Reclaiming my Peace : Things To Do



I hope you are healthy and safe.  Like everyone, I had to recalibrate life. I knew things seriously changed when my children had a month off for Spring Break and I attended my first mass remotely.
I have been busy checking off my personal ToDo list and was not mentally affected by all the news going on…until yesterday.  I had a brief moment of worry overcome me. I finally had time to absorb all the drastic changes happening around me. After feeling overwhelmed, I decided to work out, pray, and sew.  That really helped since it was my core routine before all this happened.

I came up with things ToDo to help me keep calm and reclaim my peace. They are:

1) Prayer & having a gratitude list. I have been making good use of my DIY Prayer veil during this Lent season.IMG_4696

2) Exercise & Eat Heathy. I started my Spring workout focusing on arms and abdomen. I do this from February through May.  Although I do light weights, it helps me feel physically and mentally strong. My goal is to simply get toned.  Also, the kids started joining us on our jogs.  The real goal is to simply #getactive.  If you want to start somewhere, simply start with only the Arnold Presses in the video below then build up your workout.  #justdoit 😉

Here are the 2 workout videos I do on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. They are 10minutes each so I just have a 20minute workout.  On Tuesday & Thursday, I run 2-3miles.

3) Quality Time with Family & Friends. Call, text, & face time to see how others are doing.  I am part of several group chats involving close family & friends.  It’s a way to communicate and keep our spirits high.  Also, We have a closet full of board games.  It has been nice to have my husband on a long school break too. Is it me or do the kids behave better when Dad’s around?😳. Yay, Uncle Phil came to visit!

4) Celebrate. My nephew was going to have a big party this weekend but it was cancelled. Instead, we had a small family gathering and he only asked for a simple cake. He is such a sweetheart!❤️❤️❤️ I know we can only have 10 people at gatherings but we had 13🤫

5). Find Humor.  I went on YouTube to find funny videos. If you mostly work from home like me, I highly recommend watching the BBC News with Professor Robert Kelly. Also, I now have two boys in middle schooler this year. I recently discovered the series by Trey Kennedy “Middle Schoolers Be Like”.  Be careful on YT, you can easily get sidetracked and go down a rabbit hole.

6). Clean.  It’s the perfect time to get the house in order.

7) Sleep. I finally caught up on sleep. I needed that!

8) Research a New Hobby. I am looking for ways to improve my sewing, filming, photography, and my IG layout. I started new YT playlists for these subjects. It will help me learn and expand my knowledge.

9) Turn off social media if you need a break. It’s going to be okay, I promise.

10) Sew! It is something that gives me tremendous peace. So be on the lookout for my Sailor Jeans;)


What are you doing to help keep calm and carry on?

Sending out love ❤️ & hugs 🤗!



Please get the facts on the Corona Virus:)

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