How to tie the Pratt Knot: Step by Step Instructions

pratt knot with logo

I hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend:)  Well, I finally completed the last Gentlemen tutorial for the tie series this year.  I did have a few other projects lined up but I will wait to share those the next time.  For now, feel free to check out the Pratt Knot (aka Shelby Knot) tutorial below.

A lot of effort went into the tutorials for April & May so I want to thank the Gentlemen who helped me out.  So…

Thank you Hai!  I know you had many new projects lined up for work, but thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to film the Trinity Knot tutorial.

Thank you to my hubby, Mr. T, who helped me film the Eldredge Knot at 1 o’clock in the morning.  We were both tired but the only way to get things done around here are when the children are asleep:)

Thank you Lord Jay for coming by after work to film the Pratt Knot.  Although we missed the first meeting due to rainy weather, it was worth the wait:)  Btw, welcome back to Houston!

Thank you Gian Luca for sharing such a special story.  I can not wait to see what you are going to accomplish when you grow up.  You are an amazing 8 year old and such a Gentleman!  🙂

Also, there is one GentleLady I would like to thank:

Thank you Charlene Kaye!  I believed your song “Dress & Tie” was a perfect fit for my tutorial.  Thank you for replying to my email while on tour and granting me permission to use your song.  Congratulations on living out your dreams!

And just a quick update…I will have a short introduction coming out before the week ends to prepare you for the next bridal project.  I am playing with the imovie program so make sure you join me later this week:)

Thanks for visiting!

If you missed any of the Gentlemen tutorials, feel free to click {here} to view them.  Enjoy!

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