Bridal Shoe Refashion Tutorial : Inspiration Board


Finally!  I can’t believe I got this tutorial completed.  I think this is the longest video tutorial I have uploaded thus far.  First, I just want to thank my sister Linda for being my foot model and my daughter “G” for making her presence known at 6:19 in the video.  She was actually running around me while I filmed and almost knocked over my work area — that would not have been good:(  Overall, this tutorial was a good challenge in every way.  Because of the $50.00 budget, I really had to get creative.  And as usual, filming and editing does not come naturally to me but it is something I have grown to enjoy.  Feel free to view it below:

If you are new to my blog, Welcome and thank YOU for visiting!  I am working on the $50.00 Simple Wedding Gown Challenge.  My goal is to stay at or under $50.00 (before taxes) and assuming people have the basic supplies – scissor, sewing machine, thread/needle, glue gun/glue sticks, iron, and a measuring tape.  However, my true goal is to inspire you to get creative.  Below is the tentative budget breakdown:

$10.00 Hair Adornment/Jewelry

$15.00 Shoes

$25.00 Dress (not including undergarments:)

The budget breakdown may change but the goal is to stay at or under $50.00


Here is my inspiration Board

Inspiration Board:
Inspiration Board: (1) Chanel Shoes via Pinterest (2) Chanel Gold Heeled shoes via Pinterest(3) Givenchy Studded Heels via Pinterest (4) Valentino Rock Stud Sandal

And here is the breakdown for the Shoe Refashion

Price – Item (Shop)

$7.79 – Shoes (Kohl’s – additional 25%discount & additional 20% Friends & Family Discount)

Free  – Flower Petals  (left over from Floral Birdcage Headband Tutorial)

$0.97 – Gold Ribbon (Walmart)

$3.77 – Rust-Oleum Gold Metallic Paint (Walmart)

$2.75 –  1/2yard Gold Pyramid Chain (Joann’s, 50% off phone app coupon)

Total $15.28

Went over $0.28 but I’m definitely okay with that, I’ll just take it from the jewelry budget or the dress budget:)  A glue gun/glue sticks were used for adhering the embellishments.  NOTE:  For longterm use, I recommend using a stronger adhering agent like the E6000 glue.


Well, guess what I found at the Walmart near my parents’ home?

walmart fabrics

Yes!  $1.00/yard white stretchy fabric…more to come.  The dress will take awhile to complete but please be patient, I promise it will be worth the wait.  In the meantime, I do have few projects I need to complete and a couple of tutorials lined up.  Stay tuned!


If you missed any part of the challenge, please feel free to visit the previous posts:

1)  Hair Adornment Supply Shopping: $4.47

2) Shoe Shopping: $7.79

3) Floral Birdcage Headband Tutorial

4) Presenting the Final Shoe Refashion

Thanks for visiting!


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