Superman : Happy Father’s Day


Dad graduated May 1978, Mom & Dad on one of their traveling adventures & still together after 40 years, Fishing is Dad’s favorite pastime

I know Superman personally.  My Father must have his “S” shirt and cape hidden somewhere in his closet.  Why do I believe this? Because he’s made of steel.  Well, his left leg is made of steel.  He was a tank commander during the Vietnam War and during battle, his leg got wounded.  It was almost amputated but instead, he had a steel rod placed inside his leg to help him walk.  Also growing up, I have seen him literally lift cars (when he did the oil changes or fix the family cars), I have seen him push gigantic boats (loading his boat on the docks), I have seen him save a life (he resuscitated and carried my mom when she briefly fell ill like how Superman carried Lois Lane), and he just has one of the biggest hearts I know.  My Father embodies LOVE and sacrifice.  He may be a stubborn man, but he really taught me “how” to love and embrace life.  Although I notice Superman slowly aging these days, I have been pondering on ways to tell Daddy how much I love him besides the usual Father’s Day card, cash, and gathering…I do not think I can even find the right words to describe how much or how it feels to love Daddy, instead, I’ll give you a list of why’s.  And this is only a small glimpse of the why’s…

*He celebrates.  My Dad always made it a point to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and any special days.  I guess he just enjoys “celebrating”:)   The most memorable celebration?  When he first came to America…he decided to attend school to provide a better future for his family.  This Superman did not know a lick of English so guess what happened when he took his English class?  He failed!  But he didn’t stop there…he retook it and guess what grade he got? He passed with a “D”! and guess what he did?  He celebrated!  Superman was elated that he passed English so he gathered his friends together to party…over a “D” in English!  (lol)  And if you guys are ever wondering why I don’t have an accent when I speak American English, my Dad used me to practice:)

*He is adventurous.  Growing up, he made sure we traveled to see fun places.  We would have long summer car rides to visit family up in Chicago, Florida, California.  He made sure we experienced Disney World and o my goodness, he took us on so many camping and fishing trips.  There were a few summers when we would fish every weekend!  Let’s just say I loved it until I became a teenager…I was eventually too cool for all this;) But the most adventurous story about Superman?  Well, we are originally from Lynchburg, VA.  At least that is where my sister and brother was born and the first place we lived when we first came to America.  And because of Superman’s steel leg, it was hard for him to endure the winters.  So Superman decided to venture out into warmer climates.  Can you figure out why we ended up in Houston, TX?  Actually, Sugar Land, TX:)  Anyway, he made sure his family was well taken care of and temporarily left Virginia.  He took a bus to Houston and got dropped off at the downtown bus station to be picked up by…no one.  He knew no one in Houston!  My Dad literally did not have plans when he was dropped off.  He just knew he wanted a job.  That is how adventurous he was.  Miraculously, he found a job at a hospital to fix medical equipment and gives all the credit to God.

*He believes in a strong family unit.  If anything, this is something he made sure we learned in life.  Do whatever it takes to build a strong family unit.  He always made sure we remembered each other’s birthdays.  On top of that, he pushes for weekly family dinners.  We would have weekly family dinners which would include my parents, siblings, their spouses, my sister’s kids, our family, and my cousin from Dallas attending school in Houston — that makes about +/- 15 people when we can all attend.  It is a time to catch up with family and make sure we stay connected — cause everyone knows how trying to live our busy lives can steal precious time.  My Dad knows it takes time and effort to build strong family units and values…so he made sure we all put in the time and effort to LOVE one another.

*He would do anything for his children.  When I was in college, I had this old ugly rusted Honda Accord.  Well, this old ugly car broke down so guess what Superman did?  Just a side note, I did not think this car was worth saving but Dad thought otherwise.  He drove all the way from Houston to Austin (about a 3 hour drive) to fix the car, then drove back home the same day (another 3 hours of driving).  Instead, I think he should’ve worn his cape to fly that day — it would have been quicker:)

*What I learned from Superman.  My Dad walks with a slight limp, but he is the fastest walking man I know.  My Dad has an accent when he speaks English, but he would never let that be a barrier to meet people or fulfill his dreams.  My Dad can be so stubborn, but that is how he knows to persevere and stand up for what is right.  (Please don’t ask me where I get my stubbornness from:)  My Dad has fought a war and looked death in the face, but that is how he learned to live life adventurously and with a positive attitude.  I continue to learn so much from Superman…..

Superman, Happy Father’s Day!  Thank you for all the LOVE, time, support and sacrifice you made for your children and mom.  You mean the world to us.  We love you with all our hearts and thank YOU for being our Super Hero.


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