Happy 2017 New Year! : Undergarment options for a Sweetheart Neckline & Low Back Wedding Dress


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Happy New Year!  I hope you had an awesome New Year’s Celebration.  Did you come up with some new goals for 2017?  Since one of my goals is to get over my awkwardness of talking into a camera, I’m working on a video to share my ideas & projects for 2017 with you. I’ve been practicing so hopefully it’s not too awkward.  Yes, I have to practice;)  Coming soon!

So let’s get started on the topic today – bra cups, bustier, or braless.  If your bridal gown has a sweetheart neckline & a low back like my Goddaughter’s gown below, there are 3 options for you.


The 3 options are:

  1. Sew in Bra cups.  If you would like an extra lift, I recommend asking your seamstress to sew in bra cups for extra padding.  I like to keep things simple so if I don’t have to worry about an extra item like a bustier on my wedding day, I’d go for this option.  Also, you would save time not having to put on a bustier.
  2. Seamless Bustier.  My Goddaughter wanted her waist to be more cinched in and a little extra lift so I recommended a seamless bustier like the one below.  It has the sweetheart neckline as well as a low back.  I like the fact that it is seamless so there will not be visible lines going through your dress:

    You can shop for it here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2iMmhCN

  3. Braless.  If you don’t need the extra lift or cinch, go braless.  Most Bridal gowns already have padding in them so if you’re comfortable not wearing an undergarment, you are set.

Well, I hope this was helpful.  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

Have a wonderful day!


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I had put together a tutorial for my Goddaughter’s Bridesmaid on “How to lace a Wedding Dress Corset,” feel free to view it below:


Sneak Peek…

bead project

Here are the “Ordinaries” for the next DIY tutorial.  Want to take a guess at what is being created?  I guess some of the items in the photo may give it away:)  Well, I am still tweaking with it until I am satisfied with the final product.

Stay tuned!…..

Maybe you will have a better idea of what I am creating by checking out my {Pinterest board} — want a bigger hint?  click {here} for my inspiration board.

Have a wonderful day!

2013…A New Year with some New Goals

Fabrics to practice couture techniques

Fabrics to practice couture techniques

Morning Everyone!

Happy New Year and I hope you had a fun-filled count down:)

Well, I have been reflecting on 2012 and all the wonderful wedding projects, people, and events that happened in my life.  I am so grateful for them all and I can now embrace and appreciate the memories.  Because of these moments and encounters, I can now look to 2013 with more excitement and anticipation on what is to come.

So what is to come?…you may be asking:)


Last year, I got to a point where I had to start referring clients out and didn’t even have the opportunity to share them on my blog and do tutorials.  This was a sign of how busy I was getting.  However, I had to make a hard decision for 2013.  At this time, I will not be taking custom projects and alterations.   I made this decision so I can focus on some personal sewing and expand my couture experiences.  Remember when I mentioned that the Couture Sewing School changed my life in this {post}?  Well it certainly did:)


Also, I would like to spend time creating more tutorials for you.  My videos have been so basic with no music and special effects that I’m not sure how it gets viewers, but miraculously it does—-so thank YOU for watching:)  I will try my hardest to learn and create more pleasant tutorials and recreate some of the still photo videos.  My goal is to get one video out per month for 2013.  Hopefully two in due time.


Recently, my husband asked me a question over dinner.  “Do you think you can create a whole Bridal Outfit for $20?”  My instant reaction was….No Way!  He was actually thinking on behalf of all the Budget Brides around the world.  However, that question actually sparked an idea.  I think I can share how to create a simple Bridal Outfit for $50.00.  It will be my challenge.  With a lot of creativity, time, and some planning, I am going to show you how.  I plan on putting together two outfit tutorials for the “$50.00 Bride”.  Look out for it throughout the year:)


Lastly, I want to share more of YOUR work.  You guys have been my inspiration and so I know you will inspire others.  I would like to start and share a collection of DIY projects from Brides like you —similar to how I shared Sonya W.’s creations on this {post}.  So please do not hesitate to share your works and creativity:)

Well, I leave you with this image of all the fabrics I just bought.  I plan on using it to experiment with some couture techniques and also to decorate my home (we moved in July 2012 so I am in the process of decorating, but first, I need to finish unpacking.  Another to-do for 2013:)

Fabrics to play with

Fabrics to play with

Well, have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting!


Congratulations Carly & Phil!

{Randy, Sal, Louis, Phil, Dennis, Joe}
Photo by Jason Rathweg of Reclaimed Moments

I just wanted to take this time and congratulate my brother Phil and my new beautiful sister-in-law Carly on their nuptials this past weekend.  The celebration was held at the Safari Texas Ballroom and the weather could not have been more perfect.  Our family and friends came from near and far to witness two fun loving people say their vows of forever.  We shared a lot of laughter and had so much fun.  Let’s just say, my brother gave his new Father-in-law a special hand shake and a chest bump when he received his new Bride.  Also, there was a table tennis tournament for those needing a break from the dance floor.  It was just a day full of joy and surprises so I wanted to share a few photos with you.

Photo by Jason Rathweg of Reclaimed Moments

{me, Linda, Melissa, Carly, Carmen, Fran}
Photo by Jason Rathweg of Reclaimed Moments

The Newlyweds
Photo by Jason Rathweg of Reclaimed Moments

Thank you everyone for visiting!  May your journey of marriage be as unique as you and your husband-to-be and may it be filled with lots of joy and laughter.  Please do not sweat the small stuff but embrace the day and the special people who will be celebrating with you.



{the hand shake}
Photo courtesy of Johnny Bui

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more new and fun DIY projects in the near future:) If you would like to see how I created her bridal sash, click {here} or on the image below.  To view current Bridal DIY Tutorials, click {here}.



Pinterest Board “Budgeting a Wedding” : A little Traveling

DIY Wedding Gowns

Bobette Kyle with www.MyOnlineWeddingHelp.com has been vigorously working hard to help Brides “Create a Dream Wedding on a DIY Budget.”  If you have the means to go custom and have a Designer create your dream gown and accessories, I say go for it.  But if you have a small budget, it should never stop you from creating a Dream Wedding Day.  You need to have a good attitude, time, and excellent resources to help you along the way.

Bobette had invited me onto her Pinterest Board “Budgeting a Wedding” to help all the Budget Brides create their Dream Wedding Day.  If you know me by now, I am all for empowering Bridal DIYers so I was excited to help the best I can.  If you are a Budget DIY Bride, feel free to visit the following  Pinterest Board “Budgeting a Wedding” by MyOnlineWeddingHelp.  You can click on the image above or you can click {here}.

Also, here are other DIY resources by Youtique Bridal & Formal you can visit:

Youtique Bridal & Formal Youtube Channel

DIY Wedding Gowns

Youtique Bridal Pinterest

If you have Budget tips or ideas, feel free to share it with me and all the Beautiful Brides out there looking for ways to save.

I am getting ready to leave on a plane to Vancouver and Seattle so I wish you guys a Happy Fourth of July.  Also fyi, I will not be posting for a couple of weeks due to traveling and tight deadlines.  So may your celebrations be safe and memorable with great friends & family.   Have a wonderful week and thank YOU for visiting!