DIY Drop Veil, Ballet Length Veil, & Mantilla Veil


I have always adored the Mantilla Wedding Veils but when I saw old photos of Jackie O wearing it, I knew I wanted to do a tutorial on it:)  Today I will be showing you how to create 3 different style veils with 1 yard of tulle and 3 yards of lace.  You will learn to create a Drop Veil (Shoulder Length), Single Tier Ballet Length Veil, and of course the Mantilla Veil (Fingertip Length). Enjoy!

Click {here} for the history of the Mantilla veil.

For this tutorial, I recommend putting together your favorite music playlist or watch one of your favorite TV series.  The blanket stitch is not hard at all but will take time to complete.  Below is a playlist I put together for myself to keep me inspired.   While putting together my playlist, I thought of the Brides who will be creating this for themselves, the mothers who are sewing it for their daughters, a Bridesmaid hand-sewing it as a gift for the special Bride-to-be, or the new Bridal Designer dreaming and needing a little encouragement.  Each and everyone creating it with love and their gift of time — really, you are all “Superwomen”.  And if you are a gentlemen creating this…you are definitely a “Superman” as well:)

*recommended stitch length=1/4″

Well, I hope you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary:)



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PS. Please let me know which veil you like the best in the comment section below:) — Drop? Ballet Length? Mantilla?


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