Color Block T-Shirt : Wardrobe Planning


I hope you had a wonderful Winter Holiday Season.  Do you need to recover from all the events like I do?  Although I enjoyed all the celebrations, I am looking forward to this weekend to rest and recuperate.  Before the New Year starts, I would like to do some deep cleaning in my Sewing Studio.  Would you like to see my process?  Let me know in the comment section below.


Color Block t-shirt: Inspiration Board Photos via Pinterest

In the video below,  I will show you the general process of how I sewed the color block t-shirt with a special focus on the sleeves.  In case you are wondering about the strange fabric shapes and printed paper in the video, I self drafted patterns on muslin remnants and my children’s school paper😉. I am trying my best to recycle when I can ♻️

Classic T-Shirt Series
1) How to sew the neckband & neck binding:
2) How to make a t-shirt pattern:
3) Sewing the Classic Black Tee (Time Lapse)

Here is the video content:

{0:00} Welcome
{0:06} Collaboration with Sew Much Fabric… {0:12} Color Block T-shirt, Special focus on the Sleeve
{0:20} Shop Fabrics…
{0:33} Creating Sleeve Pattern #1, 4.25″ length
{0:50} Sleeve Pattern #2, 10″ Length
{0:59} Draw in Color Blocks
{1:15}Separate Sewing Pieces Red Color Patterns
{1:52} Red Color Patterns
{2:18} Complete Sewing Patterns
{2:37} How to make a T-shirt Pattern
{2:47} Cut the Black Knit Fabrics
{2:57} Cut the Red Knit Fabrics
{3:10} Lay out the Fashion Fabrics to Sew
{3:30} Thank you Abby for the tip! Double Sided tape:
{4:18} Attach shoulders
{4:22}Attach Neckband & Neckbinding
{5:53} Attach Sleeves
{6:28} Sew Sides
{6:36} Outfits
{6:41} Sewing Fashionistas Xmas Party @sewmuchfabric @plan4youevents {8:18}Winter Holiday Events Benjamin’s Confirmation Orchestra Concert:
Winter Piano Recital: Emily Nguyen
Xmas at Mama Sabrina’s
{10:58} Merry Xmas!

block tee outfits1

Outfits 1)Red Lace Skirt- memade 2)Jeans, high boots, winter coat 3)Red Linen shorts-memade 4)Denim Skirt 5)Zipper Front Skirt-memade

Thank you for watching!  I hope you got inspired to create something EXTRAordinary;) Hugs!



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