It is going to be a FABULOUS 2014 :)


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Greetings Everyone!

I hope you had a memorable countdown cause 2014 is going to be a FABULOUS year…I feel it in my bones:)  Well, we entered the New Year in our cozy home with just our children.  I know I’m getting “wiser” when I consider it fun to watch my three kids jump, scream, and count backwards:)  It was just so cute cause my oldest son Josh (who is 7 years old) received his first wrist watch for Christmas and was constantly reminding us how much longer it would be until the New Year.  My children had so much excitement and that was what made that night so memorable for me.  O the joys and innocence of childhood.  How time flies and how I wish I could stop it sometimes….

But thank goodness I can’t stop time.  Because if I did, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience something amazing —- I got to celebrate one of my dearest college friend’s birthday in Vegas.  Have you ever met anyone that can speak and give hugs that can heal?  Well, my friend Nancy H. does just that.  I can come running to her about my worries and stresses…she speaks, shares, gives me a hug and the world is now a better place.  I am so grateful that we crossed paths in college and kept in touch throughout the years.  She was present at my wedding, attended my children’s birthday parties (when I had the energy to throw one:), and truly helped me through my challenging days of motherhood (Nancy raised 3 boys so she’s very experienced in my opinion:).  And what I love most about her…she is soooooo humble!


So you went to Vegas Ann?  Yes, I did:)  When my husband first dropped me off at the airport this past Friday, I had this instant realization of how much I have changed.  It was my first plane trip in a long time without a child in-tow.  I was ALL BY MYSELF traveling out of state.  I felt this anxiety come over me…I guess my children have become my safety blanket.  Sitting at the airport alone brought back memories of how I use to be…I use to take off and traveled for leisure and work…I was fearless, confident, and carefree.  I use to be this young adventurous woman who wanted to see and conquer the world.  So how did I get to this point in my life where I was scared to travel by myself?  Well, I am not scared of plane rides, but I realized I was scared of the unknown.  I did not know what to expect in Vegas but I knew I wanted Nancy to have the time of her life and was grateful to be a part of it.  Well, as you can probably tell by now, I do not get out much to socialize.  It is easy to share my work, thoughts, and ideas behind a computer screen in the comfort of my own home as the children are screaming and having fun in the background.  I guess being a stay-at-home and work-from-home mom has its pros and cons. lol!  But back to my point of Nancy’s healing powers (I call it powers cause I don’t know how else to explain it:).

Well, I arrived to the hotel, sat by myself, and waited for Nancy to come get me.  I came nervous and timid but as soon as I saw Nancy, she came running to me with open arms to hug and welcome me…and guess what?  My world instantly became a better place.  My anxiety melted away and I felt comforted.  How did she do that?  I guess it is her God-given talent.  Anyway,  let’s just say I had an amazing time and met other amazing moms.  I am so glad I am not able to stop time cause I would have missed this.  My husband made a joke that I should go on more trips by myself:)  I do feel a change in my spirit.  I feel so much more excited, more adventurous, and realized that there is still so much to do and see in the world.  I may not be that young adventurous woman that I was in my 20’s, but I am now a “wiser” adventurous woman getting ready to turn 40 years young in 2014:)  I just want to thank Nancy for all that she is, thank the wonderful women I reconnected with from college, and to also thank the ones I met for the first time this weekend.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Each and everyone one of you inspire me….You ladies are AMAZING!


Me, Quynn, Froggy, Felice, Dena, Celine Dion (wax figure of course:), Nancy, Trang, Jenny, Phuc, Tracy
at the most amazing concert I have ever attended!

Happy Birthday Nancy! Love you lots!!!

Thanks for visiting everyone!  I hope you will have a fabulous 2014:)

ps. so is everyone ready to join me on my adventure in 2014?  Great things are coming our way….I feel it in my bones:)

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4 thoughts on “It is going to be a FABULOUS 2014 :)

    • Thank you Roz. It was a much needed time…it helped me rediscover myself. Also, it was spent with the most special people. Couldn’t have asked for a better trip:)

  1. OMG…. I thought it was Celine for real!!! Lol

    Ann, I understand how you must feel, but to me it’s like you’re turning 21 all over again. You sure look it. 🙂 you are also an inspiration, and I am sure 2014 will be awesome!!

    I promise we’ll talk soon!! I’ll bring my camera. 🙂

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