Gian Luca, the Little Gentleman : Happy Memorial Day

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Greetings Everyone!

Since April & May have been dedicated to the Gentlemen, I just had to share this sweet and simple story from a very special 8 year old Gentleman I know personally, Gian Luca.

Not long ago at a gathering, one of my best friends of over 20+years shared a little story about her son.  As she was telling me the story, I just teared up.  I know, I’m very sensitive and when it comes to inspirational stories, as mentioned in this post, I’m a big sucker:)

In this fast-paced day and age where we are almost conditioned to think that every man is for himself, I find it encouraging to hear simple stories of hope.  That there are people who think of others and genuinely care for others.  So when Betty told me about the race Gian Luca participated in at school, how a fellow classmate fell, and how he helped without hesitation  — I just had to share.  It didn’t matter if he came in first, second, or third, what mattered was that he stopped to help someone in need.  He may have been one of the last ones at the finish line but he’s a Winner in my eyes:)  Go Luca!!!!!

I hope that Gian Luca can inspire you with his simple story…cause how many times have we passed a homeless person begging for the basics of life, or a physically & spiritually drained person needing prayers, or an acquaintance who lost a loved one and needed a shoulder to cry on…  I know I passed up opportunities.  May Luca inspire you as he did me.  May we take the time & effort to reach out to others the best we can and may we be someone who “like to help other friends” as Luca said.

I would also like to take a moment and thank all the Gentlemen & Gentleladies out there defending our country.  They put their lives on the line for many people they do not know.  They sacrifice time away from families & loved ones to defend our freedom.  Happy Memorial Day…may we never forget those who lost their lives helping others.

memorial day photo

(photo via The Pioneer Woman)

Do you know of some awesome inspirational stories…share it with me.  Feel free to share it below or email it to me at

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