DIY Guest : Tina from Newton, Mississippi – {LIAM} Top Hat

mini top hats1

Greetings Everyone!

I remember coming home from Vegas and catching up with work emails.  I received a sweet email from Tina J. who resides in Newton, Mississippi.  It is always nice to receive a message of gratitude from a viewer and to see the creativity that transpired from one of my tutorials — Thank you Tina for watching!  🙂  Well, Tina came across my {LIAM} Top Hat Tutorial after doing a search on Youtube.  She initially used the tutorial to create Top Hats for her daughter and her cousins.  Tina then modified some of the steps to suit her needs.  I thought I would ask a few questions…

mini top hats

Her daughter’s Valentine Hats. Tina will also be designing some for Saint Patrick’s Day and other special occasions:)

Q. What inspired you to DIY?  I had seen similar things in stores and naturally my daughter liked them.  Unfortunately they were rather expensive for something that was not made very well.  Since I like doing crafts, I figured that I could some how make them myself.

Q. What was the special occasion that you created the hats for your daughter and her cousins? They were Christmas gifts for the cousins. Since I made one for the cousins I made my daughter one as well.  Of course mommy had to have one too, so I made one for myself.

Note: Instead of gluing the headband to the hat, Tina cut out another top hat section.  She cut two slits in the center of it, just enough for the headband to slip on and then glued the top hat portion to the underside of the hat.  It hides the underside as well as makes the hat adjustable to where you want it to sit and it can also be changed out.

Tina concluded her email with Again thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial.  I can’t wait to try out some of your other tutorials.” —- and that made all the hard work that goes into one tutorial worth it:)

Tina has a small shop in Newton, Mississippi called the Renaissance Emporium. You can view it at

chuck e cheese mini hats

Tina was experimenting with these mini top hats. She used Chuck E Cheese coin cups to create these…great job on upcycling Tina!

Thank you everyone for visiting!  Feel free to view the {LIAM} Top Hat tutorial below (btw, this was a tutorial for a class I was teaching and it was also one of my first “live motion” tutorials where I played with film speed — I have come a long way:)  Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day!



LIAM Cutting Patterns:

{LIAM} Mini Bridal Top hat Pattern Page1/2
{LIAM} Mini Bridal Top Hat Pattern Page2/2

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3 thoughts on “DIY Guest : Tina from Newton, Mississippi – {LIAM} Top Hat

  1. Thank you so much Ann for such wonderful tutorials and for this small article. I have enjoyed making these hats and will be making many more to come. =^.^=

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