2013 Couture Project : Fitting#2 With Eileen J

1 fitting2

Getting fitted in Eileen’s creative space

Happy Saturday!

If you are here for the tutorials, please click {here} to visit my Youtube Channel.  New tutorials will be coming October 2013.  I am currently working on and sharing my 2013 Couture Project, a personal sewing journal.  Feel free to join me:)

Well, I finally got fitted for my couture dress with Eileen J (a fellow couture sewing enthusiast:).  Several changes will need to be made on the muslin so I will be taking it apart and creating a whole new muslin dress with all the new darts and sewing lines.  I will continue to share the process in future blogs.  As for the rest of the month (and year), I need to refocus back onto the video tutorials.  As you probably noticed, my couture project will take several more months and my goal is to have it complete for a March 2014 wedding.  Crossing my fingers:)

1 eileen cutting

Eileen taking apart a dart and realigning the waist sewing line

As for my fitting, it was an opportunity to visit Eileen’s sewing room.  I love visiting sewing rooms.   I love seeing the projects other Designers are working on.  I have great respect for their planning process and always curious about what inspired them.  So, it was really fun to see the projects in Eileen’s creative space — several projects taking years, some almost complete, and her finished projects are amazing.   I love how she puts so much thought and heart into her projects.  To many people, it’s just a dress or a jacket, but to her…it is a work of art, a story —- and I see it:)  Here are a few pics of her Couture Project (in-progress) from the Couture Sewing Class with Susan Khalje this year:

1 eileen

Below is her inspiration picture
1eileen inspiration

Below are samples of the Italian Silk Fabric for my couture dress.  I had ordered #3 from Sew Much Fabric and haven’t had a chance to pick it up.   Can’t wait to see it in person:)

1sample blue

My couture dress will slowly come together.  It is like Life — I just have to be patient, work hard, have fun, and put heart into it —- something I knew but Couture Sewing confirms it:)

Thank you for visiting!

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