Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!  May it be filled with quality time, joy, hope, love, and peace.  Here are some of the festivities I had the honor of being part of.


My Children’s Orchestra Winter Concert & Piano Recital


Sewing Fashionista’s Christmas Party.  I wore my Color Block Tee & Zipper Front Skirt.


Christmas party at Mama Sabrina’s – My old coworkers.  I wore my Coverup with Jeans.


Happy Birthday to my little sis! Although her birthday is on Decemeber 22, she still gets birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper.


Childhood friendships from elementary & middle school.  I wore my Color Block Tee.


Christmas at my In-laws


Christmas at my parents


Got in an 18mi run to prepare for the full marathon in January 2020. Thank goodness because I needed something to help with all the food intake during this season.


Reason for the season 📷Pinterest

The homily I heard at Christmas mass last night was a great reminder of what the true gift of this season really is.

This little king was not born with crown and jewels. He was not born into wealth and privilege. He came humbly into this world born in a manger.

And although the world can bring chaos into our life, Jesus came to bring peace into our chaos.  May you find and experience true joy in His perfect love this season, even in the busyness & chaos 😉🤗.

Thank you God for the perfect gift 🎁.

#MerryChristmas and Happy Holidays!


P.S. Videos for the following Sewing Projects:

Color Block Tee/Zipper Front Skirt to the Sewing Fashionista’s Christmas Party
Coverup to Mama Sabrina’s Christmas Party

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