️ I know we can only have 10 people at gatherings but we had 13🤫

5). Find Humor.  I went on YouTube to find funny videos. If you mostly work from home like me, I highly recommend watching the BBC News with Professor Robert Kelly. Also, I now have two boys in middle schooler this year. I recently discovered the series by Trey Kennedy “Middle Schoolers Be Like”.  Be careful on YT, you can easily get sidetracked and go down a rabbit hole.

6). Clean.  It’s the perfect time to get the house in order.

7) Sleep. I finally caught up on sleep. I needed that!

8) Research a New Hobby. I am looking for ways to improve my sewing, filming, photography, and my IG layout. I started new YT playlists for these subjects. It will help me learn and expand my knowledge.

9) Turn off social media if you need a break. It’s going to be okay, I promise.

10) Sew! It is something that gives me tremendous peace. So be on the lookout for my Sailor Jeans;)


What are you doing to help keep calm and carry on?

Sending out love ❤️ & hugs 🤗!



Please get the facts on the Corona Virus:)

Survivor Stories

Never Say Never : New Projects


2020 Chevron Houston Marathon

Greetings Everyone!

I completed my first full marathon last year and told myself  I would never run that again.  I was in great pain and was not able to walk properly for days.  I never wanted to experience that type of self inflicted pain again.  My husband had asked several times after to do next year’s marathon and I said I would do the half (13.1mi) but not the full (26.2mi).  He waited until half a year passed and asked again.  He added that it would be going backwards if we did a half especially knowing we can complete a full.  Since I completely forgot what the pain was like, he made a lot of sense.  So we signed up for the full.  My friend Nancy commented that we were so disciplined but I thought maybe we were crazy.

Really, I’m glad my husband convinced me to do it again.  This year I knew what to expect, how to physically train better, and knew building my mental strength was important.  I completed it..again!  On January 19, 2020 we completed our 2nd full marathon and I was able to walk afterwards! It was a better experience this year.  I believe this is a small lesson for life.  Never say never and don’t give up, even when it is painful.  You will know better and do better the next time around.  Also, it helps to have a friend cook a delicious meal afterwards to heal the aches & pains.  Thank you Eva!



A quick update on my No-Buy year.   First, I would like to know who introduced the HydroFlask to my children?  I never heard of this brand until my daughter wanted the water bottle.  She saved up for it and asked me to take her to the sports shop — that was where I was eyeing the new work out gear.  I do need a new running cap…I checked out the new running outfits but thought about the ones I still love at home.  I passed up purchasing anything so I am doing good so far.  I have added the cap to my 2021 wishlist but will be using my casual cap for now.  Again, who introduced the $37 HyrdoFlask to G?  Ok, I did try to teach my children about investing in quality and it is her own money… the water did remain cold and the ice lasted all day was her proof of quality to me.   Have you heard of the HydroFlask?  Just curious…



The new projects lined up are two new styles of the Chapel Veil and Sailor Styled Jeans.  I will be modifying my sailor short pattern for the jeans.  I am still brainstorming the style of pockets but I will keep you posted.  What are you sewing or creating?  Thank you for visiting!




Here is my first DIY Chapel Veil Tutorial and the process on how I created my Sailor Short Pattern.  Enjoy!

Youtique Bride & Lifestyle : Not Everyone Is My Audience

Greetings Everyone!

It’s Friday and I completed my Faux Leather Cardigan.  However, I am on the video editing phase for this project.  Thank you in advance for your patience as that always take time.

While putting my outfits together for this project, I envisioned my lifestyle and all the daily/weekly/yearly responsibilities I had.  During this particular outfit session, I had a flashback of a meeting I had a year ago with a fellow friend in the Fashion Industry,  David Dang.  He had shared that not everyone is my audience and I had to get to know my audience well – where they shop, places they hang out, how they live, what their professions are, etc.  I didn’t have the answers back then, but it occurred to me recently.  I hope to express some of it through my outfit stories…


Red Faux Leather Cardigan

When I decided to step out of my comfort zone a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing women and each had a unique story.  I met them at bridal events, networking events, fashion events, and some are my closest friends and family. Their stories fascinated me.  I was amazed by their passion, determination, and generous hearts.  They were Brides-to-be, Wives, Mothers, Dreamers, Singles, and Women of faith.  I was able to relate to some ladies more than others.  They were the Youtique Bride or lived the Youtique Lifestyle.


Meetings Outfit : Floral Dress with Boots

Bride-to-be.  I too was a bride-to-be.  As much as I wanted to plan the wedding myself, I needed help.  I had concerns and worries of planning a wedding so I hired a wedding planner.  She helped set up meetings with different vendors while I got to focus on designing and sewing my wedding dress.  If I could, I would DIY everything.  I enjoy going to the fabric and craft stores and allow my imagination to wonder.  However,  I also had to be realistic and remember my time limitations.  I am thankful for family and friends who helped make my wedding day extra special.  Many thanks to my Aunt Kimmie who made my wedding veil.  

Wife.  I too had to learn how to be a wife and manage the home.  Over the years, my cluttered and messy home slowly became more organized and clean (thank goodness for more cleaner days than messy;).  I learned how to simplify, build routines, shopped for the best quality I can afford so things will last longer.  I learned that quality does not always mean a higher price tag.  Often, I want to make sure things had more than one use and purpose.   I work alongside my husband as an equal to build a strong family foundation.  When I am weak, my husband is strong.  When he is weak, I am strong.  That helps us to grow together and learn from one another.  We build each other up.  We work as one.  I want to thank my friend John Tran for sharing this bible scripture with me years ago on “The Good Wife.”  Proverbs 31


Grocery shopping, Car rider line, parent/teacher meetings, quick errands : sleeveless chambray blouse

Motherhood.  I too understand motherhood.  I want to provide my children the best education and life experiences I can afford.  I also want to make sure they felt loved and cared for yet allow for some growing pains.  I pray daily for their future, development of their gifts so I can help guide them in their purpose.  I understand that I will never be the perfect parent but I am giving it my all as a parent.  And although I try my best to have healthy meals, I give into fast foods once in awhile because of music lessons or after school activities.  Each year, I readjust my schedule for teacher meetings, school events, recitals, etc.  I learned the best time to grocery shop and how to modify recipes to make it quick and healthy.  My children may not always like the food I make but it’s ok.  We are thankful to have more than enough and life will go on.


Business Meetings: color block tee & zipper front skirt

Dreamers.  I too have a dream.  When I first started, I didn’t know what I was doing.  I just had a dream, passion, and drive.  I had put together my first business plan and it would be modified several times over the years.  I worked overtime when it wasn’t necessary because I wanted my dreams to become reality.  I had sleepless nights because business ideas would fill my head.  I would fail many times but I was relentless because I knew a few victories will follow.  I did not want to give up (although the idea would often come).  I was always in learning mode and tried to figure things out.  Eventually, I would learn how to manage the business finances and develop the operating systems.  I still have so much to learn but I am thankful for friends who went before me and helped mentor me.

Singles.  I too was once single searching for a life partner.  I did not want just any life partner, but the right life partner for me.  I learned that superficial qualities does not mean a quality husband.  I prayed for the right person to come into my life and he eventually did.  He only came after I took the time to learn more about myself and gave myself the respect I deserved.  However, I would like to also talk about the widows and single mothers I met.  This group of women leave me awestruck.  In the most challenging times, they persevere.  They may be tired but they use every ounce of their energy to make things happen.  They are resourceful.  They are builders.  They are able to work with what they have.  It appears they can make something out of nothing.  They rely on hope and build up other women because they understand the challenges.  I see their victories even when they don’t see it, maybe because they are exhausted.


Women of Faith.  I too am a woman of faith.  I rely on God because he is my provider, my strength, and my salvation.  He created me to be unique and helped me understand that I will not always fit in.  He is my creator and because of Him, I create.  He loves me and my imperfections.  He wants the best for me and knows what I can and can not handle.  He reminds me that life is full of joys and heartaches but to depend and lean on Him.  He is a loving God and answers my prayers by saying, “yes and not now, I have something better for you.” He reminds me that not all battles are mine to fight, but to discern and choose wisely.  He understands me when I am misunderstood.  He wants me to grow, serve with joy, and be the best version of myself.  I live with love, hope, and faith.

I understand that not everyone is meant to be my audience, but all are welcome.  I thank you for visiting.  If you choose to stay, thank you and welcome.  I look forward to our journey of growing & evolving together.  If not, thank you for visiting and I hope you find your community.  You are welcome here anytime where there is mutual love and respect.



Happy New Year! Here’s to 2020!

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2020!🥳🥂

Top 9 of 2019 on Instagram: Thank you so much for your support in 2019. It was the first year I started Lifestyle Wardrobe Planning and I can’t share enough how it has improved my life.  It has been a lot of fun learning and expanding my sewing skills. Thank you for joining me on my #memade #wardrobeplanning journey.

In the past year, I have been sharing with friends and family that I am starting to feel “lighter.” I can finally exhale 🌬

This could be due to several reasons:
– I started a prayer book and journaling
– my husband is almost graduating
– I intentionally surrounded myself with people who are genuinely kind, positive, inspirational, and encouraging
– got out of my comfort zone to do/create things I could only dream of
– created a wardrobe that fits and makes me feel comfortable & confident
– took time to care for myself. I started a simple face care regimen
– I got active.  Running became part of my lifestyle so I feel mentally and physically stronger
…..the list can go on.

I remember being scared a few years ago for many different reasons. How will I manage when my husband goes to school? How can I expand my business beyond bridal? (To my Brides, new projects are coming your way).  Is everything going to be ok? I can honestly say “YES”. Everything is going to be ok 👌🏼. Is it going to be easy? No, but it will be worth it.  You will grow from it no matter how hard and painful. Keep a positive outlook and ask what can be learned and keep focus. Always have hope, faith, and do it out of love.

Things may not always turn out the way you imagined, but surprisingly, it can be better than what you have imagined. Be patient and don’t take life too seriously. As the old saying goes “life is short.” That’s my two cents from 2019.

Again, thank you for joining me on my journey and I hope you continue to join me in 2020.  Well, I hope you have a wonderful, prosperous, & Happy New Year!




PS. Here are my sewing projects that made it to the “TOP 9” on Instagram:

Red Lace Outfit, Front Zipper Skirt, Checkered Outfit (no video currently),  Easter Dress, & Red Linen Shorts

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!  May it be filled with quality time, joy, hope, love, and peace.  Here are some of the festivities I had the honor of being part of.


My Children’s Orchestra Winter Concert & Piano Recital


Sewing Fashionista’s Christmas Party.  I wore my Color Block Tee & Zipper Front Skirt.


Christmas party at Mama Sabrina’s – My old coworkers.  I wore my Coverup with Jeans.


Happy Birthday to my little sis! Although her birthday is on Decemeber 22, she still gets birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper.


Childhood friendships from elementary & middle school.  I wore my Color Block Tee.


Christmas at my In-laws


Christmas at my parents


Got in an 18mi run to prepare for the full marathon in January 2020. Thank goodness because I needed something to help with all the food intake during this season.


Reason for the season 📷Pinterest

The homily I heard at Christmas mass last night was a great reminder of what the true gift of this season really is.

This little king was not born with crown and jewels. He was not born into wealth and privilege. He came humbly into this world born in a manger.

And although the world can bring chaos into our life, Jesus came to bring peace into our chaos.  May you find and experience true joy in His perfect love this season, even in the busyness & chaos 😉🤗.

Thank you God for the perfect gift 🎁.

#MerryChristmas and Happy Holidays!


P.S. Videos for the following Sewing Projects:

Color Block Tee/Zipper Front Skirt to the Sewing Fashionista’s Christmas Party
Coverup to Mama Sabrina’s Christmas Party

15 Years of Growing in Marriage

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well.  My husband & I recently went on our 15 year Anniversary trip to Seattle, WA with just the two of us.  Our anniversary was on November 13th.  Thank you to my brother-in-law Thong who made it possible.  He took on the role of parenting and made sure the kids were fed & picked up from school on time.  He even waited in the car rider line;) – Thank you Thong!

It has been 5 years since our last trip together and my husband had surprised me with this trip.  I love the experiences & memories we got to create together.  He also got the kids involved by getting them to create a card for each night we were in Seattle.

Mr. T & I have been so busy the past couple of years trying to stay focus on building our careers & trying to balance family life.  Is there such a thing as balancing life?  Please share any tips because I haven’t figured it out yet:).  He has been attending dental school and works on the weekends.  Me?  I’m trying to manage family, grow my business, and keep life simple.  Keeping life simple is not as easy as it sounds.  However, both my husband & I agree that it has been worth all the struggles…I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  He will be graduating this May so please continue to pray for us.  It feels so close yet so far away.

IMG_5974This getaway was much needed for the both of us.  We had the opportunity to reconnect & talk more about our future plans.  We got to share our wants & needs without judgment & had a better understanding of where we are now as individuals.  We talked and discussed how we can continue to grow as a couple & how we can become a stronger family unit.  Our children love to travel so we can not wait to do more of that after he completes his semester.

We got to do our morning jogs together and walked to our different destinations.  If anything was less than 2 miles away, we walked there.  It was our way of enjoying the scenery & also train for the marathon coming up in January.  We did get to dress up one night to attend mass at Saint James Cathedral & afterwards have dinner at Aerlume.  We were invited to bring up the gift offerings for mass which made it extra special.  What an honor to be a visitor & carry up the gifts on our Anniversary trip!   Thank you God for the blessings!  I truly felt the graces & love.  My husband & I took the time to pray for those who asked for prayers and intercessions.  I also prayed for our marriage and for a deeper understanding of this vocation.
IMG_6155 For my creative friends, I got to wear my most recent sewing project, the front zipper skirt.
IMG_6187 Mr. T, thank you for everything.  Thank you for your dedication to our family & to me.  I know we are both trying the best we can for our family, but ultimately, I know we have to rely on God for the graces, blessings, & mercy to overcome any of the challenges.  We are almost graduating….ok, he’s almost graduating, but we did it together.  It’s almost real!  We got this!  Love you Mr. T!  Love you everyone!  Thank you for reading & sharing this big milestone with us.  Praying for many many many more years of growing in marriage 😉




P.S. Front Zipper Skirt Video

Runway Houston Fashion Show


I am enjoying the beautiful weather here in Katy right now.  The sun is out, the temperature is nice & cool in the 50’s, and the sky is blue & clear.  It is a perfect time for a run, something I did early this morning when the sun was barely up.

Well, I got to attend my first Runway Houston Fashion Show.  It was a great experience.  Omar and his team did a great job with the production & presentation.  Also, there were several designers with their different interpretation on fashion.  I enjoyed seeing the different ways fabric and design can express a personality.  It was so creative & fun!

Aries Milan @katekillspretty

I also learned the Fashion Show was an opening event for the Lamborghini Festival.  This made sense as to why there were Lamborghinis lined up all around the venue.


The extra fun part is the people.  It is always nice to meet up with friends and see familiar faces.  Do you recognize any of them? I consider them all part of the Youtique Family 😊.

I am currently in editing mode trying to finish up the videos to my Fashion Show outfit, the A-line skirt & the bishop sleeve blouse.  This is in collaboration with Sew Much Fabric.  That will be coming out soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy your weekend!