Jeffrey Eldredge, The Creator of the Eldredge Knot

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Greetings Everyone!

It is exactly one month today that I shared the Eldredge Knot Tutorial.  When I first came across this really cool technique of tying the tie, I was intrigued with finding out who the creator was.  During my research, I was led through several blogs and sites until I finally discovered the founder, Jeffrey Eldredge.  I contacted him and asked if he would do an interview and answer a few questions. He agreed so here it is…

Q) What city/state do you reside in? JEFFREY: I live in Salt Lake City, UT.

Q) What is your age/hobbies/occupation? JEFFREY: I am 27, I drag race during the season (Probably the only guy out there you’ll see with a tie on) and I am a Systems Administrator.

Q) What inspired you to try tying a tie differently?  JEFFREY:  I used to work as a technical instructor in a tie-mandatory workplace.  Tying a four-in-hand every day got old.  So I looked up how to tie other knots when I happened to come across this video tutorial the “Ediety knot” which introduced me to the concept of tying a knot using the tail end of the tie:

Being that my high school fashion sense involved a full length black trench coat with a tie a la The Matrix, the video immediately caught my fancy.  

Q)  How did you come up with the Eldredge knot?  JEFFREY:  As much as I liked the inverted knots, none had the neatness, nor the eye-catching looks that my OCD and attention-seeking personality demanded.  

Unfortunately, I really didn’t do anything special to actually develop the knot say play around with the tie until I found something I liked.  Though I did improve on it over time.  

Q) Are you in the fashion industry?  JEFFREY:  No. Too many people trying too hard to be different or too traditional.  Definitely not the sort I get along with.

Q) The Eldredge Knot is all over the internet, how do you feel about being a big influence on men’s fashion?  JEFFREY:  I’m very flattered.  Though I have to be flattered by myself.  The Eldredge Knot is the most popular thing I’ve done that nobody knows I did.  At least on a biweekly basis I have the following conversation:  

“Hey have you seen this knot on the internet called the ‘Eldredge’ like your last name?”

“Uh…Yeah.  I invented it.”

“No you didn’t!”

Q) I am now introducing it into the wedding community, how do you feel about that?  JEFFREY:  Fabulous.  I think a wedding is exactly the place for such a knot.  Wearing the Eldredge Knot at your day job on a Wednesday is a bit much even for me.  I only wear the knot maybe once a month (if that) myself.  

Thank you Jeffrey for your time and honest answers.  Even if people don’t believe that you invented the Eldredge Knot, I do. When I was led to his Youtube Channel, I witnessed the developing stages of his Eldredge Knot.  Very cool!

Well, in exactly 1 month, my Eldredge Knot tutorial hit 14,247 views as of today.  Thanks Jeffrey for your creativity and for giving me the opportunity to share something cool:)

Everyone, thanks for visiting!

You can view Jeffrey’s Youtube Channel at:

Because I didn’t see Eldredge on the Youtube Channel and was curious about the Channel name, “cwtrain”…I just had to ask:)

…what does the cwtrain stand for on your youtube?  JEFFREY: Clear Wire Training.  Picked it out long ago as a dummy account for an old job…never really stopped using it.  

Feel free to view our Eldredge Knot Tutorial.  Enjoy!

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    • Greetings Coady! Thanks for visiting the blog. To try and answer your question, do you mean “how to untie the Eldredge knot”?

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