IG Live Special Guest @johnson.eileen

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are doing well. I had the honor of having Eileen Johnson as a special guest on my IG Live series. Eileen Johnson is the person who introduced me to the world of couture sewing back in 2011. Eileen will share how she fell in love with couture sewing, teach us how to wax thread, & sew on a snap button. We hope you learn something new😁

  • Video Content:
  • {3:08) Intro
  • {3:30} How we met
  • {4:20} About Eileen {6:35:} How did you get into Sewing?
  • {8:41} How did you get into Couture Sewing?
  • {11:34} What is Couture Sewing?
  • {18:25} Eileen’s Couture Garments
  • {25:43} Eileen’s Style Aesthetics: Classic, Global Traveler, Uniform
  • {29:11} Sewing Project Card
  • {30:49} Padded Hanger with snap buttons
  • {31:30} Purpose of the snap buttons on the hanger
  • {34:29} Why wax your thread?
  • {35:10} How to wax your thread
  • {38:38} Wax Thread Card
  • {40:28} When can you use waxed thread
  • {44:05} How to sew on a snap button
  • {52:49} How are you transitioning your wardrobe into the next stage of your life?
  • {54:06} Eileens Inspirational quotes
  • {56:29} Take of yourself, take care of each other. Text, call, or FaceTime 2 people this week;)

You can follow Eileen on Instagram at @johnson.eileen.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Please take care of yourself and each other.

Hugs! Ann

*I go live on IG every Friday at 1pm CST and the last Friday of the month is reserved for a special guest. My goal of going live is to make sure everyone is doing well, build a creative community that will inspire and encourage one another, and to keep you updated on the status of my current project. I hope you enjoy the sharing and thank you for visiting!