How to Lengthen a Gentleman’s Tie : DIY Tutorial


Greetings & Happy Saturday!

Gentlemen, I hope this will help you out.  I had a lot of comments regarding the tie being too short when tying the Eldredge Knot.  Because of this, I decided to create a tutorial on how to lengthen the tie by adding fabric to the center.

There are a few things you have to consider when lengthening your tie:

1) Neck or collar measurment

2) Height (this is really good for those of you who have the height of Pro Basketball Players:)

3) and the style of knot you are tying

Since the above factors may differ for each person, when attaching the center fabric, make sure it is hidden under your shirt collar.  So adjust the measurements accordingly.

(Regular ties are usually 58″.  If you are 6’2″ or taller, 63″ ties are standard for extra long ties)

Tip:  you can use an old tie for the center fabric or purchase one from a secondhand shop.  Another option is to purchase fabric and interfacing then cut to match the width.  Since it is hidden under the shirt collar, I was not concerned with the design.

Want to give the Eldredge Knot another try? 🙂 …

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