Q&A : Veil Making

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  Today my husband Mr. T has been in my thoughts all morning because he is working on something very important…I am wishing him the best;)  Also, the weather is expected to rain and I am craving for a warm cup of tea.  So how is your day going so far?

Well, I am doing something a little different today.  I have compiled a few questions left in the comment section of my two veil tutorials, the Two Tier Bridal Veil and the Drop Lace Veil.  I decided to answer them in one short video in hopes that it will help the Bride as well as others who may have the same question.

Here are the questions:
*{0:27} Where would I purchase the hair combs?
*{0:47} Can you please show us how to cut the veil so that it will cascade?
*{1:52} My style of veil is the drop veil with embellishments on the lace, so for the reception if I pull it back I’m afraid the embellishments are not going to be seen and it will seem as if I wore the veil the wrong way. Can you suggest something?
*{2:53} This question followed my circular lace drop veil…Can I do this with 3 yards of tulle and make a larger veil?
*{3:45} I would love to purchase your veil kit but I would like to create a longer 54″ veil in the style of the single tier ballet veil, what do you suggest I do?
A: At this time, I have the lace veil kit which includes 3 yards of my exclusive delicate eyelash lace and 54″ width tulle. Please email me for more details at youtiquebridal@gmail.com

Feel free to view the following as well:

(1)Two Tier Bridal Veil: https://youtu.be/5vd9wzzY-gs
(2) Drop Lace Veil: https://youtu.be/_6-1WBhMIr8

Also, I just want to thank Angela Rae for encouraging me.  As you may have read in my last post, I am fearful of doing live interviews.  I am okay with recording myself doing work and then voice-overs, but there is something different about talking to the camera.  Is it just me?  Please tell me I am not the only one uncomfortable with this. lol!  I know it’s trivial for most, especially Angela whose experiences include being a news anchor and interviewing big names like Oprah.  She is now on a new journey of expanding her professional life.  Her dream is to bring women together from different cultural backgrounds and experiences, build a strong network of support, and then empower and give them a voice to go out and make positive change.  Well, imagine the excitement I felt when Angela asked me to do an interview?  Yes of course I was super excited!  BUT….talk to a camera?  Ummm…  Well I have to admit, it was a wonderful first interview experience.  Thanks Angela for alleviating my nerves and being patient with me.  Because of the interview with her, I had the courage to do this Q&A video which I recorded right after finishing our interview.  I would love to share more about Angela Rae and the interview in the near future…stay tuned!




DIY Bridal Lace Capelet

DIY Lace CapeletGreetings!

I hope you are all doing well.  I finally completed the Bridal Lace Capelet Tutorial Series!  Yes, series:)  During my planning and preparation phase, I thought the tutorial can be done in one video.  However, as the project progressed, it expanded to two…then three.  Because this series challenged me technically as well as creatively, I gained a lot of knowledge from it.  And when my mind and imagination expands, I get super excited! (the nerdy side in me;)

So when can I wear the Bridal Lace Capelet?  You can wear it during your wedding ceremony to have a little modesty or it is even a great bridal accessory during this Fall and Winter season.  The Bridal Lace Capelet is a great way to dress up a simple wedding gown as well as keep you warm.  Because it is lace, it won’t take away the design element of your wedding gown which can be seen through the lace.

Well, feel free to view the DIY “Bridal Lace Capelet” Series:

Part1of3: Making the Capelet Pattern.  You will learn how to make a capelet pattern according to your unique measurements.  You will be taking 4 custom measurements: Length, neck width, shoulder, and capelet width.

Part 2of3: Creating the Bias Tape.  The bias tape is a great tool to hem curvy areas on your garment, for example the necklines and armholes.  For the capelet, we will be using the bias tape for the neckline and the front hem.  I chose organza so the lace design can still be seen at the hemline.

Part3of3: Cutting & Sewing the Capelet.  In this tutorial, you will learn how to sew the whole capelet and adding the finishing touches.


Click on image to shop:

Well, I want to thank Fabric Wholesale Direct for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to collaborate with them on this fun project.  Below are the items I used for the project and can can be purchased to create your own Bridal Lace Capelet.

use coupon code on http://www.fabricwholesaledirec.tom : youtiquebridal to receive $5.00 off your purchase of $35 or more.

  1. Ivory Tulip Guipure French Lace : How much lace will I need? take your Capelet Width measurement x 3.  Make sure to add a few extra inches for the scallop design
  2. Crystal Organza Fabric : 1/2 yd to 1yd depending on your measurements
  3. White Thread

To find out more, feel free to contact Fabric Wholesale Direct at (855) 464-6867, M-F 9:30 – 5 PM EST.

If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask below.



Guest DIY Bride : Krystal Longnecker from Pomona, New Jersey


My best friend Cathy was right when she stated that last month was “May Madness.”  There were so many events to attend and plenty of reasons to celebrate.  Congratulations to all those who got married, graduated and received their First Communions;)

Bride Krystal and Groom Nicholas : Photo credit Julie Dessario Photography

Bride Krystal and Groom Nicholas : Photo credit Julie Dassaro Photography

I have a guest DIY Bride today, Krystal Longnecker from Pomona, New Jersey, who got married on April 25, 2015.  She is a resourceful DIY Bride who created many of her own wedding decor & accessories.  After watching my tutorial on “How to make the Wedding Veil with Lace Trim” tutorial, she was even inspired to create her own lace wedding veil.  She put in the order for the DIY Lace Trim and created a special heirloom for her daughters.  She sent a beautiful message to me that I just had to share:

“I had so many people say how lovely my veil was but when they heard I made it myself after seeing your youtube video (you made it look so easy) they were in shock!  I can not thank you enough for giving me the wisdom, confidence, and affordable pricing for the material to make an heirloom for my girls to use on their special day, and pass on to their little ladies on theirs! You truly are a blessing”

Krystal, thank you for your kind words and may your beautiful veil made with love be passed on through many generations!


Photo courtesy of Krystal Longnecker

I asked Krystal a few questions to find out about her DIY journey and got the opportunity to hear about her unconditional and unconventional love story.  Feel free to read…

Q) What inspired you to create your own lace wedding veil?  KRYSTAL: Since I have 2 daughters of my own and am raising my 2 neices I wanted something I could pass on to them.  Also, I couldn’t come to terms with spending $250 on a Mantilla veil that had no love, passion and finger pricking pain in it! 🙂

Q) How far in advance did you start to insure that you will be complete the veil by your wedding date? KRYSTAL: I started the day I got my veil kit February 11, 2015.  I finished the day before my wedding April 24th, 2015.  The only reason my veil took as long to finish is because I put it aside for about a month as I made my wedding album, centerpieces, and programs.

Q) What is your wedding theme/colors? KRYSTAL: Our wedding theme was Rustic and our colors were Mint and Burlap. We really used lots of colors, the pastel color wheel was our inspiration.


Bride Krystal and Groom Nicholas : Photo credit Julie Dassaro Photography

Q) How did you meet your husband?  KRYSTAL: It’s a funny story actually. I met him in high school when he picked me up to go out on a date with his best friend. A week or so later he picked me up from high school again so I could go out again with his best friend and that’s when he touched my hand and said “You really deserve better than him. I really wish you would go out with me sometime.” My immediate response was “Do you see this?”, as I pointed my finger over me, “You have no chance of ever dating me!” Well I found out a week later my boyfriend was cheating on me.  Fast forward 2 years later… I am living at a friends and just found out 2 weeks before I am 19 weeks 6 days pregnant with my ex’s baby. I was on MySpace and up pops a message from Nicholas asking my AIM Username so we could catch up. We talked for a couple days and he asked me out to eat. I responded with, “Listen I am 5 1/2 months pregnant.” He responded, “And? What you don’t like to eat?” All I could think is no boy would date someone because she is pregnant with someone else’s baby…but a man would. We went out for the first time on Easter night 2006 and officially became a couple April 21, 2006. I guess the Lord had different plans than I did in high school and a great sense of humor.

Wow! The groom was very persistent in courting his Bride.  He did not let anything stop him from chasing the woman of his dreams.  Despite all the challenges, there were 2 beautiful blessings (Krystal’s daughters) and a husband who would do anything for his Bride.  I wish you the very best on your journey of marriage.

Below is the lace veil tutorial that inspired Krystal…

If you would like to see more photos from Krystal’s Wedding, you can click {here}.

Thank you for visiting!


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DIY Baptismal Headband Tutorial : High School Design Competition

Greetings Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring season as much as I am.  It is raining a little today but as the saying goes “April Showers bring May Flowers.”  I love flowers so I don’t mind the rain.  Well, I have been working on a few fun projects so if you’re interested, see below.


Precious Baby Halena

So how was your Easter Celebration?  I got to meet my beautiful niece Halena for the first time on Easter.  She just moved here from Canada and a few days after her move, we celebrated her Baptismal Vows.  I am very honored to be her Godmother.  As part of her gift, I created a special custom Baptismal Headband.  While designing it, I can also see this design on a Flower Girl Headband as well.  Here is how I created it:

Ordinaries: *Floral Ribbon, embellishments (rhinestones/cross), feathers, scissors, glue gun/glue sticks

Steps 1-4

(1) cut 3 flowers from the ribbon (2) trim off excess fabric (3) create 2 smaller flowers by cutting it down to resize (4) glue on flowers to the headband


(5) pull off excess feathers and cut the stem, glue onto headband behind flowers (6) cut off the rhinestone stem (7) glue embellishments onto flower

And there you have it, a beautiful Baptismal Headband.  I do plan on creating a video tutorial for this.  However, it will be produced/film and edited sometime after my Midnight Blue Couture Dress is complete:) Stay tuned!


Do you remember the Midnight Blue Couture Dress Project?  I know it’s been over two years but I had asked you to help me pick a color for the dress.  The majority of you graciously chose Midnight Blue – love the color!


Well, I have revisited the project recently and my goal is to have it completed by the High School Fashion Show next week.  I was asked to judge the design competition presented by Sew Much Fabric and thought it would be the perfect time to complete and wear one of my own designs:)  Well, I am super excited and looking forward to seeing the creativity and skills the Elsik High School Design Students are coming up with.   It is always a lot of fun for me when it entails Fashion, Youth, and Community:)  If you are free Friday April 17th, join us!

fashion show flyer

If you would like to see the progress of my couture dress, follow me on Instagram.

Stay dry and have a wonderful day!!!


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How to make a Wedding Veil (3 Styles) : Valentine


Although Valentine’s Day had passed, I wanted to continue the spirit of love.  I added elements of Valentine so that anyone who views the tutorial, will remember to do things with love.  I know, I’m a hopeless romantic:)  In this tutorial you will learn 3 ways to make a Two Tier Blusher Veil using a 54″ width tulle.  I broke it down into 3 different styles:

(1) Full veil : which has volume & fullness

(2) Drop Veil : it simply lays over your head and does not have a lot of fullness

(3) Separate Blusher & Train:  2 piece veil.  Both the blusher & train can be worn to the ceremony.   The long train can be removed and the Blusher can be worn as your main veil during the reception.  I will also show you how to reduce fullness or pouf from the veil during this portion of the tutorial.


Detail breakdown of what you will learn in this tutorial:

{0:44} * Measure amount of tulle needed, measure blusher length & train length
{1:30} * Full Veil Tutorial
{2:30} * Drop Veil Tutorial
{3:01} * Separate Blusher & Train Tutorial
{3:40} * How to reduce volume or pouf from the veil
{4:01} * Reduce fullness for Cathedral length trains

I know this is a lot of information in one video, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


I would like to thank the following people who inspired this tutorial as a whole:

* Carolyn: a Bride-to-be who wrote me a kind email and inquired about the lace trim from my “lace veil” tutorial.  Before I can even launch my lace to sell, I had several inquiries and had to put in an order for more (btw the lace will be available next week).  She also contemplated a blusher veil and had questions about the fullness of the veil.  I wanted to be able to answer all her questions in this one video.  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Carolyn!

*JR Simon:  she is a Facebook friend that shared a video with me.  She thought I would enjoy watching a petite version of a couture dress being made.  Not only did I love watching the video, it helped me solve a dilemma.  While filming, I was unable to fit the large unfolded tulle into the camera frame.  So guess what inspired me to do a “small scale” version?  Yes, thank you JR Simon!!! Here is the video shared:

*Aunt Kimmie:  My lovely Aunt Kim from California made my 2004 wedding veil.  It was a separate blusher and cathedral length veil.  I got to wear both during the ceremony and removed the long train for the reception.  The separate Blusher & Train veil tutorial was inspired by her.  Many great memories.  Love you Aunt Kimmie!!!

aunt kimmie making my veil

*Noel Akbar: a talented 19 years old musician who wrote a sweet Valentine song.  Since it mentioned “Valentine” and “Pho,”  I couldn’t resist to share it in this tutorial.  I love Pho!  It is a special Vietnamese noodle soup that my husband and I love to eat, especially during cold weather:)   Thank you Noel for granting me permission to use your song.  You can follow him on instagram at snackbar23 or subscribe to his channel at noelsmusicpage23:   Listen to the full version of “Valentine Song” below:

And here’s a little more about Noel:

“I live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. My love of music has kind of been with me naturally from a really young age. I was first inspired to write music after listening to artists like AJ Rafael and Jesse Barerra. I learned guitar after listening to them and began playing more.  My friends got me to start uploading covers and originals on YouTube. Ever since then I loved sharing my music and stories through my songs to the people who were willing to listen.  Right now I’m in school and I work so it makes it difficult to always upload videos.  I hope to continue doing what I do on YouTube and to perform more live and maybe even try out for a couple of shows.  It would be a dream to do what I love as a job. For now I’m going with the flow and working on my Music as much as I can.” — Wishing you the best with your dreams Noel!

May everyday be Valentine’s day for everyone!

Lots of love,


DIY Drop Veil, Ballet Length Veil, & Mantilla Veil


I have always adored the Mantilla Wedding Veils but when I saw old photos of Jackie O wearing it, I knew I wanted to do a tutorial on it:)  Today I will be showing you how to create 3 different style veils with 1 yard of tulle and 3 yards of lace.  You will learn to create a Drop Veil (Shoulder Length), Single Tier Ballet Length Veil, and of course the Mantilla Veil (Fingertip Length). Enjoy!

Click {here} for the history of the Mantilla veil.

For this tutorial, I recommend putting together your favorite music playlist or watch one of your favorite TV series.  The blanket stitch is not hard at all but will take time to complete.  Below is a playlist I put together for myself to keep me inspired.   While putting together my playlist, I thought of the Brides who will be creating this for themselves, the mothers who are sewing it for their daughters, a Bridesmaid hand-sewing it as a gift for the special Bride-to-be, or the new Bridal Designer dreaming and needing a little encouragement.  Each and everyone creating it with love and their gift of time — really, you are all “Superwomen”.  And if you are a gentlemen creating this…you are definitely a “Superman” as well:)

*recommended stitch length=1/4″

Well, I hope you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary:)



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PS. Please let me know which veil you like the best in the comment section below:) — Drop? Ballet Length? Mantilla?


Sewing Fashionista’s Bow-Tie Bash


Rosalind creating her bow-tie.

I had a fabulous time teaching a very special group of ladies how to make a bow-tie.  The Sewing Fashionistas are a talented group of women with different sewing backgrounds.  They meet every other month to share their sewing experiences and present their current projects.  The meetings are hosted by Rosalind Gaither with Sew Much Fabric.  If you would like to expand your sewing knowledge, feel free to check out Roz’s blog at:  http://www.smfdesignsandfriends.blogspot.com/ or follow the Sewing Fashionista’s Facebook by clicking {here}.

Now check out all the fun:

To learn how to create the {JEREMY} Bow- Tie, the tutorial is below:

To view other uses of Bows, check out my Pinterest inspiration board by visiting {here}.  Thank you Roz for thinking of me and thank you to all my fellow Sewing Fashionistas for such a wonderful time.



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DIY Honeymoon Swimsuit : payitforward4edu.com



Greetings Everyone!

I thought this would be a good project to inspire DIY destination Brides or for those having tropical honeymoons.  Since I was hanging out with my children at the pool this past summer, I wanted to make myself a swimsuit.  First, I wanted to see how a specific silhouette would look on me before starting on my “real” bathing suit.  My goal was to visually make my waist look smaller and to cover my tummy.  The way I sewed the prototype is the same way I sew my children’s Halloween costumes…quick, easy, and budget friendly. Basically, lazy sewing:)  So here is the general process of how I made the prototype:


(1) purchased a well-fitted tank top and 2 extremely large knitted tshirts (for accent colors).  2. As you can see, the tank top was cupped already to save time on making the padded bodice.  (3) I marked my waistline and (4) cut.


(5) Next, lay the tank on top of the tshirt and measure out the width of the tank.  I wanted a 1″ waist band so I gave it a 1/2″ seam allowance on each side, (6) total width cut is 2 inches. (7) the waist band. (8) pin the waist band to the tank with right sides facing each other.


(9)serge one side of the waist band to the tank . *if you do not have a serger, you can sew using a zigzag stitch. (10) Next, I created a paper pattern for my ruffle hem by using the same technique as my “midnight blue couture project”…click {here} to view the steps.  (11) Sew the ruffle fabric to the waist band. (12) and sew the the hem


(13) I used my favorite swim bottom to create the swim bottom pattern.  I basically stretched it out to lay it flat and added a 1/2″ seam allowance (14) I cut from the 2 remaining accent fabrics and sewed it together, totaling 2 swim bottoms. (15) With wrong sides of the fabric facing each other (16) I serged on the elastic band to the three openings. (17) the swimsuit bottom.

last steps

(18) I folded the seam in and used a (19) zig zag stitch to secure it.  And that completes it.  I didn’t end up making my “real” swimsuit yet so I’ll save that for next summer, but I did get to wear my prototype a few times to the pool.  But the great part is, I got to pair it up with my big summer hat and my Smart Money Smart Kids book I got as birthday gifts —- Thank you Quynn for the hat and Thank you Nancy for the book:)  To check out my swimsuit inspiration board, click {here}.

inspiration photo

I would like to take this time to share about a special math education program started by my friend Quynn.  She has a passion for teaching math and started Pay It Forward For Education.  It provides FREE online interactive math tutorial sessions for 3rd grade through Algebra 1.  My son Big J is attending and loves it.  He loves the idea that he can possibly have a classmate from around the world and it has also enhanced his math skills.  If you would like to learn more about this program, feel free to email Quynn at piffe2014@gmail.com or check out the website at www.payitforward4edu.com.

Also, I was speaking with a friend from Canada, I heard the teachers are on strike:(  For my Canadian friends, maybe this is something you can check out for your children:)

Well, thank you for visiting and have a great evening!


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DIY No-Sew Bow Tie : Francesca’s Bow Tie Bash


Greetings Everyone!

Summer has flown by so quickly.  Do you agree?

This past June I was invited to teach a “fun” class for Francesca’s Corporate Employees.  Francesca’s was voted one of the top Fashion Retail Companies to work for and I can understand why.  While visiting, I was impressed by their onsite gym and bistro/cafe provided to their employees.  I also got to tour their warehouse where merchandise was shipped and received.  But not only was their facility impressive, their employees were too.  Everyone I met had a contagious smile and they were such a friendly energetic group of employees.  What a privilege to have taught them.  They made the experience so fun.    Thank you Jen H. for thinking of me and giving me this opportunity!  🙂  I was also told Francesca’s sponsored Project Runway: Under the Gunn — super cool!

Check out their lovely smiles:

Since I already had a Bow Tie tutorial, it was the perfect project to modify down to an hour.  Here were my goals for “Francesca’s Bow Tie Bash”:

*inspire the students to be creative

*teach students to learn a basic sewing technique=transferring pattern onto fabric using a tracing wheel/tracing paper

*create a clean professional finish Bow Tie

*more importantly, have fun in the 1 hour session

Here are other uses for Bow Ties: Hair Bows/Head Bands, great birthday or baby shower themes, use for gift wrapping, accessorize clothing, belts, shoes, jewelry, table scape, accent frames, etc.  You can visit my Pinterest Bow Tie Inspiration Board by clicking “here.”

I believe when a Company allows their employees to exercise their creativity, their productivity in the workplace will improve.  It gives Employees the opportunity to think outside the box and improve their ability to problem-solve.  I truly believe Francesca’s is going to be a very successful company.


When I get into my sewing “zone,”  my mind starts to wander.  On one of those sewing nights, I reminisced about my childhood at 4 years old.   I remember waking up to a bag of bubble gum at the foot of my bed.  My Father would leave a bag of gum for us after a long day of work and studying for classes.  We hardly ever saw him while he was in school so I guess it was his way to let us know he thought of us.  He was like our secret Santa even though it wasn’t Christmas:)  When we woke up, we were the happiest children alive and it felt like Christmas.  To read a little more about my Super Dad, click “here.”   After this night of getting into my sewing zone, I went out the next day and bought a bag of bubble gum for my children.  We spent the summer chewing gum and blowing bubbles.  It was fun and I had fond memories from it.  I just hope my children will remember this summer too:)

Well, I thought I would incorporate my summer memories into the tutorial and to also thank Francesca’s.  So here it is….I hope you enjoy!  Just a warning…I’ve been feeling silly lately so you’re just going to see a silly side of me:)

{JEREMY} No-Sew Bow Tie pattern:

Click to access bow-tie-1-fashion-fabric-pattern.pdf

If you would like a little sewing, here is my original {JEREMY} Bow Tie Tutorial I made in 2012.  My videos have come a long way and I want to continue improving them.  Thank YOU for watching and for all your support as I continue my journey!



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Celebrate Life : DIY Pomander Tree

Final pomander tree

The Flower Pomander Tree I made for Cat’s Birthday Party: Video Tutorial Below

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all doing very well.  For those of you who have been following me, I know it felt like I disappeared this Summer but I’m still here.  For the guests who are visiting for the first time…Hello and Welcome:)

This is going to be a little personal post.  If you are here for the tutorials, you can skip right on over to my Youtique Bridal Youtube Channel by clicking “here” or feel free to skim over my blog posts.  For those who are deciding to move forward with the post….I hope you enjoy.  Either way, thank you:)

With 1 or 2 words, how would you describe or sum up your 2014 Summer?  Please don’t be shy, leave it in the comment section below.  Mine would be “Celebrate Life.”  My 2014 Summer has been filled with ups and downs — thank goodness for more ups:) As some of you may know, I lost a friend to cancer early this Summer.  Although I did not make it in time to say goodbye in person, I had the opportunity to visit Thuy-Anh at the funeral home and say it with my heart.  I left Canada with a reminder of how fragile life is and how time is precious.  So when Birthdays came along this Summer, it was the perfect time to spend it with friends and family to celebrate life.

This 2014 Summer was full of opportunities to celebrate life…

*My nephew Noah (Sister’s Son) and Timothy (Mr.T’s Brother’s Son) both turned one.  They are the most ADORABLE curious and fearless little boys.  Did I mention they are ADORABLE?

*Quality time with my niece Theresa for her birthday.  She is now a beautiful young lady trying to find her way in this world.  You will make it Theresa!  Hang in there and don’t sacrifice your integrity:)

*Mr. T turned a year older and we kept it simple by counting the number of white hairs he grew instead of counting candles.  Just kidding!  He got to cut his birthday cake at my parents:) On the same weekend, we celebrated my nephew Evan’s birthday.  He turned 5 and will start kindergarten this year.  I can’t believe it!

*We did miss a birthday celebration cause I had to leave for Canada:(…Happy Birthday Mark!  He turned 8 years old this year.  It would have been fun to play laser tag.  Maybe next year?

*My God daughter Sweet & Sassy Serena turned 4.  Her mommy wanted to keep it simple so we sang Happy Birthday to her on a Play Date.  I enjoyed this small intimate weekday gathering cause there was no pressure to decorate and plan…it was really nice:)  However, her 5th is going to be an all out party:)

*My good friend Fabulous Phoebe celebrated her 40th with a belly dancing class….so much fun!  I have to admit, my flabby belly was already dancing before this class.  lol!

*My best friend in the whole wide world, Cat (Cathy), celebrated her 40th pool side, nice and relaxing—exactly what I needed.  Btw, I’ve known this gorgeous girl since the 2nd grade.  We spent the whole party listening to 80’s music and reminiscing about our childhood and youth from loooooooong ago.  Great memories!  Here are a few photos of the Flower Pomander Tree I made for her Pool Party, you can also check out the video tutorial that inspired the tree at the end of the post:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*My Brother Phil’s birthday is on the same day as my best friend’s…he celebrated in Cancun — missed him lots but can’t blame him for not being here:)

*And Uncle Thong (my brother-in-law)…he got caked in the face for his birthday celebration.  That was awesome!

*My Coach Okwui who whipped me into shape this year also celebrated his birthday.  He helped me rebuild my physical and mental health.  He’s a tough coach!  Check him out on Instagram Fitness Lab 101:   http://instagram.com/fitnesslab101

Besides birthday parties, my family and I spent a large portion of our Summer hanging out at the library, swimming at a pool (I like to hide under a big hat so my freckles won’t get darker), gardening (yes, I now enjoy gardening), and chewing a lot of gum (I’ll share more on this later:) gum I did get to start on a few quick personal sewing projects and I’ll share those with you in the future.  This past June, I was invited to teach a “fun” class at Francesca’s Corporate Office.  I really enjoyed the experience.  I’ll be sharing that with you along with my new video tutorial coming out next week…stay tuned!

Summer 2014 is now coming to an end…what I’ve learned: It does not matter how long or short your life may be, all that matters is how you lived your dash:)  Well, here’s a little poem to leave you with: Dash by Linda Ellis:

I read of a man who stood to speak
at the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the dates on the tombstone
from the beginning…to the end.

He noted that first came the date of birth
and spoke the following date with tears,
but he said what mattered most of all
was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time
that they spent alive on earth.
And now only those who loved them
know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own,
the cars…the house…the cash.
What matters is how we live and love
and how we spend our dash.

So, think about this long and hard.
Are there things you’d like to change?
For you never know how much time is left
that can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough
to consider what’s true and real
and always try to understand
​the way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger
and show appreciation more
and love the people in our lives
like we’ve never loved before. 

If we treat each other with respect
and more often wear a smile,
remembering that this special dash
might only last a little while.

​So, when your eulogy is being read,
with your life’s actions to rehash…
would you be proud of the things they say
about how you spent YOUR dash?

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If you would like to learn how to make the Flower Pomander Ball, feel free to view the Flower Girl Pomander Ball tutorial featuring Guest Florist Tracy.  For Cat’s Flower Pomander tree, I used several different size styrofoam balls for visual interest.  Enjoy!

DIY Flower Ring Bearer Pillow : Guest Florist Tracy

Pinterest Ring Bearer

Greetings Everyone!

Hope you are doing wonderful!  Here is the DIY Floral Ring Bearer Pillow I promised.  Thank you to our Guest Florist Tracy with Blissful Moments for teaching us how to make the adorable Pillow — what a creative way to carry the ring down the aisle!

Well, Enjoy!

If you would like more inspiration and view other Floral Ring Bearer Pillows, check out my Pinterest Board by clicking {here}.

As for the lovely flowers to make the pillow, you can purchase them on Blissful Moments’ Etsy Shop at:


FYI, April and May has been such busy months for me personally.  Busy in all the wonderful ways life can offer right now…all my children’s Birthdays, my son Big J’s First Communion, My hubby Mr. T graduating from a program that will take him a step closer to his dream career, and of course Mother’s Day this weekend.  So to all the Mothers out there –  Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 9.07.22 AMlol! My sister Linda shared this Mother’s Day Greeting with me last year…just had to share it again:) Also, my Birthday is coming up.  Guess what I get to do?  Take a motorcycle class!  I know, I sound like I’m going through a midlife crisis but it is something I’ve been wanting to do since my early 20’s….and I’m doing it!  Woohoo!  Don’t worry, it’s just a class:)

Happy Mother’s Day and I’ll be back mid June:)



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DIY Flower Girl Pomander Ball: Guest Florist Tracy

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Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having today in Sugar Land.  It makes me want to go outside, take in the sun, and drink some tea:)

Well, I have a special Guest Florist, Tracy with Blissful Moments who will teach us how to make  a Flower Girl Pomander Ball (aka Kissing Ball).  There are so many  uses for a Pomander Ball.  They are great for Wedding Decor, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Parties, or even for Home Decor.  I put an inspiration board together on my Pinterest page if you would like to see other uses…feel free to click {here} to view my Pinterest board.

Enjoy the Tutorial!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask:)

It was really fun to have company while filming so thank you Tracy!  We will have several other DIY Guests coming soon so I’m excited about this 2014 year.    I do realize I need to get a microphone for my Guests while being filmed, so thank you for being patient while I develop and improve my Youtube Channel:)  If you have any DIY projects you would like to see, feel free to let me know.

As for the lovely silk flowers, you can purchase them on Blissful Moments’ Etsy Shop at:


Well, it’s time for me to go outside and have some tea:)  Have a wonderful day!



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ps. the Silk Flower Ring Bearer Pillow is coming soon!