Happy Thanksgiving 2016! THANK YOU!!!


My Very First Profile Picture


Hope you are all doing well.  So does anyone remember my very first FB/YouTube Profile Picture back in 2010?  I opened the accounts not long after having my third child & closing down my studio. I was an exhausted stay-at-home mom trying to figure it all out, uncertain what the future held for Youtique Bridal.  During my extra time, if I had any, I was learning how to record & edit videos. You were patient, and still are, with my video quality) — THANK YOU!!!  Naturally I am an introvert so sharing things on social media was a little uncomfortable.  I believe this picture expressed me pretty well;) I have come a long way.  Because of your support & encouragement, I gained the courage to get out of my comfort zone so from the bottom of my heart—THANK YOU!!!  When I announced that I was officially back at work in September 2015 through my video “In the Zone,” you were excited for me — THANK YOU!!!

You guys have been such a big part of my journey and I want to make sure you knew how grateful I am, especially during this Thanksgiving season.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break with family & friends.  I will be back to share my next upcoming project soon so till then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Photo via Pinterest

With a grateful heart,


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