Family Halloween Costume

I know this is late but just in case you were curious about what our family was for Halloween….


We were not scary but we were trying to be a little Despicable (from Despicable Me:)  Also, in case you are wondering…no, I do not have 6 children.  Vector, Gru, and Agnes are my little ones.  The little minions are my adorable nephews and Edith is my precious baby niece.  You see the little girl on the stroller?  That’s my shy 3-years old who is suppose to be Agnes — many people thought she was a minion as well (costume fail:).  I was hoping she would wave her little Unicorn around…but o well, we had a really nice evening.


For all those who thought my Agnes was a little minion, I thought I’d share a little clip on the “Best of Agnes.”  She is such a cute little character:)


Our modified Unicorn:)  This is suppose to be the Unicorn at 2:02 from the clip above.

I really enjoyed your Halloween costume posts on FB…thanks for sharing and also, thank YOU for visiting!

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