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What makes my day?  When someone is inspired by my tutorial and share what they created.  I recently got a message from Angela Li via Instagram all the way from the Philippines – that will make a Texas girl happy;)

Angela Li was inspired by my DIY Bridal Sash tutorial.  She created a sash for her mother to attend a relative’s wedding.  I had to share what she made and asked her a few  questions in hopes to inspire you to create as well.

Interview with : Angela Li, Philippines

  1. YB: Which video were you inspired by?  Angela: I got inspiration from your video Bridal diy sash

2) YB: Why did you decide to DIY?  Angela:  bec i found the perfect dress within my budget and i want to make it dressier since my mom is attending a wedding of a relative. To add that evening formal look
3) YB: Who and what event were you creating it for?  Angela: wedding of relative
4) YB: General steps you took to create this. Angela: bought the dress, source the rhinestones appliqué since the appliques are not available in the Philippines, I sourced it from China. Also the available ones are specifically for weddings. With front only rhinestones and white sash. Sash is tricky since my dress is colored, this means i will have to find the exact shade Ribbon. Plus i feel that it will move around since my dress is smooth fabric with slim silhouette.
Also mostly in the market is the chunky type of front rhinestones. Or half yard. I want the rhinestones to be all the way to the back. So i sourced it overseas.
Angela shared with us the link she purchased the dress at:
5) YB: The pros and cons to create your sash. Angela: – pros, I get the look I wanted.
Cons, creativity in sourcing and technical skill to get it done. I actually sewed it in two lines, one on upper part and another is lower part. For the front with pleats, i actually did not sew the lower part on the pleating as it might affect the movement of the fabric. Also making sure the appliques is aligned.

6) YB: what was your favorite part of the process?  Angela: – conceptualizing, Sourcing and execution.
7) YB: How long did it take you? Angela: it took a while to get the rhinestones but once they are here, its easier since I had it planned out
8) YB: Is there anything else you would like to add?  Angela:  originally I would like the rhinestones to be optional, meaning I can put it on or not go with it as the event dictates. But since that route is tricky and I cannot find a tutorial, I opted to sew it on

Thank you Angela for sending the photos and for answering the questions.  All of this means a lot to me😊 and it makes all the hard work worth it.  I hope Angela inspired you to create.  Well, I hope you have an EXTRAordinary day!




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How to sew a Flower Girl Dress {TANYA}


Greetings!  It’s been a busy couple of months helping out with my Goddaughter’s wedding.   I am excited to announce the Flower Girl Dress Tutorials are finally complete.  I wanted to create a pattern from an existing dress & a dress that can be worn again by the two Flower Girls.  For example, they can easily change the color of the sash to celebrate different holidays like Easter or for their First Communion.  I would like to use the organza pattern again to sew my daughter a separate Easter Dress if I have time.  I will definitely share the project if I do.  Well, I hope this inspires you to get creative.  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.04.46 PM

Congratulations to Calvin & Mary – photo credit:

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Bridal Sash Restyle – “Tie” Sash into a “Hook&Eye” Closure

beforeafter sash pinterest

Greetings Everyone!  I recently took on a project I thought would benefit many DIY Brides out there.  Maybe you found a Bridal Sash with a beautiful design on the front but the tied bow on the back was not alluring to you.  Well, there is a solution — RESTYLE it!  You can transform  the “tied” Bridal sash into a hook & eye closure.  I had the opportunity to do this for a Bridal Guest.

Since I did not meet the Bride in person, the sash was delivered to me through a mutual friend.  I received her waist measurement written on the tissue paper which wrapped her beautiful rhinestone sash.  Honestly, I get a little nervous when I do not take the measurements myself.  But because this was a special scenario, I moved forward with lots of prayer for that peace I needed:)


So here is the tutorial.  Hope it will help a Bride out there.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

You can also view one of my early sash tutorial below.  For the EVA sash, it was the reverse.  Instead of using the hook & eye, the ribbon was cut long enough to tie into a bow.

To view another DIY Rhinestone Bridal Sash Tutorial I created using a Bra Hook & Eye, click {here}.  Well, I hope these tutorials inspire you to create something EXTRAordinary:) Thanks for visiting!




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DIY Tutorial : Custom Rhinestone Bridal Sash

I completed the custom Rhinestone Bridal Sash for a dashing Bride-to-be.  Here is the tutorial…

Rhinestone Bridal Sash Tutorial

1. Measure carefully how much Rhinestone trim you will need (rhinestone trims can get pricey)

2. Gather the materials: Rhinestone trim, double sided satin ribbon, invisible thread/needle, scissors

3.  Once the trims are layed out, leave about 1 inch of ribbon on each end of the sash (You will be folding it under and stitch for a clean finish before sewing on the hook/eye)

4. Start hand sewing each row of trim onto the ribbon.

5. For this project, I used a bra hook & eye to connect the end of the sash.  I trimmed it down to one row of hook&eye.

6. Sew the hook to one end of the sash and the eye to the other end.

In the last 2 photos, you can see how the hook & eye are lined up along the edge of the sash.  The alignment will prevent it from forming a gap when connected.

You can also check out one of my early sash tutorial below.  For the EVA sash, instead of using the hook & eye, the ribbon was cut long enough to tie into a bow.

Or maybe you found a Bridal Sash with a beautiful design on the front but the tied bow on the back was not alluring to you.  Well, there is a solution — RESTYLE it!  You can transform  the “tied” Bridal sash into a hook & eye closure.  Here is the tutorial…

Well, I hope this inspires you to create something EXTRAordinary:)

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