Custom Bridal Handbag {Dr. JV}

Jerri & Al – Love Tree

“Surprise me.”  That’s exactly what Dr. JV said when she requested for a custom bridal handbag.  Hearing these words are very exciting for someone like me who just loves to surprise people.  With the freedom to design and create something unique, I wanted the handbag to be a beautiful personalized accessory.  It would be used for the gift envelopes when they greet each table  (A Vietnamese Wedding Tradition to welcome and thank family and friends) and to also be used as a keepsake.  After the wedding, she can preserve her guest book, wedding cards, letters, and jewelry all in her bridal handbag.

Owl Theme inspired the Custom Bridal Handbag

The design: The Bride Owl is wearing a lace gown and hair fascinator to match the Bride’s wedding attire.  Gems and rhinestones are used to accent the eyes and hair accessory.  All the intricate details were hand cut & hand sewn to create this personalized bridal handbag.

Jerri & Al – Love Tree


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Custom Flower Girl Dress {Bella}

Custom Flower Girl Dress for Bella

Precious Bella will be wearing an adorable custom dress made of dupioni silk and embellished with a handmade flower.  This sleeveless silhouette is gathered at the waist and has a v-neck line.  Not only will Bella be stirring smiles from the attendants but she will also lead the beautiful bridal party down the aisle.  How precious!!!!

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Custom Bridal Sash & Ring Bearer Pillow {Dr. JV}

(1) Custom Ring Bearer Pillow (2) The invitation was the inspiration (3) Custom Bridal Sash

I am completely happy with the final outcome of the Custom Ring Bearer Pillow and Custom Bridal Sash I designed for Dr. JV.  To ensure the romantic and elegant feel, I used Organza, Chiffon, and silk.  The beautiful main flower on the Bridal Sash was created with a touch of drama in mind.  I want it to be a show stopper…I believe I accomplished that:)  I am not able to reveal the whole gown since the Bride will be surprising her groom.  Isn’t that sweet?!?  Also, if you look closely, you can see the themed Owls…hoo..hoo…:)

I am in the process of designing her two custom hair pieces (one for the ceremony and one for the reception) and a Bridal Bag.  Soon to be revealed…

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Inspiration Board for AMANDA V.

Inspiration Board for Amanda V.

1. Monique Lhuillier Cherry Blossom Cocktail Dress 2. Christian Louboutin Blue Satin Slingback via Bluefly 3. Caroline Herrera Resort

This project holds dear to my heart and I am overly excited to design a gown for a very special Junior Bridesmaid, Amanda V.  She is a sweet, shy, and classy girl.  Although she loves wearing her usual comfy jeans and t-shirt, she was ready to express her sense of style through a Sweet & Classy gown.  During our consultation, she gave me ideas of what she liked and the colors she adored (pink & blue).  So the gown will be Jackie O inspired with a pattern that will bring in the pink and blues (possibly floral patterns like the gowns above?)  Now I just have to do some research and put all her thoughts, style, and colors into one gown.  This is the fun part!

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