Floral Birdcage Headband Tutorial : $50 Simple Wedding Gown Challenge


It is a gorgeous day here in Sugar Land, Texas…hope you are enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are:)  Well, I finally finished the Floral Birdcage Headband tutorial – {TANYA} v.2.  After completing it, I realized it was a merger of two earlier tutorials, {TANYA} – the floral headband & {CHRISTINE} – the birdcage veil.  Well, I hope you enjoy the tutorial and get inspired!  Can you believe that the supplies only cost $4.47?

Also, just a tip…before I finalized the headband design, I wanted to see how it would look as a crown of roses verses if the roses were placed to one side.  I found myself favoring the asymmetrical look.  Get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment….just have fun!  Remember, this is just an inspiration.  You will end up creating something that is an expression of who YOU are:)



Thank you for watching!


I am currently working on a $50.00 Simple Wedding Gown Challenge.  My goal is to stay at or under $50.00 (before taxes) and assuming people have the basic supplies – scissor, sewing machine, thread/needle, glue gun/glue sticks, iron, and a measuring tape.  However, my true goal is to inspire you to get creative.  Below is the tentative budget breakdown:

$10.00 Hair Adornment/Jewelry

$15.00 Shoes

$25.00 Dress (not including undergarments:)

The budget breakdown may change but the goal is to stay at or under $50.00 for the Greek-inspired Wedding Attire.  Here is the total cost for the Birdcage Headband.

hair adornment ordinaries

Price – Item (Shop)

$1.09 – Large Roses (Giant $)

$1.09 – Medium Sized Roses  (Giant $)

$1.09 – Headband (Giant $)

$1.20 – Gold Glitter Tulle 1/3yard (Joann Fabrics w/50% off coupon)

Total $4.47

If you missed any part of the challenge, please feel free to visit the previous posts:

1)  2013 New Year’s Plan – The $50.00 Wedding Gown Challenge Announcement

2)  Hair Adornment Supply Shopping: $4.47

3) Shoe Shopping: $7.79

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned!

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