Sewing Fashionista’s Bow-Tie Bash


Rosalind creating her bow-tie.

I had a fabulous time teaching a very special group of ladies how to make a bow-tie.  The Sewing Fashionistas are a talented group of women with different sewing backgrounds.  They meet every other month to share their sewing experiences and present their current projects.  The meetings are hosted by Rosalind Gaither with Sew Much Fabric.  If you would like to expand your sewing knowledge, feel free to check out Roz’s blog at: or follow the Sewing Fashionista’s Facebook by clicking {here}.

Now check out all the fun:

To learn how to create the {JEREMY} Bow- Tie, the tutorial is below:

To view other uses of Bows, check out my Pinterest inspiration board by visiting {here}.  Thank you Roz for thinking of me and thank you to all my fellow Sewing Fashionistas for such a wonderful time.



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DIY Honeymoon Swimsuit :



Greetings Everyone!

I thought this would be a good project to inspire DIY destination Brides or for those having tropical honeymoons.  Since I was hanging out with my children at the pool this past summer, I wanted to make myself a swimsuit.  First, I wanted to see how a specific silhouette would look on me before starting on my “real” bathing suit.  My goal was to visually make my waist look smaller and to cover my tummy.  The way I sewed the prototype is the same way I sew my children’s Halloween costumes…quick, easy, and budget friendly. Basically, lazy sewing:)  So here is the general process of how I made the prototype:


(1) purchased a well-fitted tank top and 2 extremely large knitted tshirts (for accent colors).  2. As you can see, the tank top was cupped already to save time on making the padded bodice.  (3) I marked my waistline and (4) cut.


(5) Next, lay the tank on top of the tshirt and measure out the width of the tank.  I wanted a 1″ waist band so I gave it a 1/2″ seam allowance on each side, (6) total width cut is 2 inches. (7) the waist band. (8) pin the waist band to the tank with right sides facing each other.


(9)serge one side of the waist band to the tank . *if you do not have a serger, you can sew using a zigzag stitch. (10) Next, I created a paper pattern for my ruffle hem by using the same technique as my “midnight blue couture project”…click {here} to view the steps.  (11) Sew the ruffle fabric to the waist band. (12) and sew the the hem


(13) I used my favorite swim bottom to create the swim bottom pattern.  I basically stretched it out to lay it flat and added a 1/2″ seam allowance (14) I cut from the 2 remaining accent fabrics and sewed it together, totaling 2 swim bottoms. (15) With wrong sides of the fabric facing each other (16) I serged on the elastic band to the three openings. (17) the swimsuit bottom.

last steps

(18) I folded the seam in and used a (19) zig zag stitch to secure it.  And that completes it.  I didn’t end up making my “real” swimsuit yet so I’ll save that for next summer, but I did get to wear my prototype a few times to the pool.  But the great part is, I got to pair it up with my big summer hat and my Smart Money Smart Kids book I got as birthday gifts —- Thank you Quynn for the hat and Thank you Nancy for the book:)  To check out my swimsuit inspiration board, click {here}.

inspiration photo

I would like to take this time to share about a special math education program started by my friend Quynn.  She has a passion for teaching math and started Pay It Forward For Education.  It provides FREE online interactive math tutorial sessions for 3rd grade through Algebra 1.  My son Big J is attending and loves it.  He loves the idea that he can possibly have a classmate from around the world and it has also enhanced his math skills.  If you would like to learn more about this program, feel free to email Quynn at or check out the website at

Also, I was speaking with a friend from Canada, I heard the teachers are on strike:(  For my Canadian friends, maybe this is something you can check out for your children:)

Well, thank you for visiting and have a great evening!


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DIY Flower Ring Bearer Pillow : Guest Florist Tracy

Pinterest Ring Bearer

Greetings Everyone!

Hope you are doing wonderful!  Here is the DIY Floral Ring Bearer Pillow I promised.  Thank you to our Guest Florist Tracy with Blissful Moments for teaching us how to make the adorable Pillow — what a creative way to carry the ring down the aisle!

Well, Enjoy!

If you would like more inspiration and view other Floral Ring Bearer Pillows, check out my Pinterest Board by clicking {here}.

As for the lovely flowers to make the pillow, you can purchase them on Blissful Moments’ Etsy Shop at:

FYI, April and May has been such busy months for me personally.  Busy in all the wonderful ways life can offer right now…all my children’s Birthdays, my son Big J’s First Communion, My hubby Mr. T graduating from a program that will take him a step closer to his dream career, and of course Mother’s Day this weekend.  So to all the Mothers out there –  Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 9.07.22 AMlol! My sister Linda shared this Mother’s Day Greeting with me last year…just had to share it again:) Also, my Birthday is coming up.  Guess what I get to do?  Take a motorcycle class!  I know, I sound like I’m going through a midlife crisis but it is something I’ve been wanting to do since my early 20’s….and I’m doing it!  Woohoo!  Don’t worry, it’s just a class:)

Happy Mother’s Day and I’ll be back mid June:)



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DIY Flower Girl Pomander Ball: Guest Florist Tracy

pinterest pin2

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having today in Sugar Land.  It makes me want to go outside, take in the sun, and drink some tea:)

Well, I have a special Guest Florist, Tracy with Blissful Moments who will teach us how to make  a Flower Girl Pomander Ball (aka Kissing Ball).  There are so many  uses for a Pomander Ball.  They are great for Wedding Decor, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Parties, or even for Home Decor.  I put an inspiration board together on my Pinterest page if you would like to see other uses…feel free to click {here} to view my Pinterest board.

Enjoy the Tutorial!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask:)

It was really fun to have company while filming so thank you Tracy!  We will have several other DIY Guests coming soon so I’m excited about this 2014 year.    I do realize I need to get a microphone for my Guests while being filmed, so thank you for being patient while I develop and improve my Youtube Channel:)  If you have any DIY projects you would like to see, feel free to let me know.

As for the lovely silk flowers, you can purchase them on Blissful Moments’ Etsy Shop at:

Well, it’s time for me to go outside and have some tea:)  Have a wonderful day!



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ps. the Silk Flower Ring Bearer Pillow is coming soon!

High School Fashion Show


I’m sure it has been a busy week for everyone. If you would like to take a break and see the creativity from High School Design Students, come check out the Alief ISD Fashion Show. And plus, I will be one of the judges for the Sewing Contest and would love to meet you in person. Hope to see you tonight! fashion show   To see past High School Sewing Contests sponsored by Sew Much Fabric, please click {here}.

Have a wonderful day!





Invitation to a High School Sewing/Design Contest & Fashion Show

winner 2013

Winning Garment for 2013

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

A special event is coming up and I wanted to invite you and the whole Community to attend.  I was asked to be one of three judges for a High School Sewing/Design Contest & Fashion Show.  How can I decline when Community, Youth, and Fashion are involved?  Well, come show your community support on Thursday March 27, 2014 because I would love to meet some of you in person.

Here are the details about the Sewing/Design Contest & Fashion Show sponsored by Sew Much Fabric.

Which High Schools are involved and who is able to enter the Sewing Contest? Elsik, Hastings, and Taylor – schools zoned to Alief ISD.  To be elgible, the Student Designers must be enrolled in the Fashion Design classes at the Alief ISD schools.  They received the sewing challenge back in September 2013.

What is the challenge and how will the Garments be judged?  The theme is “Dressed to Talk: Designing for the First Lady.”  The Students will design an appropriate garment for Mrs. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) to wear while giving a speech.  The Students will be judged on the following:

(1) Portfolio  (2) Interview  (3) Neatness of Construction  (4) Overall Fit

What are the Prizes?

1st Place : $250.00 cash from Sew Much Fabric & a Sewing Machine from Sugar Land’s McDougal Sewing Center

2nd Place: Gutermann Thread Tower & a Basket of Sewing Supplies

3rd Place: Threads Magazine Publications

What other school organizations are involved? Culinary Arts are providing dessert tasting before the show.  Orchestra memebers will provide music during the dessert tasting.  And during the show, there will be performances by the GOE Step Team, Small Choir Groups, ROTC, and Reveliers.

When? The event is Thursday March 27, 2014.  The dessert tasting will start at 6:20pm and the Competition /Fashion Show starts at 7:00pm.

Where? Elsik High School 12601 High Star Road, Houston, TX 77072

How Much? Sewing Contest/Fashion Show Tickets are $7.00 in advance and $10.00 at the Door.  To purchase tickets in advance, contact Elsik High School 281.988.3150


Of course I like to know the story (purpose) behind the event so I interviewed the owner of Sew Much Fabric, Rosalind Gaither, about this wonderful community event she’s created.

Rosalind: I met Abby Rey, the Fashion Design teacher at Elsik High School, after she joined our local group the Sewing Fashionistas.  When I found out Abby taught the fashion design class, I immediately wanted to know if the classes were full and how the students enjoyed sewing.  I thought a sewing contest would give the students an opportunity to show off their sewing and designing skills.  It is also a way for Sew Much Fabric to give back and support the students that want to have a career in the fashion industry.  

zipper dress

Winning Garment for 2012

The first sewing challenge started in 2012.  The challenge for that year was designing a garment using zippers in a non-traditional manner.  For 2013, the students had to design a garment for their personal fashion icon (ie. Grandmother, Aunt, Neighbor, etc)

2013 judges and winners

Winners and Judges for the 2013 Sewing Contest

Thank you Sew Much Fabric  for allowing me to be part of an exciting event.  You have allowed opportunities for the Youth to grow, learn, have fun, and explore an exciting world of Fashion.  I am so honored to be a part of it:)

About Sew Much Fabric: is an online fashion fabric website providing a range of designer goods for the discerning fabric shopper.  Whether it is your wedding, a business meeting or lounging around the house, there are fabrics to suit any occasion.

I will send a reminder of the event in March.  Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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{TRINA} Beaded Wedding Headband : DIY Tutorial

pinterest thumbnail

Good Morning Everyone!

The start of the 1920’s Wedding Theme tutorials will now begin for the month of June:)  I have completed the {TRINA} Beaded Wedding Headband which was designed to give you three different looks.  It is a beautiful versatile headband that can take you from a 1920’s Bride to a modern day Bride.  The best part about this tutorial is you can also use this technique and Beaded Trim to create your Bridal Sash — just use your waist measurements:)  Enjoy!

This headband was so fun to create and it wouldn’t have been possible without my sponsor, Rosalind with Sew Much Fabric.  Thank you so much for the beautiful trim Roz!!!!!  Everyone, if you ever have any sewing questions or questions regarding fabric or textiles, she is the lady to call on.  There are many convenient ways to contact her if you have any inquiries.  You can contact Sew Much Fabric at:

SMF Facebook

SMF Pinterest

SMF Blog

SMF Online Store


phone: 832-363-1583

Click on the image to visit SMF's Online Shop

click on the image to visit SMF’s Online Shop

Stay tuned for more fun tutorials…and thank YOU for visiting!

Sneek Peak : Ordinaries for the 1920’s inspired Wedding Headband

roz headband ordinaries

Afternoon Everyone!

So did you guys guess the correct beaded trim I will be using for the tutorial?  It was fun giving you guys a little suspense and it stretched my imagination a little by playing with imovie and the Youtube annotations.  Well, the tutorial will be coming out by the end of the week and these are the “Ordinaries” I will be using.  Can you see it all come together already?

Again, thank you to Rosalind with Sew Much Fabric for sponsoring this project.  She is a wonderful resource for all things sewing:)  You can shop her online fabric store by clicking {here} or on the image below.  Also, you can conveniently contact SMF at the following sites:

SMF Facebook

SMF Pinterest

SMF Blog

SMF Online Store


phone: 832-363-1583

Click on the image to visit SMF's Online Shop

Click on the image to visit SMF’s Online Shop

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sew Much Fabric – Next Fashion Trend

Sew Much Fabric

Good Morning!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to your morning.  Well, I have a few new Bridal projects planned for June so I hope you are excited about it as I am.  For my first project in June, I have a special sponsor…Sew Much Fabric.  Thank you to Rosalind with Sew Much Fabric for sponsoring this fun & beautiful project (yet to be revealed:).  Below is a clip of Roz sharing the next fashion trend.  I added a little fun element of guessing the beaded trim I chose at the end.  (Note:  you will only be able to click on the trim options from a laptop or desktop)

After viewing the clip.  I guess you can conclude the next few projects are related to the 1920’s.  Stay tuned to see what I’ll be creating!

Also, if you have any questions regarding textiles/fabric, trims, embellishments, sewing tips, etc, Rosalind is an excellent resource.  There are many convenient ways you can contact her and don’t forget to “Like” or “Subscribe” to Sew Much Fabric at:

SMF Facebook

SMF Pinterest

SMF Blog

SMF Online Store


phone: 832-363-1583

Thank you for visiting!


Jeffrey Eldredge, The Creator of the Eldredge Knot

jeffrey eldredge photo

Greetings Everyone!

It is exactly one month today that I shared the Eldredge Knot Tutorial.  When I first came across this really cool technique of tying the tie, I was intrigued with finding out who the creator was.  During my research, I was led through several blogs and sites until I finally discovered the founder, Jeffrey Eldredge.  I contacted him and asked if he would do an interview and answer a few questions. He agreed so here it is…

Q) What city/state do you reside in? JEFFREY: I live in Salt Lake City, UT.

Q) What is your age/hobbies/occupation? JEFFREY: I am 27, I drag race during the season (Probably the only guy out there you’ll see with a tie on) and I am a Systems Administrator.

Q) What inspired you to try tying a tie differently?  JEFFREY:  I used to work as a technical instructor in a tie-mandatory workplace.  Tying a four-in-hand every day got old.  So I looked up how to tie other knots when I happened to come across this video tutorial the “Ediety knot” which introduced me to the concept of tying a knot using the tail end of the tie:

Being that my high school fashion sense involved a full length black trench coat with a tie a la The Matrix, the video immediately caught my fancy.  

Q)  How did you come up with the Eldredge knot?  JEFFREY:  As much as I liked the inverted knots, none had the neatness, nor the eye-catching looks that my OCD and attention-seeking personality demanded.  

Unfortunately, I really didn’t do anything special to actually develop the knot say play around with the tie until I found something I liked.  Though I did improve on it over time.  

Q) Are you in the fashion industry?  JEFFREY:  No. Too many people trying too hard to be different or too traditional.  Definitely not the sort I get along with.

Q) The Eldredge Knot is all over the internet, how do you feel about being a big influence on men’s fashion?  JEFFREY:  I’m very flattered.  Though I have to be flattered by myself.  The Eldredge Knot is the most popular thing I’ve done that nobody knows I did.  At least on a biweekly basis I have the following conversation:  

“Hey have you seen this knot on the internet called the ‘Eldredge’ like your last name?”

“Uh…Yeah.  I invented it.”

“No you didn’t!”

Q) I am now introducing it into the wedding community, how do you feel about that?  JEFFREY:  Fabulous.  I think a wedding is exactly the place for such a knot.  Wearing the Eldredge Knot at your day job on a Wednesday is a bit much even for me.  I only wear the knot maybe once a month (if that) myself.  

Thank you Jeffrey for your time and honest answers.  Even if people don’t believe that you invented the Eldredge Knot, I do. When I was led to his Youtube Channel, I witnessed the developing stages of his Eldredge Knot.  Very cool!

Well, in exactly 1 month, my Eldredge Knot tutorial hit 14,247 views as of today.  Thanks Jeffrey for your creativity and for giving me the opportunity to share something cool:)

Everyone, thanks for visiting!

You can view Jeffrey’s Youtube Channel at:

Because I didn’t see Eldredge on the Youtube Channel and was curious about the Channel name, “cwtrain”…I just had to ask:)

…what does the cwtrain stand for on your youtube?  JEFFREY: Clear Wire Training.  Picked it out long ago as a dummy account for an old job…never really stopped using it.  

Feel free to view our Eldredge Knot Tutorial.  Enjoy!

DIY Guest : Event Designer Chris Do from Houston, TX

Akina & John

Bride Akina wearing the birdcage veil designed by Chris Do
Akina & John Wedding Photos by Steve Lee Weddings 

Today we have a very talented guest, Chris Do, who is an EXTRAordinary Event Designer.  Not only is she someone I know personally, but she also happens to be my God daughter.  I actually named a tutorial after her – the {CHRISTINE} Birdcage veil:).  I have watched this young lady mature and become an adult with a keen eye for fashion and creating amazing spaces.  Because of this, I am not surprised at how beautiful the multicultural New York wedding she coordinated would turn out.  Her work made it into the Weddings In Houston Magazine Blog.  You can read more about the wedding by clicking {here}.

On top of coordinating the wedding in New York, she also created some unique accessories for the Bride Akina.  She used the {CHRISTINE} Birdcage tutorial and was also inspired by the {SERENA} Flower Fascinator.  Here are just a few questions I asked her…

Q) What inspired you to do the DIY?  CHRIS: budget was the main factor, and also something handmade gave it more of a charm. I’ve always liked being hands on and this little project gave me the chance to do that without much fear. 

Q) How long did it take you to create the Birdcage Veil and the Flower Fascinator? CHRIS: about an hour of trial and error 

Q) Who did you create it for? CHRIS:  for my client, a bride from Japan

Here are more photos of her amazing work…

Wedding Photos by Steve Lee Weddings

Photos by Steve Lee Weddings


Photos by Steve Lee Weddings


Photos by Steve Lee Weddings

If you would like to book Chris, you can contact her at:

Chris Do, Design da Capo

Here is a video of the beautiful Bride and Groom.  You can also get a better view of the flower fascinator in the video.  Enjoy!

Akina + John | Wedding in NYC | 3 Cities, 2 Continents, 1 Love from T2Production on Vimeo.

To view the Youtique Bridal tutorials, please click on one of the following:

{CHRISTINE} Birdcage Veil

{SERENA} Flower Fascinator

To view projects from other guests, please visit my Pinterest Board “DIY Brides & Guests” by clicking {here}.

Thank you for visiting!