Lace Sleeve Easter Blouse : Get up and Sew!

easter outfits


The week started out a little rough but I finally finished editing the Lace Sleeve Easter top.  I wore the Lace Sleeve Blouse under my Easter dress for mass from home.  Afterwards, I changed into my Sailor Jeans for the Easter egg hunt.  I ❤️ the versatility!

You will see the general process of how I sewed the top with a special focus on cutting and attaching the beautiful #guipurelace.  Feel free to view it below:

Video Content:
{0:00} Intro
{0:06} Collaboration with Sew Much Fabric…
{0:09} Lace Sleeve Crop Top, Special focus on the cutting & placement of the lace
{0:35} Sewing Pattern Simplicity 4070
{0:50} Concealed Button Placket Tutorial
{1:02} Fashion Fabrics & Ordinaries
Fashion Fabrics & Button:…
{1:25} Cut Fashion Fabrics
{1:48} Concealed Button Placket Tutorial
{1:57} Darts
{2:53} French Seam: Sides & Shoulders
{3:24} Bias Binding: Neck & Hem
{3:50} Buttons
{4:20} Cutting the Lace Sleeve
{5:28} Pinning the Lace
{6:50} Bias Binding at the Armhole
{7:01} Finishing Touches
{7:18} Triangle Chapel Veil
{7:22} Easter Outfits : Easter Dress & Sailor Jeans (Videos coming soon)
{7:35} Crop Top with #MeMade Bottoms

Here are the outfits I put together with items in my closet

black crop top outfits
Outfit 1: *Easter Dress (Video coming soon)
Outfit 2: *Front Zipper Skirt:
Outfit 3: *Checkered skirt-n/a
Outfit 4: *Red Lace Skirt:
Outfit 5: *Silk A-Line:
Outfit 6: *Sailor Shorts:

As my husband said, “Get up and sew!!!” I was having a hard time getting out of bed last Monday morning worrying about my father.  He got sick recently.  Thank God he is starting to feel better but I can’t help but continue worrying about him and thinking of others who are experiencing stress and worries during this time.

I pray everyone is doing well. 🙏🌎🌍🌏 The reality is we will all have ups and downs. We need to support one another and be there for each other the best we can. Please take care of each other.  It’s ok to have down days but don’t get stuck there.  Do something to keep yourself going whether it is cooking, gardening, organizing, praying, etc – do something you love and enjoy.  Just do something that will help you mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Like my husband said, “get up and sew!!!” – and that I did.🤗😘




DIY Face Masks by Unity Point Health -Cedar Springs



We are living in interesting times.  On Monday April 27, 2020 we are required to wear a mask or we will be fined.  DIY Face Mask Tutorials have flooded the internet because of the covid pandemic.  Instead of creating a tutorial, I wanted to find the best one (in my opinion) to share with you.  I really like the one by Unity Point Health- Cedar Rapids because it is washable, the filter can easily be replaced, and it seals well around the nose (better with a wire).  If you create this mask, please make sure to stop by their channel and thank them for this tutorial.


Here is the pattern below and the tutorial I used by Unity Point Health- Cedar Springs. 

Unity Point Health Olsen Mask Pattern

I had a hard time finding elastic since it was cleared out at the stores and the local hobby and fabric shops were closed.  I used remnant fabrics, slim elastic (I wouldn’t recommend but I found it in my sewing closet), and floral wire to create masks for family & friends.  The purpose is to protect others in case we are asymptomatic.


Since the pattern is a one size fits all, I created two darts on each side at the bottom for a custom fit.  This helped seal around the chin.  Also, you may have noticed this particular mask was made from my Easter Dress remnant fabric.  Please note that this is not meant to replace manufactured masks.


I am still working on editing 4 different videos right now so I may be MIA for a bit.  Please stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands and wear the mask;)




Cloth Face Covering Do’s & Don’ts from the Center for Disease Control


  • Make sure you can breathe through it
  • wear it whenever going out in public
  • make sure it covers your nose and mouth
  • wash after using


  • use on children under age 2
  • use surgical masks or other personal protective equipment intended for healthcare workers

Happy Easter! : Easter Dress Inspiration Board & Toile


Easter Dress Inspiration Board via Pinterest

Happy Easter!

I attended 11:00a Easter Celebration this morning. Although the outside world may be changing around me, there is this inner peace that can not be taken away. I am joyful because I know He is risen! Happy Easter! 🐣


I created the toile for my Easter Dress and spent the week sewing it.  My Easter Dress was ready for me to wear today.  I also have a new prayer chapel veil.  I will be praying for everyone to have inner peace during this time🙏🌏🌍🌎.  If there is anything specific you would like me to pray for, please DM me or leave it in the comment section.


Below is the triangle Chapel veil tutorial if you would like to create one.

These are the beautiful fabrics I used to sew my Easter Dress.  For now, you will have to use your imagination to see how the colors and fabrics came together.  I will be spending the upcoming weeks editing the Sailor Jeans as well as the Easter Dress.  I am excited to share the process with you.


Also, I just had to share what I found on my morning run today.  Hearts from Mother Nature…spreading the love on this special Easter Day. ❤️❤️❤️


May you appreciate all the little blessings and miracles around you even in the midst of this pandemic.  Thank you for visiting!

Virtual hugs!




This Easter project is in collaboration with Sew Much Fabric.

Rosalind with Sew Much Fabric has an online fabric shop housing beautiful name brand fabrics.  She is an expert on textiles and has an eye for fit & styling women who loves to sew.  I highly recommend her blog for inspiration.  Click here.

Shop Fabrics & Notions @sewmuchfabric
– lace
– Coastal Green Cotton Brocade
– Gutermann thread 660
– Invisible zipper 540

Sailor Jeans : Hidden Details


Sailor Jeans Toile


I hope you are all staying healthy and being as productive as you possibly can.  I have completed my Sailor Jeans and now in the stage of editing the video.  It will be a two part tutorial which will include how I drafted the pattern and then sewing the jeans.  I have an Easter dress to start today so the Sailor Jeans video series may not be posted until after Easter.  For now, I hope you can enjoy the details…

Although no one will ever see the interior of my jeans, I love the hidden details. This secret feature is only between you and me🤫😉😁.

Take a peek inside👀…

I am in love with the red contrast bias binding on the inside.  It adds a little spark of personality.


Below are my completed jeans.  It is high waisted, boot cut, 4 buttons along each side of the squared pocket, and has an exposed zipper in the back.


Completed Sailor Jeans

Here is the back of the jeans with the flat-felled seam, exposed zipper, and pockets.  Feel free to watch the flat-felled seam tutorial by Andrea @sewtofit by clicking HERE.  It is a tutorial that is only available to her Patreon members. With her permission, this is a sneak peek into her Patreon world.  If you enjoy this video, feel free to join her Patreon group.

IMG_6460 2

Thank you for visiting and please stay safe and healthy! 🤗. Don’t forget to wash your hands 💦🖐🏼🤚🏼

Virtual hugs!



This project is in collaboration with Sew Much Fabric & Sew To Fit.

Rosalind with Sew Much Fabric has an online fabric shop housing beautiful name brand fabrics.  She is an expert on textiles and has an eye for fit & styling women who loves to sew.  I highly recommend her blog for inspiration.  Click here.

Shop my Denim Jeans Fabrics & Notions @SewMuchFabric
Ralph Lauren blue denim, 8oz no stretch 100% cotton:
Topaz Gutermann Thread 870
Dark Midnight Gutermann Thread 279
Antique Gold Floral Scroll Button, 3/4” K2046
YKK 7″ Jean Zipper-Navy with Brass Teeth
Iron-on Interfacing
Bias binding

Andrea with Sew To Fit is an expert in pattern fitting and pattern design.  She has a YouTube Channel you can view by clicking here.  She teaches e-learning classes available with a VIP Club.

Inspiration for my Sailor Jeans

Greetings with many thoughts and prayers for everyone.

In order to keep my mental health positive, I still have to set time aside to design and sew.  It is a time where I lose myself in creativity.  I find this helpful since the time outside of sewing is worrying about others.

This specific project is going to be forever imprinted on my mind because I started this project when the coronavirus unfolded.  I am thinking of making a different kind of video for this one…I will be brainstorming.

Well, I have done plenty of alterations to jeans, but I never sewed denim jeans from beginning to end. This will be my first😬.  After doing some research, I did not find any information on sewing sailor jeans, but I did find some inspirational videos that showed me the general process.  Other than that, I will be figuring out the whole process as I go along.  This will be a lot of fun.
I am in love with the #RalphLauren blue denim available @sewmuchfabric. It is an 8oz no stretch 100% cotton. I wanted a classic contrasting thread so I chose Gutermann #870 Topaz and the matching #279 Dark Midnight. All are available on the online shop at: Sew Much Fabric

My Inspiration Board includes my red linen #memade#sailorshorts😉 and photos on Pinterest. Below is the sewing process for my sailor shorts:


Andrea with @sewtofit has a great tutorial for the flat-felled seam. This just made the process of sewing jeans easier for me.  Thank you Andrea! I got to spend some time practicing.  She has a patreon group that allows access to more wonderful tutorials. Go check her out! Below is a sneak peek into her patreon world.  It is the flat-felled seam tutorial that is only available to her members.  You guys are extra special because I got permission to share this with you;)


Here are videos that inspired me from the YouTube World.

JENNI.SWISS – I like his creativity and style of filming his sewing process. Note: Bar Tack {Time Stamp 5:38}

ROMAN LEMESCHKO – I loved how he used an orange contrasting fabric {Time Stamp 3:21} for the pocket.  I will be using red in mine.

UCHIDA HOUSE – This video made me wish I had all the industrial equipment to sew my jeans.  I didn’t realize all these different types of sewing machines existed.  So cool!

{2:55} Anyone know what this machine is doing? Is it pressing the denim?
{3:08}Flat-Felled Machine
{4:54} Bar Tack Machine
{5:01} Button Machine
{7:43} Button Hole Maker
{8:26} Belt Loop Maker
{11:41} Hem
{12:19} Waist Band

Well, here is my toile and I am excited to get the Sailor Jeans completed.


Please stay safe and healthy! 🤗. Don’t forget to wash your hands 💦🖐🏼🤚🏼

Virtual hugs!



This project is in collaboration with Sew Much Fabric & Sew To Fit.

Rosalind with Sew Much Fabric has an online fabric shop housing beautiful name brand fabrics.  She is an expert on textiles and has an eye for fit & styling for women who loves to sew.  I highly recommend her blog for inspiration.  Click here.

Andrea with Sew To Fit is an expert in pattern fitting and pattern design.  She has a YouTube Channel you can view by clicking here.  She teaches e-learning classes available with a VIP Club.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul : Emergency Social Assistance

I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy during this time.  We are all experiencing drastic life changes right now and I wanted to give you some resources if you need it.  I know this isn’t my usual topic but I do believe it relates to marriage and family life.

First off, I want to give thanks to my friends Al & Jerri Oliu & Tom Zordani who introduced me to the idea of Family Finances years ago.  Because of them, I was able to financially plan ahead in case of emergencies and for my husband’s dental school.  So I thank God to have the financial peace during this time.  However, as things unfold, I realize there are many who did not have the opportunity to plan ahead.  Please do not panic, rather take a deep breath, regain control, and take action.  If you lost your job due to the Coronavirus, I encourage you to read the following article by Dave Ramsey.  It gives you the step by step actions so you do not have to live in fear:

“Coronavirus : What to Do if You’re Out of Work” by Dave Ramsey

Here is a video if you were impacted by the Coronavirus.


SVdP logo

Next, I had the honor of implementing an online training program for the local Houston Saint Vincent de Paul Society .  Many thanks to my dearest and closest friends Eva & Christine who is heavily involved with this ministry.  They introduced me to this organization who serves people with compassion, generosity, and respect. This is a great resource if you need social assistances like Food Banks, Job Resources, Shelter, etc. If you live in the Houston area with zip codes 77005, 77025, 77030, 77081, visit their Website or call 713-664-5350:

They have chapters all over the world so if you live beyond these zip codes and need assistance, I encourage you to contact your local Saint Vincent de Paul Society by clicking the USA link image below.  You can also email me personally, I will get you in touch with SVdP in your area.

Lastly, if you are in the position to donate or want to make a difference, I highly encourage you to donate to your local Saint Vincent de Paul Society.  Due to the high volume of assistance at this time, our location Houston St. Vincent de Paul Society greatly appreciates any amount you can give.  You can mail a check to:

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
6800 Buffalo Speadway
Houston, Texas 77025

Your donation checks can be made out to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul or placed in the St. Jude’s Poor Box at the address above.

Feel free to visit this link:

I will be having a virtual meeting with my friend Eva soon.  If you have any questions about this organization or need assistance of locating one in your area, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Please click on the image below to visit the International global site for SVdP.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.30.25 PM

Please click on the image below to visit the site for SVdP in the United States

svdp usa

God bless and please take care of your basic needs.

I am thinking of everyone. Hugs!



ps. More Resources for you


Unemployment help for those living in the United States through USA.GOV

Search New Job Opportunities:

Read: Thousand of New Jobs Are Being Created In Response to The Coronavirus by “Forbes”

  1. Indeed Job Search
  2. Glassdoor Jobs
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google for Jobs
  5. Monster
  6. ZipRecruiter
  7. CareerBuilder
  8. Craigslist Jobs


Reclaiming my Peace : Things To Do



I hope you are healthy and safe.  Like everyone, I had to recalibrate life. I knew things seriously changed when my children had a month off for Spring Break and I attended my first mass remotely.
I have been busy checking off my personal ToDo list and was not mentally affected by all the news going on…until yesterday.  I had a brief moment of worry overcome me. I finally had time to absorb all the drastic changes happening around me. After feeling overwhelmed, I decided to work out, pray, and sew.  That really helped since it was my core routine before all this happened.

I came up with things ToDo to help me keep calm and reclaim my peace. They are:

1) Prayer & having a gratitude list. I have been making good use of my DIY Prayer veil during this Lent season.IMG_4696

2) Exercise & Eat Heathy. I started my Spring workout focusing on arms and abdomen. I do this from February through May.  Although I do light weights, it helps me feel physically and mentally strong. My goal is to simply get toned.  Also, the kids started joining us on our jogs.  The real goal is to simply #getactive.  If you want to start somewhere, simply start with only the Arnold Presses in the video below then build up your workout.  #justdoit 😉

Here are the 2 workout videos I do on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. They are 10minutes each so I just have a 20minute workout.  On Tuesday & Thursday, I run 2-3miles.

3) Quality Time with Family & Friends. Call, text, & face time to see how others are doing.  I am part of several group chats involving close family & friends.  It’s a way to communicate and keep our spirits high.  Also, We have a closet full of board games.  It has been nice to have my husband on a long school break too. Is it me or do the kids behave better when Dad’s around?😳. Yay, Uncle Phil came to visit!

4) Celebrate. My nephew was going to have a big party this weekend but it was cancelled. Instead, we had a small family gathering and he only asked for a simple cake. He is such a sweetheart!❤️❤️❤️ I know we can only have 10 people at gatherings but we had 13🤫

5). Find Humor.  I went on YouTube to find funny videos. If you mostly work from home like me, I highly recommend watching the BBC News with Professor Robert Kelly. Also, I now have two boys in middle schooler this year. I recently discovered the series by Trey Kennedy “Middle Schoolers Be Like”.  Be careful on YT, you can easily get sidetracked and go down a rabbit hole.

6). Clean.  It’s the perfect time to get the house in order.

7) Sleep. I finally caught up on sleep. I needed that!

8) Research a New Hobby. I am looking for ways to improve my sewing, filming, photography, and my IG layout. I started new YT playlists for these subjects. It will help me learn and expand my knowledge.

9) Turn off social media if you need a break. It’s going to be okay, I promise.

10) Sew! It is something that gives me tremendous peace. So be on the lookout for my Sailor Jeans;)


What are you doing to help keep calm and carry on?

Sending out love ❤️ & hugs 🤗!



Please get the facts on the Corona Virus:)

Survivor Stories

DIY Chapel Veils : 3 New Styles, Lent Season


My friend Hang wearing her Chapel Veil


Lent officially started on Ash Wednesday Feb 26 and will end Thursday April 9th.  I wore my Chapel Veil to mass for the first time and decided that I would wear it at mass through the Lenten season.  I am hoping the Chapel Veil will help me focus and remember the sacredness of the mass.  If you are interested in Veiling and creating your own, I did create a tutorial for 3 new styles below:

I use to think Lent was a 40 day journey when you “give up” something you love (ex: sweets/soft drinks/social media, etc.)

However, someone once told me that it could also be doing something good for you, like creating a new healthy habit.  For example: running half a mile on Tuesdays and Thursdays until Lent ends or eating a side serving of greens at every meal, even possibly get enough sleep. It’s meant to help find balance, build discipline, do penance, prepare for the death & resurrection of Jesus, and ultimately build a closer relationship to Christ.

It reminds me of New Year’s resolutions, but you only have 40+ days to do it – And you do it all for the glory of God.

I understand Lent means something different to everyone or maybe has no relevance at all. But I would like to challenge everyone to do something good for yourselves until April 9th (forever would be good 😆). At the very least, speak words of encouragement everyday to yourself, someone you know, or a complete stranger🙏.

I’m still learning and growing in my faith.  Feel free to share what Lent means to you? What are you giving up that too much of is not healthy? or what new good habits would you like to incorporate into your life.

Since there are three pillars of Lent (prayer, fasting, almsgiving), I will…

1) Pray to love and appreciate where I am today, not belittle my daily efforts.
2) Fasting: on top of Fridays, No meat during Lent season – Hoping I can learn to meal plan better. If you know of tasty and healthy vegan/vegetarian recipes, feel free to share😁.  Also, I started Veiling at mass on Ash Wednesday.  A personal practice I would like to continue after Lent is over.
3) Almsgiving: share and spread the works of @svdp_hou_vol

Here is a Veil I made for mass on Ash Wednesday and through Lent.  It is the triangle Chapel Veil in the first video.

ANN 4black veil


Here is the first Chapel Veil tutorial:

Thank you for visiting and may you have a wonderful Lenten Season.




DIY Bridal Capelet : Scoop Neck Inquiry



Thank you for your inquiry Joshua.  Here is a visual of how I got the the Neck scoop measurement.  I started measuring at where my neck meets my shoulder to the neck hollow baseline.   I hope that answers your question.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


The question was in regards to my DIY Bridal Capelet Part 1.  The time stamp is at {1:57} about the Neck Scoop Measurement.

Thank you for watching!  Have a great Monday and the rest of the week.




Here is Part 2 & 3 to my DIY Bridal Capelet.  Thank you for visiting & enjoy!

Youtique Inspired : Camryn & Serena Fabric Flowers


Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of their fabric flowers inspired by my tutorials.  I love seeing them and it inspires me to continue creating.  I know it will also inspire others to create.  Here are fabric flowers custom made for my guests and by you.  Enjoy!



Have a wonderful week!




ps.  Here are the videos to help you create the flowers:

Wedding Dress Bustles

Kristina W back


Happy Friday!  Today I am touching on the different types of Bustles and answer a few basic questions.  I will show you how to bustle my bride Kristina’s wedding gown.

What is a Bustle?  The bustle is created by sewing buttons, hooks, or ribbons into the dress.  It lifts up the long train or tucks the train into itself to make it easier for the Bride to walk.

When should I bustle my wedding gown?  A bustle is put up after photos are taken following the ceremony and before the reception.  This helps prevent the Bride from tripping over her gown.  It also allows the Bride to dance comfortably at the reception.

the kiss











Do wedding dresses come with a bustle? Wedding dresses do not come with a bustle.  Wedding gown bustles are added during the alterations process.  Since every Bride is unique, the bustle is customized to the perfect hem length for each Bride.

Can a Bustle Break?  Yes, there is a possibility a bustle can break.  No matter how carefully your seamstress stitches your bustle, there’s always a possibility that it can break due to the stress put on the dress during dancing and .  Bring oversize pins in case of an emergency. 

Different Styles of Bustles.  There are many different styles of bustles available depending on the length and the look the Bride is going for.

Here is an example of the Bustle I sewed for my bride Jessica using ribbons.  I have also used a hook & eye, buttons, and other techniques on other dresses.  Feel free to view my playlist for the various Bustle styles & techniques.

Here is an Underbustle

American Bustle (Overbustle).

Since it can get complicated to tie the bustle, I put together a tutorial for the Bridesmaids to help the Bride.  Feel free to view the different Bustle types by clicking here. View the playlist below:

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great weekend!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.




Pointed Blusher : Cutting the Tulle



Tulle on the fold

Greetings Pat!

Thank you for your inquiry.  Here is how I would cut a pointed blusher veil using a 54″ width tulle.   First take the following measurements:


A=Blusher length
B=Point of Hair comb to elbow
C=Train length
D= Elbow to desired length, A – B
Total Amount of Tulle to purchase = A+C

Measure length “D”, transition a curve and start cutting from the open side of the tulle straight towards the corner point.


Measure length A, and use a safety pin to mark where the hair comb will be placed


Open lengthwise on the fold.


Fold over and attach the hair comb.

sew haircomb

I hope that answers your question.  I would love to see what you create when you are complete.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,