Let’s be “Present” : Prayers for Thuy-Anh

Morning Everyone,

Hope you have been doing well during this Summer season.  I had some fun projects and also have the privilege of 3 little children being home with me (4, 6, 8 year olds).  If you asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would have had something to complain about trying to manage 3 curious and active little kids — but I don’t.  Recently I received news that my friend Thuy-Anh had been admitted to the Emergency Room.  She had fought and was clear of breast cancer last September, but during her 6 month follow up, the cancer had metastasized to her bones.  Before she can even come back for her MRI due to complaints of headaches, she went to the ER early this week.

The day I received news, I couldn’t help but be sad and cry throughout the day.  All I could think about were the memories we shared.  We had gone to college together and after college, we served in Youth Ministry for many years.  She was always that person who organized events to keep the Youth Leaders connected.  I specifically remember her teaching us how to make and paint clay figurines, I remember her first apartment near Briar Forest, meeting her family, all the late night prayer meetings.  And together, we lost a close friend, Mimi, to cancer.  Well, she eventually met and married a wonderful man and moved to Canada.  When she would come home to visit her family in Houston, she made time to visit us.  She would schedule play dates with our children and showed up with fun books and baby toys for the kids.  Somewhere in between our 2nd and 3rd child, life got busy and we haven’t been able to keep in touch.  That was about 5+ years ago.

I will be leaving for Canada to visit her this Saturday…

Everyone, go and pick up your phone to call someone you love and care for today, it could be a friend you are thinking about or a family member that is on the other side of the world — don’t wait.  Let’s make sure we take some time to connect with those we love and care for by phone/skype.  Let’s make sure we pour some more love and peace into the world.  I know it’s easy to get caught up  in “life” but let’s take some time and just be “Present”  for one another.

Besides prayer, there is nothing I can say or do to make anything better, but I do want to be “PRESENT” for Thuy-Anh and her family this weekend.  Please pray for her, her family (husband and 3 children) and all families battling cancer.

Much Love,



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