Merry Christmas! Nativity Story at CIW

joseph mary

CIW Christmas Program rehearsal

Although I will not be able to watch the CIW (Christ Incarnate Word) Christmas Program tonight, I got a glimpse of the great Nativity Story last night at rehearsal.  As my dear friends Hang & Cuong were working so hard to orchestrate the whole program, I couldn’t help but notice the miracle of it all — a whole community coming together to bring a LOVE story to life.  And the part that really opened my heart was when my close friend EVA sang “Breath of Heaven” — I just teared up.  Her voice and the song was just amazing.  Well, I hope you will take a moment out of this hectic season to experience the Spirit of CHRISTMAS:)  It is a peace and joy that can not be explained.  Merry Christmas Everyone and may you experience the LOVE that will unfold through the Nativity!

hang cuong

Emily working with the Children’s choir, Cuong & Hang planning & organizing, Kimmie & Davin creating the stage props, Tina with costumes, and so many others behind the scenes…THANK YOU for taking on the responsibility and bringing it all to life:)

Here is the song Eva will be singing tonight…

We also took our children, niece, & nephew to view Christmas lights last night in Pecan Grove.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight:)

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