Never Say Never : New Projects


2020 Chevron Houston Marathon

Greetings Everyone!

I completed my first full marathon last year and told myself  I would never run that again.  I was in great pain and was not able to walk properly for days.  I never wanted to experience that type of self inflicted pain again.  My husband had asked several times after to do next year’s marathon and I said I would do the half (13.1mi) but not the full (26.2mi).  He waited until half a year passed and asked again.  He added that it would be going backwards if we did a half especially knowing we can complete a full.  Since I completely forgot what the pain was like, he made a lot of sense.  So we signed up for the full.  My friend Nancy commented that we were so disciplined but I thought maybe we were crazy.

Really, I’m glad my husband convinced me to do it again.  This year I knew what to expect, how to physically train better, and knew building my mental strength was important.  I completed it..again!  On January 19, 2020 we completed our 2nd full marathon and I was able to walk afterwards! It was a better experience this year.  I believe this is a small lesson for life.  Never say never and don’t give up, even when it is painful.  You will know better and do better the next time around.  Also, it helps to have a friend cook a delicious meal afterwards to heal the aches & pains.  Thank you Eva!



A quick update on my No-Buy year.   First, I would like to know who introduced the HydroFlask to my children?  I never heard of this brand until my daughter wanted the water bottle.  She saved up for it and asked me to take her to the sports shop — that was where I was eyeing the new work out gear.  I do need a new running cap…I checked out the new running outfits but thought about the ones I still love at home.  I passed up purchasing anything so I am doing good so far.  I have added the cap to my 2021 wishlist but will be using my casual cap for now.  Again, who introduced the $37 HyrdoFlask to G?  Ok, I did try to teach my children about investing in quality and it is her own money… the water did remain cold and the ice lasted all day was her proof of quality to me.   Have you heard of the HydroFlask?  Just curious…



The new projects lined up are two new styles of the Chapel Veil and Sailor Styled Jeans.  I will be modifying my sailor short pattern for the jeans.  I am still brainstorming the style of pockets but I will keep you posted.  What are you sewing or creating?  Thank you for visiting!




Here is my first DIY Chapel Veil Tutorial and the process on how I created my Sailor Short Pattern.  Enjoy!

Personal Challenge : No-buy Year


Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well.  I decided to challenge myself to a no-buy year…again.  A year where I do not purchase clothes, shoes, & accessories but use what I have in my closet.  If I do want something, then I would sew it using couture techniques.  This is my personal contribution to slow fashion and also my husband’s dental school education.  I tried this challenge last year but a pair of shoes ended that challenge fairly quickly.  Well, 2020 will be different.  Also, I thought I would hold myself more accountable if I shared this journey with you.

The Last Purchase of 2019

On Decemeber 30, 2019 11:13am I submitted my last purchase for the year.  They are my running shoes for 2020, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 21.  I was initially torn by the 3 colors below for different reasons.  At one point, I was tempted to buy all three because they were on sale and because I run a lot (so I told myself).  O how easy it is to justify purchases;).   I decided on the mist/frost almond color because it went well with my work out clothes. IMG_0185Year 2020 : Temptation #1

Jan4, 2020.  My sister called me up and said my brother-in-law found a great deal for a hotel in the Galleria (only the largest shopping mall in Texas and 7th in the United States).  She mentioned it would be fun to have a staycation before our kids & Mr. T start school again.  I agreed so 3 rooms were booked.  Yay! Grandma joined us as well.  I always have a great time with my family and my kids simply love staying in a hotel room.  Also, I was overly confident I would not fall into the temptation of purchasing.  I would just go and “study” the different stitching techniques for my current project, the red faux leather cardigan.

My confidence didn’t last long when I came across this Sterling Grey Trench coat.  It was a classic piece, it was on sale for an unbeatable price, the color was a beautiful shade of grey, and it fits so well (besides the extra long belt).  My husband even encouraged me to purchase it…


Remember the challenge Ann.  I told myself that if it isn’t around in 2021, I can sew it and design a unique trench coat just for me.  Trench coats are classic pieces so they will always be around, but it was this specific color & fit that I liked…well, I already have a few coats I can wear.

So I passed it up and went back to researching topstitches…every shop we went into or passed by, I would search out the leather jackets and study the stitches.  I wanted to see what was visually pleasing to the eye and how I can incorporate it into my sewing project.  After doing the research, I felt better about finishing the topstitch on my cardigan.


This was a short fun getaway with the family and I got to accomplish some research while at it;)  Also, every time I got into the elevator of our hotel, I would see the image below.  Does it look familiar? I thought it looked very similar to my current project but with a collar.  It was great reminder that I have a coat waiting to be finished and I didn’t need a new trench coat just yet;)


Well, did you give yourself a challenge for 2020?  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




p.s. Current status of my red faux leather cardigan…the pockets are sewn on!