Lace-up & Single Point Bustle Tutorial : Congratulations “L”!

Greetings “L”!

You are finally getting married this weekend…Congratulations!  🙂  Well, I hope the following tutorials will help make your life a little easier.  I did not have the opportunity to record a lace-up tutorial but I found one on Youtube that would be helpful with your dress.

Here is a tutorial from Nichole with Camarillo Bridal.

And here are the visuals for your single point bustle:

(1) Hook (2) Eye (3) Attachment of Hook & Eye

(1) The hook is sewn under the train (2) The eye is sewn where the lining and tulle meets (3) Bring the hook and eye together and attach.

(1) Before (2) After

Once the hook & eye are attached, straighten out the bustle.

Front Hem

As we discussed, the front hem can be tricky.  Since it has layers of swaying fabric, it needs to be gently straightened out in order for the length to be correct.  And below are just a few beautiful details of your gown.

The beautiful details of the Gown

May your weekend be filled with so much joy that your heart will flutter when you see your new husband “A”.  Congratulations!



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