How to tie the Trinity Knot: Step by Step Instructions

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  As mentioned in the previous post, April and May will be dedicated to the Gentlemen of the Wedding party.  I hope the men will get inspired to do something a little different on their wedding day…such as tying their tie in a unique way:)  I am creating several different tutorials on how to tie your ties as well as another simple way to make custom cuff links.  These are sophisticated ways to add a little fashion flair and make you stand out.

My friend Hai will be helping me out with the Trinity Knot tutorial.  He is a talented architect and innovative designer deeply  motivated to make a difference in our world…look out for this gentleman!

Well, here is the tutorial…Enjoy!

DIY Guest: Sewer Taryn B. from Houston, TX

bow tie

Bow Ties created by Taryn B. of Pixels to Patchwork,  Photo Courtesy of Taryn B.

Greetings Everyone!  Hope you guys are having a wonderful Good Friday:)

I would like to welcome my next DIY guest Taryn B. from Houston, TX.  She found my {JEREMY} Bow Tie Tutorial through, a website where you share what you make.  Taryn had messaged me and left a kind comment…“Thanks so much for your tutorial! I had to make a bow tie for my husband and this was very quick and easy to follow!”  

Taryn ended up making one for his co-worker as well and shared it on her blog.  You can read the post by clicking {here}.  If you visit Taryn’s bright and cheery website, “Pixels to Patchwork,”  you can view a portfolio of all her creative projects.  And if you read more “About Taryn,” you will learn that she loves to work under pressure.  She actually bought her wedding dress during her lunch break the day before her wedding.  Wow!  Now that is working under pressure!

Thank you Taryn for sharing your creation!

Well, this is a great transition into the following months.  I will be dedicating April and May to the gentlemen of the wedding party.  There will be tutorials for new and fun ways to tie your ties and other projects dedicated to the groom and his groomsmen.  Well, make sure you come and visit!  And…I hope you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary from the ordinaries:)

For the {JEREMY} Bow Tie tutorial, feel free to click on the video below:

To view projects from other guests, please visit my Pinterest Board “DIY Brides & Guests” by clicking {here}.

Thank you for visiting!

DIY Custom Cuff Link Tutorial

Greetings Everyone!  My Brother Phil and Carly’s wedding is this weekend so our families are quite busy preparing for the celebration.  I have a few DIY projects I have been documenting and would like to share them with you but I’ll start with the custom cuff links today.  I had fun creating these because there is a story behind each set (which makes it even more special).  The Groomsmen will be receiving them at the Rehearsal Dinner this Friday…I hope they love their cuff links:)

I think these are great not only for weddings gifts but for birthdays, anniversaries, or a just because..You can also use this easy technique to make jewelry as well.  Here is the tutorial.  Enjoy!

Materials:   cuff link photo, cuff link bezel, Modge Podge, 2 paint brush, jewelry resin mix, mixing stick, heat gun

1. Brush on 2 coats of modge podge to the front of the photo (waiting about 20 minutes between coats), brush on 1 coat to the back of the photo and allow it to dry

2. Brush modge podge onto the bezel and place the photo inside the bezel.  Add another coat of modge podge to the photo and allow to dry.

3. Prepare the jewelry resin materials.  Pour the resin in one cup & the hardener in another.  It should be a 1:1 ratio

4. Combine the resin and hardener into one cup

5. Using the mixing stick, stir for about 2 full minutes

6.  Pour mixture into the bezel

7. Pour it until you get a little tension but avoid an overflow

8. If there are air bubbles after 25 minutes, gently blow across the surface or use a heat gun (be careful not to overheat)

Now allow it to dry (I like to leave it overnight)

I have also used another technique to create one for my Father in the past.  It was a gift for my Parents’ anniversary.  You can view the video tutorial below.  For this process, I used a product called Modge Podge Dimensional Magic.  If you follow my blog long enough, you will learn that I like to experiment with different techniques:)

Well, thank you for visiting!  If you like to see other tutorials for the Gentlemen, feel free to click {here}.

Custom Design: Bow Tie + Matching Flower Brooch

Last week a special custom order was placed all the way from Florida.  Routinely, I try to get to know the “Guest” or the person I am designing for a little better.  Since this order was a gift, I asked “Apple” (a nickname I gave my client) to describe the person she was giving it too.  She mentioned that he was a humorous and down-to-earth Pediatric Doctor.  Not only did she describe the Doctor but she added a little comment about his lovely wife…that she would bake for all the residents on Christmas and take care of everyone.

Although the initial order was a bow tie for the Doctor, we could not resist but design for his caring wife a matching flower brooch.  So here is the custom {JEREMY} Bow Tie and the {CAMRYN} Flower Brooch.

Because this is for a Guest, I used a more formal Bow Tie strap rather than the elastic band used in the {JEREMY} Bow Tie tutorial.  Here are the steps to make the strap in detail:

With the {CAMRYN} Flower Brooch, I used the 100%cotton fabric as well as tulle for some fullness & structure.  I can actually see this being made for the Groomsmen and creating the matching flower for the Bridesmaids’ sashes…cute!  Here are the tutorials if you would like to create it yourself.  Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting!

{EVAN} How to make custom Cuff Links for the Gentlemen

Custom Cuff Links 

I am creating 6 custom cuff links for 5 groomsmen and a groom all with very different personalities.  Yes, they are gifts for my Brother and his special friends.  I just completed the first one for sweet Randy S.  He grew up watching Captain Planet and wanted a super hero logo.  So here you go Randy.  I used yours to create the tutorial 😛

You can also get someone to sketch something that represents you as well.  This is what Sal is doing.  Sal’s niece is designing his image.  I thought that was very clever and quite sentimental.

The cuff links would make great gifts for the Wedding Party, Father’s Day present, and even birthdays.  I made one for my Father.  My parents 4oth Anniversary is coming up and we want to do something special for them.  So, here’s my head start:)  I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

How to tie a bow tie: special guest Luke Cosby of SHDWBX

This month has been dedicated to the Gentlemen of the Wedding Party.   All the tutorials created have been for the leading men.  Today we have a special guest, Luke Cosby with SHDWBX.  You guys briefly met him on the post “A Little Dedication to the Gentlemen in the Wedding Party”.  He will be teaching us how to tie a bow tie.  Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial:

If you want to learn more about Luke, you can watch the video below.  Just a little warning…you will have to sit in a very quiet place and turn the volume way up high in order to hear what is being said.  I had several requests to start doing live video tutorials  and so I thought I would use this opportunity to practice.   I know…I still have lots to learn:)  I hope you guys enjoy the video anyway.  Thank you Luke and Andrew for being patient with me:)

If the whispering video is not working for you, feel free to visit Luke’s Facebook Page by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting!

How to make an easy diy “no-tie” Bow Tie

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am dedicating the next few diy tutorials to the Gentlemen of the Wedding Party.  This has been a lot of fun and you will also get a glimpse of my sillier side.  There are more to come throughout the month.  Stay tuned for tutorials on how to make custom cuff links and how to tie a self-tie bow tie.  Thanks for visiting!

A Little Dedication to the Gentlemen in the Wedding Party

vintage pant press at Mortar

Since Youtique Bridal caters mainly to Brides, I thought we would take a moment to also remember the special Gentlemen in the Wedding Party.  So for February and March, you will see a couple of tutorials dedicated to the leading men:)

Last week, I went to visit a friend, Luke Cosby, at SHDWBX, a cool urban men’s boutique specializing in unique quality clothing.  He is the talented Creative Director for the shop and to find out more about our stylish friend, click {here}.  While visiting, I spotted a nice tailored suit by Our Legacy.  I was amazed at the fit, style, and feel of the suit and thought it would look really nice on a groom or groomsmen. To visually see how a suit should fit, I have invited Luke to be a guest stylist.  You may be seeing a “How to Style” video for the men in the near future.  I am excited!

The Gentlemen himself, Luke Cosby

The cool durable market bag made by the women of Bangladesh.

For the upcoming tutorials, you will be seeing “How to make Custom Cuff Links” as well as “How to make a Bow Tie.”

So to start out, I have made an easy tutorial for our adorable little gentlemen, the Ring Bearer. You can view the “JOSHUA Ring Bearer Pillow” tutorial below:

Thanks for visiting!

Something for the Gentlemen

{Satin Brocade Custom Bow Tie}

{Silky Satin Modern Polka Dot Custom Tie}

The Bow Ties are a must-have right now for all the Gentlemen out there.  With the right attitude and confidence, it can make a man look twice his intellect and I think that is pretty darn sexy.

Dr. Phil H. has a very unique sense of style and these were designed to express his fun, whimsical and very intellectual personality.  O, and I can’t forget…he is quite a Gentlemen!

Thank you for visiting!


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