DIY Tutorial : Custom Rhinestone Bridal Sash

I completed the custom Rhinestone Bridal Sash for a dashing Bride-to-be.  Here is the tutorial…

Rhinestone Bridal Sash Tutorial

1. Measure carefully how much Rhinestone trim you will need (rhinestone trims can get pricey)

2. Gather the materials: Rhinestone trim, double sided satin ribbon, invisible thread/needle, scissors

3.  Once the trims are layed out, leave about 1 inch of ribbon on each end of the sash (You will be folding it under and stitch for a clean finish before sewing on the hook/eye)

4. Start hand sewing each row of trim onto the ribbon.

5. For this project, I used a bra hook & eye to connect the end of the sash.  I trimmed it down to one row of hook&eye.

6. Sew the hook to one end of the sash and the eye to the other end.

In the last 2 photos, you can see how the hook & eye are lined up along the edge of the sash.  The alignment will prevent it from forming a gap when connected.

You can also check out one of my early sash tutorial below.  For the EVA sash, instead of using the hook & eye, the ribbon was cut long enough to tie into a bow.

Or maybe you found a Bridal Sash with a beautiful design on the front but the tied bow on the back was not alluring to you.  Well, there is a solution — RESTYLE it!  You can transform  the “tied” Bridal sash into a hook & eye closure.  Here is the tutorial…

Well, I hope this inspires you to create something EXTRAordinary:)

Thanks for visiting!


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