Greetings Everyone!

I hope your summer 2015 is something that will be imprinted on your hearts forever…I know mine will.  I made a conscious effort this summer to limit my social media usage and spend time with my family, especially my children before they ALL start the new school year.  Yes, ALL.  My youngest daughter will be starting kindergarten this year…I can’t believe it!  Where has the time gone?

Many years ago, I told myself that I would return to the workplace full time after my youngest started school.  It would be a benchmark to when I would reopen my private little studio and in my quiet enthusiastic nature, service the beautiful guests that would come through my design space.  Well, #itsalmosttime.  

But before I started on anything again regarding my bridal business, I wanted to do it full heartedly according to the “Big Boss” above.  I used this summer to find quiet time everyday to reconnect to the small inner voice that had always encouraged me to be the best I could be and to serve others.  Honestly, if I had it MY way, I would open a private studio again and work quietly designing custom gowns and accessories.  But I believe the “Big Boss” changed my business plan over the years.  Since there are already so many talented Bridal Designers out there, instead of opening my studio space again, I will be spending time creating more tutorials and building a voice to inspire, encourage, and equip creative souls like myself.  And who knows, maybe one day I will open a studio again — we’ll see:)  Also, I have some new ideas (unrelated to designing) coming soon — more will be shared as it unfolds through the blog.  So, you will be hearing more from me as I transition back to the work place full time because….#itsalmosttime. 

I’ll see you soon!


p.s. Thank you to those who are following me on my Instagram account. You were the first to have an idea what #itsalmosttime is about;)

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