DIY Bandeau Veil with Chenille Dots : Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!

The Christmas season is counting down.  Are you ready for it?  My children will be off from school in another week so I’m trying to get as much work done as possible before their Winter break.  I hope  you are keeping it stress free this holiday season.  I’m trying my best:).

So…I finally finished the tutorial for the Bandeau veil.  I believe this was started sometime in January & somehow other projects took over, but the important part is I finally got it done.  Anyone remember this post below from my FB/IG post?  Yes, that was awhile back.


Well, feel free to view the completed tutorial:

If you notice, it can be styled very similar to the Birdcage Veil.  I really like the bandeau veil because it is such a playful & edgy veil in my opinion.  The chenille dots make it playful.  I was intrigued with the chenille dots and how it inspired the Bridal industry so I did a little research.  Here are my favorite fashion icons from the 1950’s, Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly with chenille netting.

Chenille is the French word for caterpillar and it dates back to the 18th century for use as yarn. It appeared to become popular in the millinery world in the early 1900’s and slowly transitioned over to the bridal world.  I’m not exactly sure of the years when it became popular with bridal veils but if you find any information on it, feel free to share your knowledge below.  I am very curious.  Here are some resources for the information:

Well, stay warm everyone & have a wonderful weekend!  Happy Friday!

Warm & tight hugs,


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Click on image below to shop the Russian netting with Chenille Dots on Amazon:

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