Basic Red Outfit : Wardrobe Planning

Collaboration with Sew Much Fabric

Below is the time lapse of sewing my Basic Red Outfit…thanks for watching! ūüôā


Muslin for my Basic Red Outfit

For once, I was grateful for the extreme weather changes in Katy, TX.  In a few short weeks, I got to see small droplets of snow to wearing short sleeve tops.  The weather was perfect to test the versatility of my basic red outfit.  I am impressed! I got to take it from the car rider line into the Lunar New Year.

So which occasion outfit do you like the best?
1)Wedding Guest
3)New Year


Thanks to Threads for the free pocket pattern:

Roz did a great job choosing what to sew, the fabric, and the color. Although I was initially hesitant about the bold red, I quickly got comfortable in it and love the versatility. ¬†She thoughtfully chose lace because I am in the Bridal industry but avoided beading and sequins so I can work it into my everyday life. Sew Much Fabric‘s tag line is so fitting…“Fabric Sewn into Fashion.”¬†‚̧ԳŹ


Roz in her element:)

Also, inspired by my accessories vision board, I created my earrings for the wedding event. I had visited several stores and did not find any that felt‚ÄĚ right, so I #DIY them (Tutorial coming soon;)

Thank you for visiting & Happy New Year of the Pigūüź∑! ūüéäMay you all have great health, good fortune, and a prosperous new year.



I hope you got inspired to create something EXTRAordinary out of the ordinary;)



Shop Sew Much Fabric:

– Scarlet Red lace fabric: PN3264
– beige tricot lining: K7-beige
– Gutterman red thread
– 24‚ÄĚ blouse zipper
– 7‚ÄĚ skirt zipper


Weddings in the Woodlands Tour : Basil Event Room Open House


I am in my element when I get to talk about creativity and design. Can you tell? I had the opportunity to be part of @basileventroom Open House and showed Brides how they can get creative with my LUXE DIY Veil Kit. I love the surprise reactions when they see the different style options they can design.  (Visit my FB Page for more photos:

And we can never forget the grooms! I challenged the grooms on tying the bow tie. Many have never tied a bow tie before so it is always a fun challenge. Are you able to tie a bow tie? Per the grooms, it is not as easy as it seems

I want to thank Kristi O’Connell @basileventroom for the opportunity to be part of their open house as well as part of Woodlands Wedding Tour.


Kristi O’Connell (far right) with Basil Event Room & Eatery

It’s always nice to see familiar #vendors and meet new ones. Here are the vendors at Basil Event Room.

The tour had 3 stops at the following locations:
Stop1: @gladeculturalcenter
Stop2: @basileventroom
Stop3: @mymaderaestates

The visionary behind Woodlands Wedding tour is Joshua with @jkcdesignevents

Thank you for visiting!

Have a wonderful Tuesday,



p.s. For my fellow creative sewers, I did sew my #tuxedoinspired dress. Follow me on IG to see how I made my dress with McCall’s Pattern #M7753

DIY Guest : Makeup Artist Cynthia Alsop, Fredericksburg, Virginia


I wanted to share Cynthia Alsop’s DIY Birdcage Veil she created using my tutorial. ¬†Isn’t her work stunning?! ¬†She is a makeup artist from Fredericksburg, VA. ¬†Thank you Cynthia for sharing your creativity with us. ¬†I love asking my DIY Guests questions on what inspired them so feel free to read Cynthia’s answers below. ¬† Also, make sure to check out her talent on IG @cynthia.alsop


1) What inspired you to DIY? ¬†The thought came when a photographer and I decided we wanted to do a photoshoot to showcase the beauty of our community for weddings.¬† We specifically wanted to highlight that couples in our area could still plan a dream wedding right here in Fredericksburg, VA for less than $200.¬† Of course, I knew in order to make that happen, I would be diying a few aspects of the shoot.¬† I decided I wanted a vintage yet elegant theme and started making a list of the elements to include.¬† Veils were at the top but when I started pricing them for purchase I was shocked at some of the prices I was quoted or had seen.¬† That’s when I knew, I wanted to create my own veil.

2) How did you find my tutorial? ¬†I found your tutorial via YouTube and Pinterest.¬† When I started, I didn’t know exactly what type of veil I was looking for.¬† I knew it existed but just couldn’t pinpoint the exact name of it.¬† I started by typing in the term “veils” into Google and it became a rabbit hole situation after that.¬† I saw so many photos from your videos on Pinterest coupled with the term “diy veils”.¬† So naturally I clicked on all the photos and it took me to your videos.¬† When I found your channel, I was amazed with the number of tutorials you had.¬† I can say I binge watched them for a day straight trying to generate ideas.¬† Eventually, I figured out what I wanted and it was called a bird cage veil.

 3) What was the easiest part of creating the Birdcage veil, what was the most challenging part?  I found that the easiest part of the whole process was how you explained the construction of the veil.  Your videos made me feel comfortable enough that I could recreate one on my own.  

¬†The most challenging part for me actually was finding the materials.¬† You did a great job listing the materials for the project at the start of each video.¬† I saved a photo of the supply list and took it to my local sewing supply store but didn’t have much luck in the beginning.¬† Russian (or missionary) netting is hard to find where I live especially when I needed the veil for a shoot that was scheduled to occur in less than a week.

4) Was it rewarding? ¬†I’ve always felt that making something on my own was so much more rewarding than purchasing it from a store.¬† It’s why it was important to me to try and source the materials myself.¬† I found some lovely birdcage veils on Etsy but knew I could make them at a cost that was more affordable and inline with our photoshoot theme.¬† In fact, with coupons for the supplies, I was able to make 4 veils for the cost of one veil that I saw online.

5) Feel free to add any comments or suggestions. ¬†Since my June shoot, I’ve subscribed to your YT channel and started following you on IG.¬† I love sharing your page with my brides when we’re collaborating on a look for her wedding day.¬† Of course, it’s always great seeing what you’re up to in the wedding industy.¬† After watching all your YT vids, you’re¬†definitely¬†a source I go to for bridal inspiration.

Thank you Cynthia for taking the time to answer my questions and I truly appreciate you sharing your work.  Your words are very encouraging for me:)

If you want to create the birdcage veil, here is my tutorial:

Thank you everyone for visiting!  May you have an EXTRAordinary day and get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary;)




DIY Guest Tina Scarlatella :First Communion Veil & Dress

Ella and Erin

Ella and her best friend Erin

Greetings!  Hope everyone is doing well.

As the season of First Communion celebrations come to an end, I just want to thank my DIY Guest, Tina Scarlatella, for sharing her First Communion designs with me. ¬†I get so excited when someone understands the concept as to why I create my video tutorials. ¬†When Tina mentioned she didn’t create the exact same veil as the one in my tutorial but was inspired by it, I was super excited. ¬†Yes, That is the point! ¬†I just want people to get inspired and start creating, not necessarily make a duplicate of what I created. ¬†I had to invite her to share her work and I hope it will inspire you.



Q) What inspired you to create your daughter’s mantilla veil and dress? ¬†TINA: Joy, Love, and Hope. ¬†I receive so much JOY from seeing my children’s face when they wear things I make for them. ¬†They are still at the age where they get excited and they don’t mind being measured, poked, and pinned. ¬†Even my son! ¬†I also love how they show off my creations to anyone who would look and listen to them.

I want them to FEEL my LOVE for them.  Ella has thanked me for taking time to make her veil and dress.  She has seen me work long hours and even heard me poke my fingers a couple of times.  I truly hope my kids will understand how much love I have for them while making these one of a kind outfits for them.  I put so much of myself into these creations (literally sweat and blood sometimes).  I try to make sure each child feels special and loved.  

I PRAYERFULLY HOPE that my children will cherish all of these memories that we spend together.  I hope they will see this as one example of how a mother shows love to her children.  ( I remember wearing clothes that my mom made me and how I know I was loved).

Q) How far in advance did you start to ensure you will be complete by your daughter’s First Communion Date? ¬†When is her First Communion Date? TINA: ¬†I started working on the veil and dress on April 18th¬†about 1 month before the First Communion Date of May 15th.¬† I am a procrastinator or should I say ‚Äúcreatively inspired when deadlines are near‚ÄĚ. ¬†¬†I am happy to say that I am finished with both veil and dress ahead of schedule! ¬†

I was pretty surprised that I finished the veil in 1 night (about 3 hours) even with me hand sewing 52 bead to the veil it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  Dress took about 2 weekends to work on.  

Q) ¬†What were the pros and cons of creating the veil yourself? ¬†TINA: ¬†I always knew that I wanted to make Ella‚Äôs veil and dress and was so happy to see that you had made a tutorial.¬† Like you had read my mind! ¬†I followed your tutorial 95% – I could not pin the lace around the circle so I ended up making the trim a circle first and then pin it on to a square piece of tulle.¬† I cut the tulle into the shape of the circle afterwards. ¬†I wish I had chosen a softer lace ‚Äď but I loved the lace trim that I found for the veil.¬† It doesn‚Äôt lay as well but I still think it‚Äôs perfect.

erin dress

Tina also upstyled Erin’s First Communion Gown

{CATHY} Lace Veil Cap : DIY Tutorial

pinterest thumbnail

Greetings Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well:) ¬†My {CATHY} Lace Veil Cap tutorial is finally complete. ¬†In this tutorial, I will show you how to create the veil cap as well as an easy flower fascinator. ¬†If you like the first look, wear the veil cap with the gather facing the back. ¬†I placed it on the side for easy film transitioning into the flower fascinator:) ¬†Well, this tutorial was inspired by the fun 1920’s Bridal Fashion. ¬†To view my Pinterest Inspiration Board, feel free to click “here” for other 1920’s bridal Fashion ideas. ¬†Enjoy!

Well, I am so excited! ¬†The Couture Sewing School with Susan Khalje is coming up in August and I will be attending once again. I am researching and preparing for the couture class so I will not be posting in August. ¬†However, ¬†feel free to follow me on Facebook to see the progress of my project. ¬†If you are a private person, please do not feel the pressure to be my Facebook Friend¬†(I totally respect that:), rather, just click on the option to be a “follower”. ¬†I hope you join me on my adventure as I expand on my sewing experiences.

Thank you for visiting!


To view other fun Bridal and Groom tutorials, visit me on my Youtube Channel at:

Sneak Peek…

bead project

Here are the “Ordinaries” for the next DIY tutorial. ¬†Want to take a guess at what is being created? ¬†I guess some of the items in the photo may give it away:) ¬†Well, I am still tweaking with it until I am satisfied with the final product.

Stay tuned!…..

Maybe you will have a better idea of what I am creating by checking out my {Pinterest board} — want a bigger hint? ¬†click {here} for my inspiration board.

Have a wonderful day!

2013…A New Year with some New Goals

Fabrics to practice couture techniques

Fabrics to practice couture techniques

Morning Everyone!

Happy New Year and I hope you had a fun-filled count down:)

Well, I have been reflecting on 2012 and all the wonderful wedding projects, people, and events that happened in my life.  I am so grateful for them all and I can now embrace and appreciate the memories.  Because of these moments and encounters, I can now look to 2013 with more excitement and anticipation on what is to come.

So what is to come?…you may be asking:)


Last year, I got to a point where I had to start referring clients out and didn’t even have the opportunity to share them on my blog and do tutorials. ¬†This was a sign of how busy I was getting. ¬†However, I had to make a hard decision for 2013. ¬†At this time, I will not be taking custom projects and alterations. ¬† I¬†made this decision so I can focus on some personal sewing and expand my couture experiences. ¬†Remember when I mentioned that the Couture Sewing School changed my life in this {post}? ¬†Well it certainly did:)


Also, I would like to spend time creating more tutorials for you. ¬†My videos have been so basic with no music and special effects that I’m not sure how it gets viewers, but miraculously it does—-so thank YOU for watching:) ¬†I will try my hardest to learn and create more pleasant tutorials¬†and recreate some of the still photo videos. ¬†My goal is to get one video out per month for 2013. ¬†Hopefully two in due time.


Recently, my husband asked me a question over dinner. ¬†“Do you think you can create a whole Bridal Outfit for $20?” ¬†My instant reaction was….No Way! ¬†He was actually thinking on behalf of all the Budget Brides around the world. ¬†However, that question actually sparked an idea. ¬†I think¬†I can share how to create a simple Bridal Outfit for $50.00. ¬†It will be my challenge. ¬†With a lot of creativity, time, and some planning, I am going to show you how. ¬†I plan on putting together two outfit tutorials for the “$50.00 Bride”. ¬†Look out for it throughout the year:)


Lastly, I want to share more of YOUR work. ¬†You guys have been my inspiration and so I know you will inspire others. ¬†I would like to start and share a collection of DIY projects from Brides like you —similar to how I shared Sonya W.’s creations on this {post}. ¬†So please do not hesitate to share your works and creativity:)

Well, I leave you with this image of all the fabrics I just bought.  I plan on using it to experiment with some couture techniques and also to decorate my home (we moved in July 2012 so I am in the process of decorating, but first, I need to finish unpacking.  Another to-do for 2013:)

Fabrics to play with

Fabrics to play with

Well, have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting!