Personal Sewing : Laser Cut & Fringe

laser cut and fringe

Laser Cut & Fringe – Fabric inspiration


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  Since I mentioned on my last blog that I would share my “quick” dress project….well, here it is:)  First I must clarify that when I say “quick,” it is equivalent to a few days, weeks or a month.  I use the word “quick” because it is not a sewing project where I use authentic couture techniques.  As many of you know, the couture projects can take several months to a year to complete….sometimes even longer.  So please do not think I can magically create a gown in a few quick hours.  Although that is possible but the quality of the project would definitely be sacrificed:)

Well, for my laser cut & fringe dress I did something a little different.  Instead of using a visual inspiration board to create the dress, I was actually inspired by the fabric itself.  The fringe had caught my eye because of the texture and the 1920’s fashion era is still a fresh influence on my imagination.  Then came the laser cut fabric.  It was an interesting fabric that can lend a little modern touch to a project.   With this fabric, I wanted very little obstruction to the flower design —so into my closet I went for a potential pattern inspiration…

inspiration dress

Above is a dress my husband gave me for my birthday several years ago.  It is a simple silhouette with rhinestones on the cap sleeves.  I still love this dress (thank you Mr.T:)  As you can see in the bodice, there are no cutting lines—just a few darts.  This would mean the flower design would have very little obstruction if I used this dress to create the pattern — perfect!.  Now for this project, I did not create a muslin.  Instead, I used organza to make my pattern pieces.  I was inspired to do this from my Craftsy class with Kenneth D. King “Jean-ius.” – Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit.   Although Kenneth did create a muslin after making the organza pattern pieces, I chose not to for this dress.  So below you can briefly view how I created the dress…


pinned the organza to my dress and traced the sewing lines then thread traced the sewing lines


transferred the pattern to the skin-toned underlying fabric, pinned the laser cut fabric onto the skin-toned fabric, and thread trace. The flower pattern on the back lined up nicely for the zipper:)


pinned fringe fabric to underlying skirt fabric, thread trace

After sewing the pieces together, the dress looked like this (below).

fringe dress

To me, this dress “feels” incomplete.  This is going to be a dress in-progress.  I have not sewn on the sleeves and have not found the right rhinestones or fabric for the sleeves.  Does anyone know of shops that sell nice black sew-on rhinestones?  Well, when I find them or when the dress “feels” complete, I will share it with you in the future.

Hope you got inspired to design, create or sew:)  Thank you for visiting!



2 thoughts on “Personal Sewing : Laser Cut & Fringe

  1. I loved it on you at the wedding Ann! I have been wanting a skirt that creates that bird-like-feather look. Keep posting and can’t wait to see more of your beautiful pieces!

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