New DIY Playlists on Youtique Youtube’s Channel

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

I started a few new DIY playlists on Youtique Youtube’s Channel.  These are categories I do not specialize in but thought it would be helpful to the DIY Groom & Bride.  I am in the process of compiling DIY Wedding tutorials for you as well as share the ones I create.  If there is anything else you would like to see or if you know of other tutorials that are helpful, feel free to let me know.  Think of me as your DIY Wedding Consultant:)  Thank you and I hope you enjoy the new added playlists I started below!

*Groom Hairstyles

*Bridal Hair

*Bridal Makeup

*Wedding Cakes

*Wedding Crafts

*Wedding Flowers

The tutorials are from Youtubers like: Slikhaar TV, Cinthia Truong, Sona Gasparian, videojugartscrafts, Happy Cake By Renee, iamlikehearted, and many others

You can also view all playlists available on my Youtique Bridal Youtube Channel by clicking {here}.

Have a wonderful Day!

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