How to sew the Bustle, 5 points : Congratulations Jessica & Bao


Congratulations to the lovely couple Bao & Jessica.  It is an honor to watch them grow up, serve God with all their hearts, fall in love, and now fulfill the sacrament of marriage. Thank you for sharing your big day with us. #itsjessabaotime

Below is the tutorial on how to bustle Jessica’s wedding gown as well as how I created the bustle. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Video Content:
{0:17}How to Bustle
{1:14}Creating the Bustle
{1:17}Center Lace Detail
{1:31}Fabric Layers
{1:44}Find & Pin the Bustle Points
{2:36}Line up the Seams
{2:44}Numbered ribbons
{2:57}Sewing on the ribbons

Thank you for watching!




David+Linda : Happy July 4th!


Photo by Stephen Chea

Thank you David and all the #servicemen and #servicewomen stationed across the world to allow our way of life to continue. #happy4thofjuly


Her bra cups were too high and the sheer fabric at the center bodice did not lay properly

Linda is my #hurricaneharveybride. I remember clearly where I was when I received her text. I was in the middle of helping a friend move his parents’ belongings out of their home to the side of the road. They had lost everything during the flood and we were trying to help clean the aftermath. So many people were affected, including the bridal salon Linda purchased her dress from. At this point, she was responsible for her own alterations. Linda resides in Hawaii but had visited Houston to finish some of her wedding responsibilities. Can you imagine the worry when your custom designed gown doesn’t fit the way it was suppose to?


*I knew this was going to be an all night project since we needed to get this done before her flight back to Hawaii. I recorded the process to help others who might need to make this type of alterations. I used all the lighting I had to work through the night. I felt like I was getting ready for an emergency surgery 😬😅😜.

I also got to create Linda’s custom cathedral length veil for the church ceremony. She wanted something simple, elegant and timeless so I designed the drop veil for her special day. She had always imagined a long veil for her wedding and I wanted to make her dream come true.

To see how to bustle the Veil and Dress, feel free to view it below:


I am humbled at the opportunity to serve Linda+David.  Thank you for visiting and Happy 4th of July!




Lace-up & Single Point Bustle Tutorial : Congratulations “L”!

Greetings “L”!

You are finally getting married this weekend…Congratulations!  🙂  Well, I hope the following tutorials will help make your life a little easier.  I did not have the opportunity to record a lace-up tutorial but I found one on Youtube that would be helpful with your dress.

Here is a tutorial from Nichole with Camarillo Bridal.

And here are the visuals for your single point bustle:

(1) Hook (2) Eye (3) Attachment of Hook & Eye

(1) The hook is sewn under the train (2) The eye is sewn where the lining and tulle meets (3) Bring the hook and eye together and attach.

(1) Before (2) After

Once the hook & eye are attached, straighten out the bustle.

Front Hem

As we discussed, the front hem can be tricky.  Since it has layers of swaying fabric, it needs to be gently straightened out in order for the length to be correct.  And below are just a few beautiful details of your gown.

The beautiful details of the Gown

May your weekend be filled with so much joy that your heart will flutter when you see your new husband “A”.  Congratulations!



How to Bustle the Demetrios Ilissa Wedding Gown {French Bustle}

Congratulations Dr. Vo!  I am so honored to be a part of this beautiful journey.  Thank you for the opportunity to design and create the personal and unique accessories for your special day.

With great hopes to make life easier for you and your Bridesmaids, I put together a tutorial for your Demetrios Ilissa Wedding Gown.  This is a tutorial on how to do a French Bustle.


The Different Types of Bustles

Although it requires a lot of time to create a tutorial, I truly enjoy the idea that it will help simplify a Bride’s life.  Here are some tutorials I created for our Brides.  Enjoy!

American Bustle (Overbustle)

French Bustle (Underbustle)

Bustling the Casablanca (American Bustle/Overbustle)

The 9-Point Bustle (La Sposa Fanal)