Happy New Year! Here’s to 2020!

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2020!🥳🥂

Top 9 of 2019 on Instagram: Thank you so much for your support in 2019. It was the first year I started Lifestyle Wardrobe Planning and I can’t share enough how it has improved my life.  It has been a lot of fun learning and expanding my sewing skills. Thank you for joining me on my #memade #wardrobeplanning journey.

In the past year, I have been sharing with friends and family that I am starting to feel “lighter.” I can finally exhale 🌬

This could be due to several reasons:
– I started a prayer book and journaling
– my husband is almost graduating
– I intentionally surrounded myself with people who are genuinely kind, positive, inspirational, and encouraging
– got out of my comfort zone to do/create things I could only dream of
– created a wardrobe that fits and makes me feel comfortable & confident
– took time to care for myself. I started a simple face care regimen
– I got active.  Running became part of my lifestyle so I feel mentally and physically stronger
…..the list can go on.

I remember being scared a few years ago for many different reasons. How will I manage when my husband goes to school? How can I expand my business beyond bridal? (To my Brides, new projects are coming your way).  Is everything going to be ok? I can honestly say “YES”. Everything is going to be ok 👌🏼. Is it going to be easy? No, but it will be worth it.  You will grow from it no matter how hard and painful. Keep a positive outlook and ask what can be learned and keep focus. Always have hope, faith, and do it out of love.

Things may not always turn out the way you imagined, but surprisingly, it can be better than what you have imagined. Be patient and don’t take life too seriously. As the old saying goes “life is short.” That’s my two cents from 2019.

Again, thank you for joining me on my journey and I hope you continue to join me in 2020.  Well, I hope you have a wonderful, prosperous, & Happy New Year!




PS. Here are my sewing projects that made it to the “TOP 9” on Instagram:

Red Lace Outfit, Front Zipper Skirt, Checkered Outfit (no video currently),  Easter Dress, & Red Linen Shorts

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