I hope you meet an Eva P. and a Hang D.

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{Hang, me, Eva}    Ladies, if you are reading this, we need an updated photo:)

Greetings Everyone!

It’s that time of year again.  It is usually the time when I sit and reminisce about my life, about the year, what I accomplished, what I didn’t accomplish, what I could do better, and of course the people who has influenced it.  I have sooooo many people I am grateful for but today I would like to thank two of my dearest friends Eva P. and Hang D.  If it wasn’t for them, Youtique Bridal probably would not exist.

I am a dreamer and often not a very practical one.  I constantly have ideas coming out of my ears and when I hear myself speak, I can actually sound “out there”.  But thank God, really, thank God for these two ladies, who have prayed with me and taught me to discern.  When I presented one of my crazy ideas of starting a “wedding business” about 13 years ago, Eva and Hang actually supported it.  Hang introduced me to my first bride and also gave me the opportunity to design her wedding gown.  And over the years, Eva encouraged me to open my private studio. She helped me find my studio space and officially made my dream of starting a business come true.  And can I admit this to the world?  I get scared…a lot!  My fear has always been….what if I fail? what if I don’t live up to others’ standards? what if I just plain suck at what I do?

Well everyone, the honest truth is….I have failed (many times), I won’t always live up to other’s standards and according to some others’ opinion, I suck (I learned that from some of the Youtube comments:).  And that’s OKAY! All I know is that I gave it my all in each of my projects, had fun in the process, and learned from it so I can improve…that is what counts.

So I just wanted to thank Eva P. and Hang D. for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, for always showing me the power of prayer, and for guiding me through my fears.  So, if you have a crazy idea or planning to start something new for 2015, I truly hope you have or meet an Eva P. and a Hang D.  They will be the people who will help you dream big-GER:)

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Let’s start this New Year out right…DREAM BIG! PLAY HARD! WORK HARD!



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By the way, I named one of my first videos after Eva and two of my tutorials after Hang’s daughters.  Eva and I recently laughed hard about the clicking noises in my early videos.  You probably will too…well, we all have to start somewhere:)  Enjoy!


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