Growing Old with My Valentine

{Photo courtesy of my God daughter, Mary P}

If I am not the first, then let me be the first to say…Ladies, marriage is no fairy tale (in my experience).  However, it is one of the best decisions I have made for my life.  My Valentine (Mr. T) and I are going on 9 years of marriage.   Although we are not perfect people in any way, we are perfect for each other.  In all honesty, I can not wait to see what will unfold as we grow OLDer together.

Since it is the Season of Love right now, I thought I would share a little of my own experience about Love and Marriage and to also thank my Valentine.  If you are yawning right about now and just want to go straight to the tutorials, feel free to click {here}.  Trust me, you won’t hurt my feelings.  I know that most guests who come to visit my blog are here for the tutorials.  So again, I totally understand:)  Feel free to click {here} and enjoy the tutorials.

Well, here are my 8+ years of experience with Love & Marriage in a nutshell…(and still learning)

ME to WE.

I use to be a free spirit and a dreamer.  After my college days, I use to take off and traveled whenever and wherever I wanted (Thanks to my dear friend Linh P. who worked at an airline:).  I figured that I will  continue to do what pleased ME and made ME happy  – even after marriage.  I mean marriage was one of those things that was suppose to make ME happy all the time right?  Well, through a lot of self reflection and some growing pains, I quickly learned that marriage was not about ME, but about WE.  Because of my husband, I am still a free spirit and a dreamer.  However, not the youthful selfish one I use to be, but a more mature one that considers others.

Definitely not a LOOKER.

When the make up comes off….o my goodness…I do not look the same.  My husband has literally seen me at my worst.  After giving birth to three of his kids and making a decision to be a stay at home mom…Mr. T does not come home to a bombshell.  There has been days when my quickly tied up ponytail ends up on one side of my head.  Also, what is a fairly new mother to do when you receive a new stretched body that doesn’t fit old clothes anymore?  Of course! You go put on your husband’s oversized Tees and his sweat pants. I mean, that’s what I did.  But Ladies, do not let yourself go.  Learn to take care of yourself even after children.  Your husband does not care that you still look how you did when you first met, but he genuinely wants you to take care of yourself.  I am still in the process of learning to take care of my new body.  I just want to thank my Valentine for showing me the importance of staying healthy and feeling good about myself so I can care for our children.  He may not have always been eloquent with words but he learned quickly how to rephrase his sentences to a sleepless grumpy spouse:)

Growing OLD Together

I remember the day My Valentine told me about his belly.  From the sound of his voice, he was very disappointed that his belly hung over the seatbelt. What was a loving wife to do?  I laughed of course!  Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed that hard but that was a milestone for us.  It was a sign we were growing older…together.  My husband use to be an athlete and quite fit I must say.  But that was our younger years.   As we grow older, our bodies are inevitably going to change.  Yes, we will look different.  His belly incident encouraged us to get healthier, but even so, he is not going to have his youthful body.  And that’s okay.  I love my Valentine’s aging body just the way it is.  I honestly don’t care about his strong biceps (that he use to flex and call snakes:)  but I do care that he stays healthy to enjoy the rest of our lives together.

The other day we were talking about our grays.  Our hair is slowly changing colors (thank God for hair dyes) and we know we are transitioning into a new season of life.  Our children are quickly growing and we are continuously changing physically.  As a woman, I dread the aging process but I am slowly learning to embrace it:)  But because of my Valentine and the love he puts into action, I confidently know I will be loved regardless of how I age.

I just want to take this time and Thank my Valentine for loving me, for making me a better person, for accepting my imperfections, for loving me at my worst, and especially for giving me three beautiful children.  Because of you, I can confidently grow old and know that someone will still love me…for me.  Mr. T, I am so grateful for you.  I LOVE YOU and Thank YOU for being my Valentine!

I know…this is a little mushy.  But because of him and his encouragement.  I made my very first video tutorial, the {TANYA} headband.  It was named after him with a feminine twist of course:)  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

If you got this far, thank YOU for reading!

Happy Valentine’s Day!