Final Shoe Design/Refashion : $50.00 Wedding Gown Challenge


If you are new to my blog, Welcome and thank YOU for visiting!  I am currently working on a $50.00 Simple Wedding Gown Challenge.  My goal is to stay at or under $50.00 (before taxes) and assuming people have the basic supplies – scissor, sewing machine, thread/needle, glue gun/glue sticks, iron, and a measuring tape.  However, my true goal is to inspire you to get creative.  Below is the tentative budget breakdown:

$10.00 Hair Adornment/Jewelry

$15.00 Shoes

$25.00 Dress (not including undergarments:)

The budget breakdown may change but the goal is to stay at or under $50.00


Greetings Everyone!

As you can see, I’m still drawn to the pyramid trims and just had to add it to the shoe design.  This is a pretty big transformation if I do say so myself.   What do you think?



Remember how it looked before?

khols shoes

While designing the shoes, I had a hard time sleeping at night.  The shoes had morphed into so many designs in my head and my mind would not let me rest.  Remember, I had to work within a $15.00  shoe budget so I had to get extremely creative with the supplies I had or had to purchase.

Before I finalized the design, I did play around with the embellishments.  Below are a few ideas I played with…you may even like one of them better:)

Well, I am currently working on the video tutorial for the shoe refashion so it will be coming out the end of November or early December.  Also, I would like to thank the Gentlemen for being so patient.  I do have a few tutorials lined up for them and they will be coming out soon.  As for the shoe budget, here it is….

2shoe ordinaries

Price – Item (Shop)

$7.79 – Shoes (Kohl’s – additional 25%discount & additional 20% Friends & Family Discount)

Free  – Flower Petals  (left over from Floral Birdcage Headband Tutorial)

$0.97 – Gold Ribbon (Walmart)

$3.77 – Rust-Oleum Gold Metallic Paint (Walmart)

$2.75 –  1/2yard Gold Pyramid Chain (Joann’s, 50% off phone app coupon)

Total $15.28

Went over $0.28 but I’m definitely okay with that, I’ll just take it from the jewelry budget or the dress budget:)  A glue gun/glue sticks were used for adhering the embellishments.


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Thank you for visiting and stay tuned!

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