2013 Couture Project : Making the Muslin

Thank you for visiting!  If you are here for the tutorials, please click {here} to visit my Youtube Channel.  New tutorials will be coming October 2013.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am currently working on and sharing my 2013 Couture Project, a personal sewing journal.   So for all those waiting to see the lace…here it is!  I wish you can see it in person because it is gorgeous!  It is the midnight blue you guys voted for:)  Thank you!

1-2013 couture project the lace

To make life a little easier, I modified the muslin pattern I created for my gray “Ruffles & Pyramid Trim” Dress.  I took this muslin and made changes to the neckline, back bodice, and the skirt.

Below are the new muslin pieces to the 2013 Couture dress.  Now I need to sew it all together and have a fitting.  Since it is challenging to fit myself….Eileen J., I will be giving you a call very soon:)

1-2o13 couture muslin

I laid out the lace to see how it will border the back bodice…love it so far!

1-couture project lace on muslin

If you missed any part of the 2013 Couture journey, please click on one of the links below to catch up.

1) Sketch  & Color Voting

2) Color Announcement

If you would like to view my Gray “Ruffles & Pyramid Trim” Dress, please click {here}.  Thank you for reading!


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