Make a two-toned Eldredge or Trinity Knot : Happy Holidays!

Pinterest 2 tone tie

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It has been awhile since I last posted…but it is the Winter Holidays and I have been working hard for Santa:)  I had the opportunity to sew some costumes for the Christmas Program at our church, craft little gifts for the teachers and neighbors (photo below), attend birthday and Holiday Parties, did some online gift shopping, tend to one sick child (who recovered fairly quickly), and caught up with some great friends.  At one point, I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive the busyness, but I took it one day at a time and tried to take in the moment with each person and place.  It was fun!  If there was something I was not able to accomplish…IT WILL BE OKAY:)  My husband was constantly reminding me to “remember the Spirit of Christmas.”

christmas tie

Holiday Tie for Mr.T

Anyway, to add to the list, I made my husband a holiday tie that turned out pretty cool.  When completed, I thought I would do a tutorial since it was a unique tie for a formal event or for the Groom or Groomsmen to wear.  btw, it would make a great gift for the Tie Lover during this season:)  Well, here it is…a two-toned tie for the Eldredge or Trinity Knot.  You can also tie it the regular way but you will not get the two-design effect.  This is a fun and creative way to give yourself more options to tying a tie.  Well, I hope you enjoy it!

To learn how to tie the Eldredge Knot or the Trinity Knot, Feel free to view it below:)

Happy Holidays and have a Very Merry Christmas!


youtube  youtiquebridal pinterest pin

p.s. I will be back soon to finish off the $50 Wedding Gown Challenge…thanks in advance for being patient:)

christmas gifts

Crafting for teachers & neighbors. Inspired by Pinterest:)

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