Shoes for $7.79 : $50.00 Simple Wedding Gown Challenge

Greetings and thank you for visiting!  I am currently working on a $50.00 Simple Wedding Gown Challenge.  My goal is to stay at or under $50.00 (before taxes) and assuming people have the basic supplies – scissor, sewing machine, thread/needle, glue gun/glue sticks, iron, and a measuring tape.  However, my true goal is to inspire you to get creative.  Below is the tentative budget breakdown:

$10.00 Hair Adornment/Jewelry

$15.00 Shoes

$25.00 Dress (not including undergarments:)

The budget breakdown may change but the goal is to stay at or under $50.00 for the Greek-inspired Wedding Attire.

Well, this past Saturday I took a Faith Finances class through our Marriage Ministry Program (Thank you to my dear friends Hang D. for the opportunity and Dr. Jerri V for introducing me to all this:)  Ever since my husband went back to school, I have taken a more active role in our Family Finances and it has become a BIG interest of mine.  Hopefully, if God-willing, I can one day help Newly Engaged Couples and the Newlyweds on Family Finances.  Sorry for the little side track, but how does that tie into the $50.00 Wedding Gown Challenge you may ask?  Well first off, in between the class sessions,  I went shoe shopping and second, it is about budgeting.  So……feel free to join me

In between my class sessions and after the class, I visited a few big box stores where the chances of finding a pair of $15.00 shoes were high.  Because I had a fixed time frame between class sessions, I was determined not to get sidetracked like I normally would:)  ok I admit it, I did get side tracked a few times….but that is what happens when I walk into a Target or Walmart:)  lol!  But in all seriousness, almost every store I visited had shoes for sale under $15.00.  I believe the sales are due to retail shops preparing for the fall/winter season so they are trying to get rid of their spring/summer items.  Ladies, I hit all the CLEARANCE shoe sections.

When shoe shopping, I wanted something with a heel, something comfortable, and something I can refashion if needed.  So here is the adventure…



Saw a whole section of shoes on clearance for $10.00 but nothing appealing…tank tops for $2.00. really?!?! Got one for the challenge;)

Target…nothing.  So I scanned the home decor section and sauntered by the office supplies and then the jewelry department…focus Ann!


Kohl’s…I don’t usually shop here but I was glad I walked in that day.  I asked a worker where the shoes were and walked straight to the clearance section.  Because I am short, I stood on my tippy toes to briskly scan the shoes on the higher rack.  Finally, I spotted something decent.

khol clearance

The shoe had a heel.  It had a soft padding in the shoe for comfort.  It was re-fashionable.  It had a subtle metallic gold to it.  And the exciting part…it was $12.99!  I was smiling all the way to the register because I found decent shoes in the price range I was looking for:)

khols shoes

And if that wasn’t enough to smile about, when I got to the register, the Sales Associate told me there was an additional 25% off sale that day….AND on top of that, she gave me a Friends and Family Discount.  WHAT?!?!  I was elated and full of giddiness.  I told her that I had to take a picture of the register screen so you can see.  The Sales Associate laughed at me but that’s okay, I was beaming with happiness and and having so much fun:)  Now I am really excited for this project and how it is slowly turning out.  Guys, the deals are out there!!!!  I guess I never thought it would be like this but it’s out there!!!!

khol screen

So here are the shoes ready to be restyled when the time comes.  I am still working on the Hair Adornment Tutorial.

khols box

$7.79 before taxes for shoes.  Wow, now that’s what I call a deal!  Well, stay tuned for more of the challenge:)  Do you have any tips for shoe shopping and getting great deals?  Feel free to share:)

If you missed any part of it, please feel free to visit the previous posts:

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Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Shoes for $7.79 : $50.00 Simple Wedding Gown Challenge

  1. WOW Ann! Awesome challenge! I should try doing the same when it comes to budgeting my spending. I went to Mass to day for All Saint’s Day and the priest ask who in your life has been a saint to you and I thought of YOU! Perfect example of a saint in my opinion. Happy hunting for the challenge!

    • Julie, are you thinking about the right Ann? O, Julie, you are too sweet but I’m interested on how you came to that conclusion. I am soooooo far from being any kind of saint much less an example of one. But I thank you for thinking of me. I do miss you lots!

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