Bridal Sash Restyle – “Tie” Sash into a “Hook&Eye” Closure

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Greetings Everyone!  I recently took on a project I thought would benefit many DIY Brides out there.  Maybe you found a Bridal Sash with a beautiful design on the front but the tied bow on the back was not alluring to you.  Well, there is a solution — RESTYLE it!  You can transform  the “tied” Bridal sash into a hook & eye closure.  I had the opportunity to do this for a Bridal Guest.

Since I did not meet the Bride in person, the sash was delivered to me through a mutual friend.  I received her waist measurement written on the tissue paper which wrapped her beautiful rhinestone sash.  Honestly, I get a little nervous when I do not take the measurements myself.  But because this was a special scenario, I moved forward with lots of prayer for that peace I needed:)


So here is the tutorial.  Hope it will help a Bride out there.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

You can also view one of my early sash tutorial below.  For the EVA sash, it was the reverse.  Instead of using the hook & eye, the ribbon was cut long enough to tie into a bow.

To view another DIY Rhinestone Bridal Sash Tutorial I created using a Bra Hook & Eye, click {here}.  Well, I hope these tutorials inspire you to create something EXTRAordinary:) Thanks for visiting!




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4 thoughts on “Bridal Sash Restyle – “Tie” Sash into a “Hook&Eye” Closure

  1. Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for uploading all these very helpful video! I benefited a lot from it for my own DIY projects!

    For the hook and bar you use in this project, what size are they?

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