2013 Couture Project : Sewing the Muslin

Thank you for visiting!  If you are here for the tutorials, please click {here} to visit my Youtube Channel.  New tutorials will be coming October 2013.

I am currently working on and sharing my 2013 Couture Project, a personal sewing journal.  Feel free to join me:)

I finished sewing the muslin together and decided to pin myself for the first fitting.  It was challenging but here are the adjustments I made.

1-2013 couture project 3

This is the muslin sewn together.  I still have to work on the ruffle hem for the skirt.  My next project day will be dedicated to getting the right hem length and creating the ruffle.

2013 Couture project

Before: Above are the pinnings for altering the muslin (add a side dart, bring up the skirt to remove wrinkle, new alignment for side sewing line)

2013 Couture Project new side

After: Muslin altered

2013 Couture Project neckline

Here you can see I added fabric to the neckline so I can make changes to the shoulder width.

2013 Couture Project - The Back

The Back

If you missed any part of the 2013 Couture journey, please click on one of the links below to catch up.

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3) Lace Reveal & Cutting the Muslin

If you would like to improve your sewing skills, I encourage you to take Susan Khalje’s Couture Sewing School.  You can visit her class schedule by clicking (here).  If your schedule does not fit hers, there is an online course “The Couture Dress” through Craftsy you can also take and it is flexible to your schedule.

Thank you for visiting!

Online Sewing Class

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