{EVAN} How to make custom Cuff Links for the Gentlemen

Custom Cuff Links 

I am creating 6 custom cuff links for 5 groomsmen and a groom all with very different personalities.  Yes, they are gifts for my Brother and his special friends.  I just completed the first one for sweet Randy S.  He grew up watching Captain Planet and wanted a super hero logo.  So here you go Randy.  I used yours to create the tutorial 😛

You can also get someone to sketch something that represents you as well.  This is what Sal is doing.  Sal’s niece is designing his image.  I thought that was very clever and quite sentimental.

The cuff links would make great gifts for the Wedding Party, Father’s Day present, and even birthdays.  I made one for my Father.  My parents 4oth Anniversary is coming up and we want to do something special for them.  So, here’s my head start:)  I hope you enjoy this tutorial!